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Weekend Edition of Inbox Goodies

by Travis on April 27, 2009

I swear, I’m not getting much down on the weekends anymore. I guess it’s the change of the seasons and the fact after what’s approaching almost four years of doing WYDU, I’m starting to feel a bit burned out. We’ll see what happens. For now though, some good stuff in this week’s batch of material. Download it, listen to it, love it…. - Trav

Mixtapes, EPs, and Free Albums

Jack from The Jackboyz, dropped a contribution mixtape for the Soul Assassins Fam



Marvelous Magnum presents “Magnificent Seven” Vol. 1

Marvelous Magnum and Domination Recordings presents the “Magnificent Seven” mixtape EP series, which are free downloads for your listening pleasures. Marvelous Magnum is a hip hop 90′s head that believes that true hip hop is still alive, even though it may be saturated and downplayed, their are true hip hop heads that are still out and about. People like Mangnum and Domination Recordings feels that its still alive and hasn’t lost the faith in artist like Blu, Tha Connection, Skyzoo and Sha Stimuli. “I’m just trying to show the world that music is more than clothes, cars and parties, and there are people out there that need daily inspiration, and my gift was given to me to give to others” says Marvelous.

Magnum’s debut album “SELFLESS ACTS” will drop early Summer, but he created this series of mixtapes to let those out there that are searching for that sound and love to hear genuine good music. Magnum will continue to release a mixtape every 2 weeks for free download until his album drops on Domination Recordings!

1. Hardwork
2. Mag is on his Grizzly
3. Wicked
4. I’m Broke
5. Good Music
6. It’s Alright
7. Trying to Survive

Free Download: “Magnificent Seven” Vol. 1



Famoso, the Brooklyn bred M.C., recently noted for the “Underground Railroad (M-Phazes Remix)” drops his long-awaited mixtape, “Famoso Meets Dilla & Premo”. This project demonstrates Famoso’s undeniable skill as a street poet while he spits over some classic Dilla & Premo beats that are seemlessly laced up by the homey DJ Mickey Knox. Click here to download

Download link:


The new mixtape, by Florida emcee Godamus Rhyme, is comprised of songs recorded to the instrumentals from It’s a 6th Sense Beat Yo!, the mixtape was born out of a public challenge from founder Mike Waxx: “To All Artists: Whoever can kill at least ten of these tracks and come with a concept and artwork, we will sponsor your tape.”

Upon downloading 6th Sense’s mix and reviewing the contents, Godamus quickly determined that ten was not enough. “Once I heard the quality of the music, I knew I had to kill every beat on there,” he says. “Who else would be crazy enough?”

worked tirelessly to complete the ambitious effort. After first putting pen to paper on March 2nd, he emerged a month later with a fully completed project. “It took me about 2 weeks to write. The rest of the time was spent in the studio and doing the art,” he notes. “I could have done it faster, but I also work a 9 to 5.”

Inspired by the variety of sounds that 6 th Sense brought to the table, Godamus used The Adventures of Rhyme & Sense as an aural playground to showcase his artistic abilities, using his skills as a rapper and singer to offer a variety of stories, social commentaries, and a healthy amount of shit-talking to the mix.

“He went in,” 6th Sense says about the project. “I can’t believe he actually did the whole thing. Respect.”

6th Sense has so many different styles; it really allowed me to just experiment. Dude’s beats just had a real dope vibe,” Godamus says. “For the first time in a long time, all I had to worry about was being an emcee and rocking out to the tracks. I wrote ten tracks in the first day, and I’ve NEVER done that before. So it was definitely a challenge, but it brought out the best in me.”



D. Julien

Too Complex prod. by 6th Sense:

The Experiment (Latest Project):

Back with a new joint titled “Too Complex”. They say I’m “too” complex sometimes – as if such were possible lol. But yeah, I addressed that on the record. The homie 6th Sense on the beat. Gave me his blessings to do my thing on one of the beats I liked on his recent beat tape. Dope collab. Also there’s a link of me rapping over a M Phazes beat courtesy of the homie PR Dean. Check it out! The Experiment(latest project) link is up above also. Hit me whenever man.



The Foreign Exchange feat. Darien Brockington“Take Off The Blues”

The Foreign Exchange feat. Darien Brockington – “Take Off The Blues” from The Foreign Exchange on Vimeo.

“I was over at Monclair in Jersey for Day 2 of their music festival, and caught up with Jumpoff after he went in for over an hour. It was good to see people still know lyrics, as the mostly white crowd, dressed in tight jeans and uglier shirts, rapped right along with Joe to tracks from Padded Room, his Mood Muzik series and duke’s most notable hit, “Pump It Up” (that shit STILL slams). Here, he talks about Eminem‘s new album, the freedom he’s experienced during his digital resurgence, and the future of JoeBuddenTV.”


The Video:

Sometimes people can go overboard with the camera effects. Brooklyn’s Junk Science, however, has managed to make good use of the fisheye technique in their new video for “Fire Drill.” Directed by Andrew Gura, the song’s videography is perfectly suited for Junk Science’s unique lyricism, which gives us insight into their most intimate… and… er… interesting thoughts. It’s as if Baje One and DJ/Producer Snafu know we’re the flies on the wall, but carry on anyway. “Fire Drill” is available as part of an exclusive Def Jux iTunes mixtape available now at the iTunes



Cappadonna f/ Raekwon – Life’s A Gamble (1st Video off Slang Prostitution)



NoVa Infinite presents two new tracks from the Infinite Madness mixtape, which is a collaborative effort pitting NoVa Infinite over Madlib production. Gudo the Soulmatic, Rio the Magnetic, and Praverb the Wyse tackle Madlib’s production channeling the energy of EMPD’s Symphony. The next selection highlights the versatility of NI as they (Gudo the Soulmatic and Rio the Magnetic) tackle another funky production by Madlib.

Download Links for the track

NoVa Infinite – Symphanova (prod. by Madlib)
Zshare for Symphanova
Sharebee for Symphanova

NoVa Infinite – Explanation (prod. by Madlib)
Zshare for Explanation
Sharebee for Explanation


RAYDAR ELLIS & QUITE NYCE “Trophy Room” (Brick Records)

More heat from the ‘Champs vs.The League’ album which is out now and features Akil from Jurassic 5, Soulstice, and Project Move… and make sure to peep the video where the Champs train heard for a drinking contest!

*Check the video on the new Brick Records YouTube page -


Children Of The Night

Featuring Vampire Weekend

“New Face (RMX)”
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