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Raw Breed – Open Season Single

by Travis on May 19, 2009

I’m not a good person to drop knowledge on the history of Raw Breed. Before the rise of the internet, I only knew of them through a mixtape I had, a Tony Touch, Primo, or one of those cats mixtapes. I don’t even remember what song it was, but it was good enough for the group name to stay in my memory over the years. Then in Denver, I would run across the Lune Tunez numerous times, and honestly, I can’t remember if I bought it or not….I think I did. Yeah, that’s a bad sign when you don’t remember what you have. It means you’ve either bought too much, or you’ve killed too many brain cells over the year. Probably a bit of both in my case.

Raw Breed was a group out of the Bronx that dropped two albums (and a reported third that never saw the light of day, but is rumored to inhabit the internets from time to time). They consisted of five members, Alexander The Great, Marc Rippin’, Nick Swift, DJ Solo Flxx and Sam Swing. The lyrics and song structure was your standard fare for the early/mid 90′s, the shouted choruses (especially the Lune Tunez album), think Double XX Posse, or 90% of the NYC groups doing music back then. I’m not knocking it, I love it as much now as I did then.

The single I’m posting contains a single from their first album, Lune Tunez, “Open Season”. I’m not sure if it was the first single from the album or not, for some reason, “Rabbit Stew” sticks out as the first one they dropped. Any case, I picked this up off a lot I bought off of ebay recently (I finally gave into the devil). The “Open Season” track is all good and everything, but it’s the b-side that really caught my ear when I was listening this weekend. “Rampage/Outta Control”, is a track that I had seen around on the net before, but for some reason, I never checked. My bad. The beat is just straight up dope. Produced by the Incredible Shok One (his only listing on discogs), the bass line is something reminiscent of “Deep Cover”, but then you throw over the familiar, yet funky drum track, you have a great track for the guests on the album. Who are the guests? Why no other than Kool Keith and Godfather Don. This is the ’93 version of Kool Keith, before he went all Dr. Dooom on us. The Ultra Keith. And of course Godfather Don is dope no matter what year the track is from. That reason alone is reason enough to download this single, as “Rampage/Outta Control” is a perfect example of why the golden age shit is considered just that, the golden age.

Raw Breed – Open Season VLS (Nuff Nuff Music, 1993)

A1 Open Season (Remix) (4:12)
Producer – DJ Solo Flxx , Sam Swing
A2 Open Season (Radio Edit) (4:07)
Producer – DJ Solo Flxx , Sam Swing
A3 Open Season (LP Version) (3:56)
Producer – DJ Solo Flxx , Sam Swing

B1 Rampage/Outta Control (4:50)
Co-producer – DJ Solo Flxx , Sam Swing
Featuring – Godfather Don , Grandmaster Mel , Kool Keith
Producer – Incredible Shok-One, The
B2 Rampage/Outta Control (Radio Edit) (4:50)
Co-producer – DJ Solo Flxx , Sam Swing
Featuring – Godfather Don , Grandmaster Mel , Kool Keith
Producer – Incredible Shok-One, The
B3 Open Season (Instrumental) (4:00)
Co-producer – D² (2) , Sidney Mills
Producer – DJ Solo Flxx , Sam Swing

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Eyes and Teeth April 29, 2010 at 4:42 pm

Thanks for this!
I have this but the Rampage side has an annoying scratch on it. You Rock!

Eyes and Teeth April 29, 2010 at 4:48 pm

Man, I love that Rampage joint. You rule for having this. Rampage has one of my favorite little known Kool Keith verses that I like to drop on mixtapes from time to time. Thanks for having this, I was going to rip my hit up vinyl, but I figured I would check your blog first, because if anyone would have this, it would be you.
You were one of the first Hip Hop blogs I found, and you are still bringing the heat in 2010!
Your spot and a few others were what inspired me to do my thing over at Beats and Blood. You got the deepest crates!

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