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WYDU Exclusive: Batsauce of the Smile Rays – Spy Vs. Spy

by Travis on April 22, 2009

1. Cathedral
2. Priveledged Information
3. Danger Zones
4. Assassin
5. Surveillance
6. Code Breaker
7. Antagony
8. Hot Pursuit
9. Over-Ground
10. I Spy
11. Some Secret
12. Go Beyond
13. Far Away
14. Undercover Blues
15. Medically Unfit
16. The Picture
17. Lab Rats
18. Los Alamos
19. In The Cold
20. Code of Conduct
21. Surprise Attack
22. Rio
23. Interception
24. Spy Triptych

I bet you’ve been wondering to yourself, “I wonder when Batsauce is going to drop another instrumental jammie for my eardrums?” Well, wonder no more, the Sauce of the Bat is back. For those of you not familiar with Batsauce (shame on you), Bat is one third of The Smile Rays, one of my personal favorite groups, who have made NUMEROUS appearances on WYDU. Bat is an incredibly talented producer, who always brings his own flavor and sound to his music.

I’ll be honest, I haven’t had the chance to listen to this latest release, Spy Vs. Spy, nor do I have the inside story behind it. It’s hot off the press and maybe we’ll ask Bat for the inside scoop behind this one of these days, but for now, just let the good viberations role, whether you are at work, getting ready for class, or just loafing it….

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