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Twin Hype – For Those Who Like To Groove VLS

by Travis on May 4, 2009

My introduction to Twin Hype was through the same outlet a lot of my hip hop introductions were through, Yo! MTV Raps. From the time I first heard their first single, “Do It To The Crowd”, I was sold on their hip house flavor. And exactly what Twin Hype was known for at the time, Hip house, and they were one of the only groups to really get much recognition from the masses for it. Unlike 2 In A Room, Mr. Lee and others, the Twins were accepted for their music that combined hip hop with the throbbing basslines and booty moving music of house. During the late 80′s, hip hop had a little many fad with hip house. For awhile, anyone that released a record had to have at least one hip house track on it. Big Daddy, Jungle Brothers, even De La had something that fell into that category on their albums.

The Twins dropped their self titled album in 1989, on Profile. Their second single came out shortly after that, titled “For Those Who Liked To Groove”. While not as addictive as their “Do It To The Crowd” single, the single kept their momentum going and the masses on the dance floor. The great thing about Twin Hype is the fact they were produced by Holly Impact, who is highly underrated among the hip hop nerd circles. He can be created for producing the Twin’s album, along with doing work with King Sun, Style and LA Star, Impact was, as J-Zone said “ a danceable Bomb Squad”. Just take a listen to the b-side of the “Those Who Like To Groove” single and the instrumental for “Lyrical Rundown” for the funkiness that Hollywood Impact possesed.

This particular single also features three different versions of “For Those Who Like To Groove,” on the A-Side. The first, the “Club Groove Remix,” which is the closest to the original of the three, but even more dance-along-like than the original, if that seems possible. While not as good as the original, Hollywood Impact made the track a nice remix, making it a new sound, yet not totally straying away from the original vibe that the track had. The “Hollywood Sweat Mix”, ventures even more into the club sound with a pounding bassline that makes you want to run up on the closest hot chick and start the grind (not recommended). The B-side contains the track “Lyrical Rundown”, which would later appear on the Double Barrel EP. It’s funky guitar loops makes the track a favorite of mine.

All in all, Twin Hype was a great group for it’s time. I remember them having some trouble with the law, something that showed up in The Source, although I can’t remember what it was for. Back in ’05 there was some talk of them coming back on the scene, but it’s ’09 now and I haven’t heard a thing since.

Twin Hype – For Those Who Like To Groove (Profile, 1989) (LINK)

A1 For Those Who Like To Groove (Club Groove Remix) (6:25)
A2 For Those Who Like To Groove (Hollywood Sweat Mix) (5:30)
A3 For Those Who Like To Groove (Club Bonus) (4:37)
B1 Lyrical Rundown (Vocal) (4:53)
B2 Lyrical Rundown (Instrumental) (4:53)
B3 For Those Who Like To Groove (Original Version) (5:14)

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