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Max Minelli – Free Mixtape

by Juice Mannen Hugo on April 15, 2009

Got this straight from his facebook update this morning. As a long time fan of Baton Rouge‘s and Concentration Camp‘s Max Minelli it’s really exciting to see him jump on a few of East coast sounding beats (heavily Nas influenced).. I have’nt listend to the entire tape yet, as I just got back from uni, a nightmare trip on the subway as I lost my ipod the other week.. Some smart-ass steward at Swiss Air probaly bumping vintage Bay Rap as we speak, that’s what I get for forgetting that thing on the plane.. Anyhow as far as I got thru the tape it’s really really whortwhile, check the disco-sampling “Fresh 2 Def” is just cheesy enough for my taste.. This really makes me wonder how his Koch follow up Pain Medicine will sound, whenever it drops. 
As of now there’s no production or mix credit to be find.. But if I’ll come by it I’ll ad it to the post..
Extra extra props on Kenny Powers Success Tape sample on “Padded Room”…
1. Backpack Intro
2. Brain Distortion
3. Full Metal Jacket
4. In My Street Dreamz
5. Fresh 2 Def (Remix)
6. Dead Rapperz
7. Pirahnna Bait
8. Miss My Dogs
9. Padded Room
10. It Aint No Secret
11. Like They Love B.I.G.
12. Show You How 2 Do This
13. T.O.M.S.
14. Take The Money
15. SLFEMP Sixteen
16. Robot Army
17. I Still Love Her
18. Dear Streets
PS. The Max Minelli debut previously posted on WYDU is Re-issued. My WYDU link is dead, as are all my older zshare links.. But I will re-up within soon, my current internet connection is horrible… 

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