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Three Times Dope – Greatest Man Alive VLS

by Travis on May 6, 2009

Another single straight from vault. Today, it’s one of my favorite early Philly groups. I was (and still am) a huge fan of the early Philly sound. Schoolly D, Steady B, Cool C, Cash Money & Marvelous and oh yes, even The Fresh Prince & DJ Jazzy Jeff. Another group that I played the shit out of in high school was Three Times Dope, and their first album, Original Stylin’, and it was the lead single that really pushed me. Consisting of members, E.S.T. (MC), Chuck Nice (producer) and DJ Woody Wood, Three Times Dope were part of the Hill Top Hustlers, which was them, Steady, and Cool C, until something went down to cause a riff between the crews (maybe it was Steady and Cool C trying to get EST to be the get away driver, I don’t know). They were also down with Lawerence Goodman, who merits his own post some day, but for now we’ll just leave it at that.

The single, “Greatest Man Alive,” was a jam that was in the regular rotation on Yo! MTV Raps in those early years. I latched on to it with the quickness. It was a great song to get my “swag” on before going to school. With the funky drum track, sampled from KC & The Sunshine Band’s “What Makes You Happy”, it bores itself into your mind. I can’t remember how many times I banged out that drum break on a locker, desk, or dashboard back in the day. To this day, I still consider “Greatest Man Alive” one of my favorite tracks of all time, it came in at 95 on my top 100 hip hop tracks of all-time that I did back in February of 2007, a position that would probably be even higher if I did an updated version of that list.

The single is kinda tricky though. I remember when I first ran into the single online, I was pumped to hear the different “remixes”, who were done by Joe “The Butcher” Niciolo, but disappointed to find out that there are only minor little changes on the remixes. The “After Midnight Mix” is more or less an extended version of the original, with some minor elements added to it. The “For Your Bonkey Mix” is the original, I think….sounds like it. The “Prime Time Radio Mix” is simply the clean version, I can’t really tell much different with it. Not saying they aren’t great tracks, but when I’m a person that doesn’t really fuck with 12 inch singles unless their is something different to be found on them that I can’t find on the LP, then it’s somewhat dissappointing. The single also contains the track, “Straight Up,” which is one of the better tracks found on Original Stylin.

Three Times Dope - Greatest Man Alive (Arista, 1988)
A1 Greatest Man Alive (After Midnight Mix) (5:58)
Remix – Joe “The Butcher” Nicolo
A2 Greatest Man Alive (Acknickulous Beats) (2:00)
Remix – Joe “The Butcher” Nicolo
B1 Greatest Man Alive (For Your Bonkey Mix) (4:20)
B2 Greatest Man Alive (Prime Time Radio Edit) (4:00)
Remix – Joe “The Butcher” Nicolo
B3 Straight Up (3:50)
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