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Jaz – Hawaiian Sophie VLS

by Travis on May 7, 2009

By now, most people that follow hip hop fairly closely will know the story about how Jay-Z got his start. In some ways, it’s shows just how f’d up the industry really can be. Obviously, we don’t know the whole story behind The Jaz and Jay’s split, but one has to wonder. For those of you still scratching your heads wondering what the hell I’m talking about, I’ll fill you in.

In 1989, a Brooklyn MC by the name of Jaz (later The Jaz) signed with EMI. The giant label was fairly new to the expanding hip hop genre and obviously didn’t know how to push the product. For Jaz’s first single, they pushed for a Fresh Prince type of jam. One that was friendly to the mainstream and had an accessible story to go along with it. The result was “Hawaiian Sophie”, a tale of a Hawaiian hottie that Jaz meets while on the island. Jaz brought along his little homie, Jay-Z, or Jay Zee as he is listed on the back cover. Jay didn’t do much more than a cameo of ad-libs to add to the story, but it would be the first time. I’m not sure if you would call this Jay’s first appearance on wax or not, there was the High Potent single “HP Gets Busy”, that Jaz and Jay did back in ’86 on Get Live Records, but it’s safe to say this is his major label debut at the very least.

The song itself is catchy, if not annoying in some ways. As I kid who was into the DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince’s and Cash Money & Marvelous’ of the day, at first I liked “Hawaiian Spohie”, but it wouldn’t take to long for me to grow rather tired of it rather quick. It would cause me to pick up Jaz’s “Word To The Jaz” album that got some play that school year. EMI didn’t completely make a mockery of the album, as Jaz did bring some BK bangers to the scene.

The single consists of two remixes that were produced by Stetsasonic lead man, Daddy-O, who was pretty big at the time. Both the “Punch It Mix” and “Sophie’s Mix” don’t deviate from the original version, but they do have little touches of different vocal samples and the such. “Sophie’s Mix” is basically the same as the “Punch It Mix”, but just a sort of extended version, with some added breaks and scratch sequences found through out the track. I’m leaning toward these two mixes a little more than the album version, which I still find somewhat annoying. Also on the single as a b-side is “Pumpin’”, which is on the album as well.

Jaz – Hawaiian Sophie (EMI, 1989)

A1 Hawaiian Sophie (Punch It Mix) (6:13)
Remix – Daddy O*
A2 Hawaiian Sophie (Sophie’s Mix) (6:00)
Remix – Daddy O*
A3 Hawaiian Sophie (Hula Dub) (4:15)
Remix – Daddy O*
B1 Hawaiian Sophie (Single Version) (3:55)
B2 Pumpin’ (4:33)

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