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5×5 Day Five: Musical Essences Five Under Apperciated Summer Songs

by Travis on April 17, 2009

My man, Andrew from Musical Essence, drops by the place to be with his list of under appreciated summer songs. They are so unappreciated, that even I am missing these. This was the first time I ever heard the “Right Now” song from Cee-Lo and Jack Splash, how the f’ did I miss that track? It’s great!

Anyway, Andrew was a big late in getting me the mp3′s, which I hope he does, cause there are some great songs on this list.

5 Most Under Appreciated Summer Songs:

Over at Musical Essence I started a project where I would post up little compilations of “summer” songs. I mean, we all know the classic “Summertime” by Jazzy Jeff&Fresh Prince, but there’s more than that to make you feel great, and drive with the windows down. (personally, one of my favorite things to do) So, without further adieu, here you go:

1. Cee-Lo & Jack Splash – “Right Now”
This airy beat, combined with Cee-Lo’s singing, just is perfect for sitting on the porch lounging, or to use as you wake up to start the day on a perfect foot.

2. Mood Ruff – “Rocketship”
Got a beach near you? This song is amazing. Even if you don’t, nothing really says summer like dope beats, cute girls, and just having a good time.

3. UGK f. Twista – “Something’s Going Wrong”
Driving with music loud is so much fun. With this one, backed by an infectious beat, easy-going hook, and solid verses from Pimp C, Bun B, and Twista, this unheralded gem fits perfectly.

4. Youngbloodz f. Big Boi – “85 South”

Another southern song, involving driving again. Big Boi absolutely kills his verse, and Cee-Lo on the chorus…don’t miss this one!

5. Little Brother – “The Way You Do It (Cookin’ Soul Remix)”
This absolutely destroys the original in my opinion…Cookin’ Soul did a great job reworking this, and making it fit to perfection. Much better than the original, and fits the summer mood just right.

Additions? Debate?

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