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SoulClap's Top 5 Producers x 5 Essential Joints

by DJSoulClap on April 15, 2009

Since I make beats I’m getting influences from all ares, not always necessarily Rap. But within the Rapgame I’m getting influences from underground and commercial music, I love the Production on the T.I. albums, on the Game albums, on Snoops albums too… So here’s my top 5 producers!

1. Premo
You know it had to be Premo. He did most of my all time favorite joints. When I be on da mic, Boom, Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers, Superstar… i could continue this list forever without even having to pause and think about it. You might hear it in some of my beats that he influenced me the most.

1. When I be on da mic (Rakim)
2. Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers (Chubb Rock, OC, Jeru)
3. Boom (Royce da 5’9”)
4. Full Clip (Gang Starr)
5. Defeat (Afu-Ra)

2. Pete Rock
The Soul Brother number one is providing dope beats and remixes for over 15 years. He might not be the most versatile producer, but his trademark sound is an argument to buy anything he touches.

1. Take you there (Pete Rock & CL)
2. T.R.O.Y (Pete & CL)
3. Appreciate (Pete & CL)
4. True Master ( INspectah Deck & Kurupt)
5. The Basement (Pete & CL feat VA)

3. Dilla
He was maybe the most versatile producer ever, no matter if he used samples or instruments, synths or whatever, he always made the beat sound original. Rest in Peace

1. Runnin (The Pharcyde)
2. The Red (Jaylib)
3. The Look of Love pt. 2 (J-88)
4. Climax (Slum Village)
5. Gravity (Bush Babees)

4. Timbaland
I’m not focused on the underground, I love what’s dope, period, and Timbaland is dope. He started with Missy and worked his way up to the very top!

1. Get your freak on (Missy Elliott)
2. Deliverance (Bubba Sparxx)
3. Off the wall (Skillz)
4. Dirt off your shoulder (Jay-Z)
5. I’ll be around (Cee-Lo)

5. Dr. Dre
Can’t have a top 5 producers list without Dr. Dre…

1. Where’s your money (Busta Rhymes & ODB)
2. Still D.R.E (Dr. Dre)
3. My Name is (Eminem)
4. Nuthin but a G thing (Dre & Snoop)
5. 50 Cent (In the club)

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