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5×5 Day Five: Trav's Five Favorite Drinking/Friday Night Songs

by Travis on April 17, 2009

What is hip hop without the brew? What is a birthday without the brew? How could I pass by today without including my five favorite drinking songs to get me in the mood for a birthday celebration (going out tomorrow night) and the rest of you in the mood for the weekend? These are tried, true and tested songs that ALWAYS work to get me in the mood to toss a few back…

1. King Tee – Act A Fool
This was always the joint I’d fire up before any night out. It’s a high school classic, but it’s helped me get in the mood for many many years.

2. DJ Quik – Tonite
This song is good for both getting ready and the day after, especially if your trying to get up for a Saturday night after a long friday night. I’ve been hung over many a time pumping this trying to get the second wind for Saturday night.

3. Eazy E – 8 Ball
So nothing really relevant to my upbringing, but it was a great song to throw on during the high school party.

4. Beatnuts – Pyscho Dwarf
This was later on in my life, me and my hip hop heads would pump this shit before going out. Isn’t it just about everyones goal before heading out?

5. Young Black Teenagers – Tap The Bottle
When this dropped, I was always the hip hop head within my group of friends I was hanging with. I got everyone hooked on this song. We’d have to play at any party we had.

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