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Hotbox Productions: Sample Series

by Travis on May 26, 2009

My man Hotbox, who has been featured numerous times on WYDU, has started up his own blog and has been releasing sets of samples. If there was ever anything that I lacked in as far as “hip hop knowledge” (yeah, I know that sounds dorky as fuck), it’s my sample sources and what is what. Over the past couple years, I’ve gotten my game up enough to know the major ones, but I’m still all about learning about more. Hotbox is a producer, so of course he knows what he is talking about.

Here is the first couple he posted. Be sure to hit his spot up for the others, as well as him speaking his own mind….


Hotbox Sample Series #1:”More Peas” (The J.B.’s)

For those that don’t know, the J.B.’s were James Brown’s legendary supporting cast of musicians during his commercial peak in the late 60′s to mid 70′s. One of my favorite bassline samples! The bass/drum loop break at the 7:20 mark of “More Peas” has been sampled many times in hip-hop. Perhaps the most famous examples are Cypress Hill’s “The Phunky Feel One” and Organized Konfusion’s “Fudge Pudge”. Here is a 30-minute mix:

1. Soul Clap – Showbiz & AG 3.47
2. Behind Closed Doors – WC & The Maad Circle 4.50
3. Fudge Funk – Organized Konfusion 1.03
4. The Phunky Feel One – Cypress Hill 1.37
5. The Way Of Rhyme – Kris Kross 1.20
6. Fudge Pudge – Organized Rhyme 3.48
7. Search 4 The Lyte – MC Lyte 2.42
8. Gimme Dat Girl – Redhead Kingpin & The FBI (feat. Kwame) 2.25
9. Physical Form – Freestyle Fellowship 3.00
10. A Fight – Apache 2.57
11. I Shouldn’t Have Done It – Slick Rick 4.01

Hotbox Sample Series #2: “Handclapping Song” (The Meters)

There elements of the original track – the intro guitar break, the “clap ya hands now” vocal, and the drum/handclap break – have been sampled many times. All of the songs in this mix contain one or more of these pieces. I’m especially diggin’ the Chi-Ali joint, which is pretty much a Native Tounges posse cut with a Chi-Ali 12 bar at the end. And no, I’m not from the Fax. . .it’s a possible track for one or more rappers, presumably out of Halifax.

The Meters’ 1970 album “Struttin” is littered with familiar breaks. I may feature another cut from the album for a future sample mix. The group’s trademark scratchy guitar funk sound is firmly in place here, and the rhythm section is nice, tight, and choppy. Enjoy!

1. Handclapping Song – The Meters 0.43
2. Clap Your Hands – A Tribe Called Quest 3.12
3. The Symphony Pt. 2 – Marley Marl feat. Masta Ace, Big Daddy Kane & Kool G. Rap 3.50
4. Klap Ya Hands – Das Efx 1.40
5. Put Your Hands Together – Eric B. & Rakim 4.02
6. I’m From The Fax – Hotbox 1.44
7. Let The Horns Blow – Chi-Ali feat. Black Sheep, The Beatnuts, & Phife Dawg 5.14
8. Crumbsnatcher – Illegal feat. Diamond D. 2.43
9. Escape From Reality – Positively Black 0.57
10. Beauty And The Beat – Salt ‘N’ Pepa 0.25
11. DJ Premier In Deep Concentration – Gang Starr 1.02
12. Same Ol’ Thang – Del Tha Funkee Homosapien 2.46

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