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Dr. Butcher – Ringtone Madness

by Travis on April 28, 2009

Ease up there, I know you are thinking, “Trav must’ve split his wig, throwing up some Ringtone bullish,” well, no kiddies, not quite. For those of you, both young and old, that are up on your hip hop history, you will know the name, “Dr Butcher”, is one that carries a LOT of history with it. The producer/DJ out of Queens has been around since the early days, with LL Coool J, Mikey D and others coming up. He has worked with the legendary Paul C, The Beatnuts, Kool G Rap, and the X-Ecutioners (aka The X-Men before the lawsuits). Dude is steep in New York hip hop lore and history.

Needless to say, I was pretty pumped when I saw this little EP sitting in my inbox yesterday afternoon. I’ve been a long time fan of the good Dr’s work. The EP lived up to my expectations right off the bat, when the electric sounding “Timeless” jumped on the speakers. It’s got that hard edged guitar feel to it, almost bombsquadish in texture and sound. That’s all I needed to stay up later than I intended on giving the rest of the EP a listen. “Pick It Up, Pick It Up”, is another dark and brash feeling beat as the big bong of the drums and the twinking of keys gives a feeling of a horror flick, only sped up on acid or something. The lighter, “We Don’t Stop”, is a nice change of pace, although it’s still got a sharp edge to it as well. The beats remind of something that might have been seen on a sequel to Kool G Rap’s “4,5,6″ album. I’d suggest fans, new and old, give this a listen.

Dr Butcher – Ringtone Madness (Domination Recordings)

1. Timeless
2. Pick It Up, Pick It Up
3. The Message
4. 1-800-The Butcher
5. We Don’t Stop
6. No 1′s Home
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