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Torae & Marco Polo – Double Barrel Review

by DJSoulClap on May 27, 2009

Marco Polo, a name that people got familiar with after the release of Masta Ace’s A Long Hot Summer. Since then he has fought his way up to the top of the Producers in New York, and placed a beat on most of the hot underground releases. His album Port Authority was loved by many and counts as one of the best Producer albums of all time. Torae has been around the Dipset Crew before dropping a single called Click which was produced by the One and Only DJ Premier, which gained a lot of buzz in the Underground. In early 2008 he released his debut Album/Mixtape called “Daily Conversations” which featured some of undergrounds hottest producers.
Shortly after that he teamed up with Marco to work on Double Barrel. They went on Tour to Europe with eMC and tested out how the crowd responded to their sound, and since I’ve been at 2 of these shows I can say, they went crazy!

Now, that June 2nd is coming up, it’s time to give you a little review, to make sure you make the right decision, in PURCHASING that album.
The album starts with a little Intro, where Premo talks over a really jazzy loop, telling the people what’s about to come. It’s a cool intro, but something you might skip after listening through the album twice, it will be a cool Intro for the shows tho, a calm little intro before Torae comes out and goes wild. Track 2 is the title Track and Torae tells you what Double Barrel stands for. Marco flipped the sample that was playing through the intro in a really dope way. Bangin first track to start off the album! Party Crashers is the first single and coming afterwards. It keeps up the pace of the first track, again really hard. This is something you notice throughout the whole album, Hard Drums, a heavy bassline and some strings or horns, those are the basics that the album is built on.
Torae sounds hungry and sometimes angry, but that’s a good thing. I think he really evolved, his voice sounds better, the lyrics are on point, he is definitely one of the best out there right now.

It’s hard to pick a favorite out of the 14 Tracks, I might go with “Crashing Down”, the track that closes the album, maybe because it’s just different than all the other tracks, it’s the only calm track. On the other Hand I’m really feeling the Beat of “Danger” and Torae is absolutely destroying it. “Word Play” is special when it comes to the lyrics. Torae is just playing with the words he uses, like the title says, and he is doing it in a really dope sounding way. So there are a lot of crazy tracks on here, it might be an album where everybody has a different favorite and that’s something special!

Another thing that needs to be said is, that the choice of features has been excellent. Masta Ace, Sean P, Lil Fame, Guily Simpson, all names that make the Hip Hop head jump around in a circle due to happiness.

The only thing you could criticize is, that the album might sound too monotonous. All the tracks are hard, there is not really a chill out moment on it, and that fact doesn’t give Tor a lot of room for a diversity of his lyrics. But then again, that wasn’t the intention for the album. It’s called Double Barrel, it’s hard, it’s raw, it’s street, it is straight New York sound. With that being said, I wanna give the advice to go out and buy the album when it drops, and support two artists who love what they do and created an album without a filler.


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