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Artist Spotlight Week

by Travis on April 28, 2009

Most of this week, we will be featuring some talent that I believe deserves to be heard. One of my favorite things doing this blog is pushing unheard/struggling artists. I take great pride in showing folks that hip hop is NOT dead, that there is still plenty of good music out there, you just have to get off your ass and look for it. Nothing frosts my wheaties faster than someone coming up to me, bitching about the state of hip hop when I ask them, “Have you heard MC So&So?”, and they replay back with, “Who? Nah man, I don’t listen to anyone that I haven’t heard of before.” What? Are you serious? To me, you have no right to bitch about the state of hip hop if you are not actively pursing and listening to new talent.

There is a bunch of junk out there, that’s the truth, but if you love this music enough, you’ll check some of these artists I’m posting up this week. I’m not saying all these artists are the “next shit”. But I want to expose people to artists that are trying to be heard. Some of their music might not even totally be my thing, but someone else out there might be all over it. If I can introduce people to new music, then my job as a “taste maker” (whatever the fuck that is), is complete. See, I could really give a rat’s ass about being the biggest and best blogger. Leave that to my man K-Nott, Illroots, 2 Dope Boyz and the rest of them. I’ve always been about having fun, helping promote good music and helping people find their lost treasures of yesterday. That’s why I do this, and that’s why I’ve always tried to be friendly to artists struggling to be heard.

This week, I’ll focus on some up&comers and other cats that have been out for a while, but are just looking to break through. Some might be on a “New Artist Spotlight” (generic name, I know) and some might be on an “Artist Spotlight”. Regardless, these cats just want to be heard, so I encourage to give these artists this week your ear and give them a listen. I know these spotlights are not always my most popular feature found on WYDU, and that’s because people are afraid to take a chance and listen to someone they haven’t heard before. I hope that changes. I know you can’t be listening to every new can’t you run across, that would be impossible, but hopefully, if you are a fan of WYDU and trust my judgment somewhat, you can find some time to check these artists out further.

Alright, so stepping down off my soap box, let’s get into day one’s artist…..

Thanks and enjoy

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