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Trav Williams – IllTrav

by Travis on April 18, 2009

My man Kevin Nottingham has been big on Trav Williams for quite sometime and it’s easy to see why. As a tribute to Nas’ Illmatic, Trav Williams is dropping his own version, complete with beats that were submitted via a contest on Kev’s site. I haven’t been able to give this a listen quite yet, but I’m sure there will be no disappointment…..


  1. The Exodus
  2. Meditation [prod by G.C.]
  3. Life’s The Shit (feat. Pee Duble) [prod by Tokyo Cigar]
  4. Mechanics [prod by G.C.]
  5. Quarterlife Crisis [prod by Digivillainous]
  6. Claustrophobia [prod by JLH]
  7. Light it Up [prod by EvolveAudio]
  8. Dedicated [prod by DJ Qvali]
  9. Bootleg Cable [prod by S.2]
  10. Super Ill [prod by S.2]
  11. BONUS – Walk Wit Me [prod by Skidmatik]
  12. BONUS – Something New [prod by 20 Keys]
  13. BONUS – Zoom [prod by Keenan]
  14. BONUS – Victory Lap [prod by Keenan]
  15. BONUS – Clockwork [prod by G.C.]
  16. BONUS – You Gets Done (feat. Pee Duble)
  17. BONUS – Nobody Knows Me (feat. K Hill) [prod by Keenan]

Over the course of 10 weeks, producers from all across the globe came together to help create a vision… a vision to recreate a classic; to pay homage to Nas‘ 1994 debut album Illmatic. Trav Williams came to me with this idea in the fall of 2008. I saw this as the perfect opportunity to hold a beat contest on the site and get everyone involved. As one of the five judges, I can say that picking the beats wasn’t easy, but in the end I think we all gave Trav some great material to work with. Trav quickly went into the studio and here you have… IllTravis.

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