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A-Side Worldwide Update

by Travis on May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day for those of us Americans that have the day off. As you can tell, I’ve been rather lazy the last couple days. I can’t remember the last time I went three days without posting anything. Part of that is due to some computer issues I’m having, like it won’t turn on. Kind of hard to use a computer if it doesn’t turn on. I’ve confiscated another computer for an hour or two today in order to hopefully get a couple posts together for next couple days while my computer is worked on. Other than that, it was kind of a good thing that it wasn’t working this weekend, that way I could do other shit without feeling guilty that I wasn’t doing anything on the blog, cause quiet honestly, I doubt I would have posted much even if it was working.

Anyway, a quickie update while I work on a couple other things. The people over at A-Side Worldwide are some of my favorite to deal with. Stephanie and DJ Graffiti are always a pleasure and it helps that I love the music on the label anyway. Here is a quick rundown at what they got going on.

I’m about to bust out, finish a couple posts, then site on the patio with a beer and a book. Here’s to summer…..

Legendary Athletes

We’re excited to announce the digital re-issue of the entire Athletic Mic League catalog. First up is AML’s first full-length album, Sweats & Kicks, which is available now on iTunes via A-Side Worldwide.

In celebration of the of the re-release, a series of mini-documentaries have been produced which feature an in-depth track-by track look into the classic AML album. Originally released in 2004, the crew discusses the making of S&K and the ideas behind the tracks. Click the video below to peep Episode 1 for the joint “Vibin“:

Download Sweats & Kicks on iTunes now:

In other AML news, a rare performance by the entire crew goes down this Friday:

URB Next100

This month, URB Magazine released it’s 15th annual Next100 issue which includes TWO A-Side artists: Buff1 and Mayer Hawthorne. Congrats y’all!

Click here to peep the full digital issue, which includes the full-page Mayer H spread.

Maybe So, Maybe No 12″

Fresh out on Stones Throw Records is the brand new 12″ from Mayer Hawthorne - “Maybe So, Maybe No” b/w I Wish It Would Rain. Includes vocal and instrumental versions of both joints. Buy now.

Free Download

Long time A-Side friend and fam member, Tony Ozier is back. Download the joint “Futuristc Soul (Do You Agree?)” produced by 14KT from Tony’s forth coming album “Aural Penetration”:

Tony Ozier “Futuristc Soul (Do You Agree?)” – prod. by 14KT

Get Loose

Click here if you’d like to be on the VIP list.

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