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Top 20 Albums of The First Quarter: WYDU & Poisonous Paragraph Style

by Travis on April 24, 2009

Top Twenty Albums of the First Quarter, 2009

The top twenty albums of the first quarter, for your viewing pleasure. Now remember, these are strictly legit (or mostly…I think) releases, all the EPs, Instrumental jammies, and mixtapes can be seen on yesterday’s post. If I added those to the mix, it would obviously change things up significantly. I also stuck pretty close to the April 1st deadline. Therefore, you probably won’t see a few albums (Diz Gibran’s “Soon You’ll Understand” is the one that jumps to mind immediately)

20. Literates - Don’t Sleep

Favorite Songs: “Don’t Sleep”, “Start of the Beginning”, “That Raw Shit ft Sen Dog”, “We The Ones”

19. Braille & Symbolyc One - CloudNineteen

Favorite Songs:
“For Life”, “That’s My Word”, “Fill It In”, “Found Her”.
18. Zo + Asylum – Overdue Process

Favorite Songs: “Overdue Process”, “Simplicity”, “The Lineup”

17. Deep Rooted – D.E.E.P. R.O.O.T.E.D.

Favorite Tracks: “D.E.E.P. R.O.O.T.E.D.”, “Rock The Hardest”, “From The Heart”, “Sunshine”

16. ScholarMan – Gameshift: The Movement

Favorite Tracks: “The Movement”, “War of Words”, “Hood Stories 3″.

15. Platinum Pied Pipers – Abundance

Favorite Tracks: “Smoking Mirrors”, “Go, Go, Go”, “American Pimp”
14. Finale – A Pipe Dream & a Promise

Favorite Songs: “A Reason”, “Motor Music”, “The Waiting Game”, “Heat”.
13. Rapper Big Pooh – Delightful Bars (The Candy Apple Edition)

Favorite Tracks: “The Comeback”, “Hands Up”, “The Power”
12. Rise & The Avid Record Collector - Risen

Favorite Songs: “New York”, “Rise Anthem”, “Stuttering Fine”, “WRA Cypher”

11. Panacea – The Re Route

Favorite Tracks: “Epiphany (DJ Nu Mark Remix)”, “Blue Ice (Mekalek Remix)”, “Bubble (Steorok Remix)”, “Pops Said (Nicolay Remix)”

10. Keelay & Zaire – Ridin’ High

Keelay and Zaire – Sole Ides ft. Slo Mo VIDEO from Keelay on Vimeo.

Favorite Tracks: “Addicts For Real ft. Tunji of Inverse”, “Take A Ride ft Slo Mo, Mario Dones & AV “, ” Cali 2 Ny ft. Hasaan Mackey, Planet Asia, Rasco, Slo Mo”, “Trapped ft. Supastition”.

9. Small Professor – Small Professor Resurrected The Remix

Favorite Songs: “The Smile Rays – Chicken (Small Pro Remix)”, “100dbs feat. Sirah and Hicoup – Long Island and Jersey (Small Pro Remix), “The Roots – 75 Bars (Small Pro Remix)”

8. MF Doom – Born Like This

Favorite Songs: “Angelz ft Tony Starks”, “Batty Boyz”, “Cellz”, “Super Villanz”, “That’s That”.

7. Quite Nyce & Raydar Ellis – Champs Vs. The League

Favorite Tracks: “Buck Short”, “Lalalalala”, “Leading The Leaders”, “Love Is”, “Move”.

6. JR & Ph7 – The Standard LP

Favorite Tracks: “Ain’t Seen This ft. Tableek of Maspyke”, “Dreams ft. Edgar Allen Floe & Kaze”, “Fast Lane Speedin ft Oddisee”, “Summertime Chill ft Edgar Allen Floe”

5. Illogic – Diabolical Fun

Favorite Tracks: “I Know You”, “Feel The Beat”, “Let’s Go”, “Right Here”, “Violent Verbage”

4. Low Budget – Laserdisc

Favorite Tracks: “Tailor Made”, “Saturday Night”, “Roll The Dice”, “Knockout Performance”

3. Blame One – Days Chasing Days

Favorite Tracks: “Days Chasing Days ft. Aloe Blacc & Beleaf”, “Disturbed ft. Sean Price”, “Sat Night Special”, “Supreme”, “Wonder Why ft. Blu & Exile”, “Words”

2. Drumz & Llingo – Blak Market

Favorite Tracks: “Drumz & Llingo Never Seperate”, “Nowonder”, “MC1Two”, “Tipitbak”, “That’s Not My Style”

1.Cunninlynguists – Strange Journey Vol. 1

Favorite Tracks: “Nothing But Strangeness”, “Move”, “Spark My Soul”, “Never Come Down”, “Hypnotized”, “Die For You”, “Don’t Leave (When Winter Comes)”, “Broken Van (Thinking Of You)”.

Then my man Dart Adams from Poisonous Paragraphs chipped in with his Top five and the list of 50 projects he has been digging this first quarter. As always,
thanks goes out to El Gringo Colombino for his instigation of all of this….(He has two albums, Diamond District and Diz Gibran that probably would have been in the top 1o, if not top 5 on mine if I didn’t cut it off at April 1st)

Dart Adams List

Top 5 So Far

1. Finale-A Pipe Dream And A Promise
2. Diamond District-In The Ruff
3. Rapper Big Pooh-The Delightful Bars (Candy Apple iTunes Edition)
4. Diz Gibran-Soon You’ll Understand
5. DOOM-Born Like This

Big Tone-The Art Of Ink

Blame One-Days Chasing Days
Braille & Symbolyc One-Cloudnineteen
Brother Ali-The Truth Is Here EP
Camp Lo-Stone And Rob: Caught On Tape
Cesar Comanche-Die In Your Lap
Common Market-The Winter’s End EP
Cradle Orchestra-Velvet Ballads
CunninLynguists-Strange Journey Volume One
Dert-Talk Strange
Diamond District-In The Ruff
Diz Gibran-Soon You’ll Understand
Dibiase-Up Your Joystick EP
DOOM-Born Like This
Drake-So Far Gone
Dr. Who Dat?-Beyond 2morrow
Dub MD & Illmind presents Blaps, Rhymes & Life 2
Emilio Rojas-Recession Proof
Finale-A Pipe Dream And A Promise
Has-Lo-You Can Live Thru Anything If Magic Made It
Illogic & Ill Poetic-Diabolical Fun
Inverse-So True EP
Joe Budden-Padded Room
Jon Hope-Somekind Of Wonderful
JR & Ph7 present The Standard
Kan Kick-Beatiful: Opus Of Love Deeper Than Flesh Vols. 1 & 2
Keelay And Zaire-Ridin’ High
KenLo-Craqnuques (Orange)
MarQ Spekt X Lex Boogie-Guilty Party
Nico The Beast-Dinner Is Served Mixtape
Pac Div-EP
Print-Comic Books: Unlimited
Ras G-Brotha From Anotha Planet
Rasco-Global Threat
Rapper Big Pooh-The Delightful Bars (Candy Apple Version)
Reks-More Grey Hairs
Rhymefest & Scram Jones-The Manual
Saigon & Statik Selektah-All In A Day’s Work
Small Professor vs. Large Professor-Breakin’ Atoms (Main Source Edition)/Resurrected The Remix
Stoupe The Enemy Of Mankind-Decalouge
Termanology-Heaven Was A Mile Away
TiRon & DJ LowKey-Ketchup

U-N-I & Ro Blvd-A Love Supreme
yU-Before Taxes

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