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5×5 Day Five: Trav's Favorite Songs with "Love" In The Title and Five Sex Songs (Bonus)

by Travis on April 17, 2009

Ahhh love, that word “love”, is a very serious thing…. KRS-One

Unless you see it on WYDU, then you can probably guess that there is nothing serious about the word love. I’m really, do you think I was going to get all mushy on a Friday? Fuuuuuuck that! I was cruising through some songs, and noticed the word “love” is often seen. Now, some of the songs has some love overtones to them, kinda….but they are just what the long ass title up there says they are. They contain the world “love” in the title. Nothing crazy, just what it says it is….

1. Common – I Used to Love H.E.R.

The ultimate “love” song. What can I say about this song that hasn’t been said already? It is a “love song” in the sense, but you know the story.

2. Boogie Down Productions – Love’s Gonna Getcha

One of my top 5 all-time favorite BDP songs. And that statement ain’t no joke, love will get your ass if your not careful

3. Masta Ace – Good Ol’ Love

A-to the-C-E drops another classic “love” banger. 9th Wonder did his thing on this track as Ace just runs wild with it. It’s kind of a touching song on the reminiscent level.

4. I-n-I – Don’t You Love It

I can remember picking this album up in Vegas at the old store while I was there with my girlfriend, way back in 2002. I loooooved this track and kept playing it over and over in the hotel room. The girlfriend finally came to like it herself after hearing it 25 times plus that weekend.

5. (Tie) Blue Scholars – Still Got Love & Blu & Exile - No Greater Love

I had to go with a couple newer joints, the new “classics” so to speak. I have a feeling when I look back ten years in the future, I will look at these two joints as classics of the age. Both tracks do the word “love” justice.

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