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WYDU Exclusive: Sleep & Del – Lothar

by Travis on May 28, 2009

I have to admit I slept on Sleep. Alright, alright, that was corny as all hell, but yes, I did the Rip Van Winkle on Sleep’s critically acclaimed 2005 album, Christopher. Even though he is from my own neck of the woods of the Pacific Northwest, for some reason I never checked it out, even though I saw Old Dominion (the group he is apart of) back in ’01 (or it could have been ’00) when they were on tour with Binary Star and Boom Bap Project. I finally got around to listening to that album this week and I’m sorry I missed out and get the four year late pass. Sleep is back in ’09 and on a label that should help push him to the forefront of the underground hip hop scene in Strange Famous.

Today, we have an EXCLUSIVE, meaning you won’t see this anywhere else….yet. It’s a track from the upcoming Sleep album, Hesitation Wounds, which will be dropping next month. It features the newly insurgent Del the Funkee Homosapian that has been making noise as late himself. The track is in the same vein of the music found on Christopher, so fans of that release won’t be disappointed, and if you didn’t check out that album, this is the time to check out Sleep and not make that mistake again. Also on the album, is Strange Famous artist Reanimator, who was part of the Prolyphic and Reanimator release that got a lot of attention on this blog and others. – Trav

DEL THA FUNKEE HOMOSAPIEN & SLEEP of Oldominion team up on “Lothar” from Sleep’s new SFR LP! FREE DOWNLOAD!

Sleep’s new album Hesitation Wounds” drops June 30 on Sage Francis Strange Famous Records!

Rap legend Del Tha Funkee Homosapien (Hieroglyphics, Def Jux) trades verses with underground veteran Sleep on this exclusive leak from “Hesitation Wounds.”

You can download the 192kbps mp3 here:

The first single will be “Talk About It,” an old school-style cut displaying a dizzying flow produced by SFR labelmate Reanimator. Lyrically, Sleep takes a battle stance against manufactured artists while refusing to dilute his style or message for the sake of mainstream acceptance.

Hesitation Wounds is a vivid and intense journey through the psyche of one of underground hip hop’s longest tenured and most promising emcees.The follow-up to Sleep’s acclaimed 2005 LP Christopher, the album features guest appearances by Del the Funky Homosapien, Grayskul, and boasts the production credits of Reanimator, Zebulon Dak and Smoke. Constructed from a mix of samples, live instrumentation, and a myriad of styles that all assist in the storytelling of a lifelong hip-hop veteran who has much more to offer the game than brag raps. This is real life in all its complexities, compressed into 13 solid tracks, and delivered in a way that only Sleep could do.

*Features rap legend Del the Funky Homosapien (Hieroglyphics, Def Jux)
*Contributions by Grayskul (Rhymesayers) and Reanimator (SFR)
*Newly signed artist on Sage Francis’s label, Strange Famous Records

The complete track listing for Sleep of Oldominion’s Hesitation Wounds:

1) Intro (produced by Pale Soul.)

2) Day Dreamer (produced by Zavala, scratches by DJ Z-One, horns by Ross Liquid, additional vocals Toni Hill.)

3) Talk About It (produced by Reanimator.)

4) Who to Point the Finger At (produced by Reanimator.)

5) Ginelli (produced by Samix, scratches DJ Z-One. Horns by Ross Liquid, Lambs Bread and Jamzels. Additional vocals by Toni Hill and Scott Preston.)

6) Spent (produced by Zavala, scratches by DJ Z-One.)

7) Orchestra of Strangers (produced by Leon West, featuring Toni Hill.)

8) Hesitation Wounds (produced by Zavala, featuring Grayskul.)

9) Commercial (produced by Pale Soul.)

10) Lothar (produced by Zavala, scratches by DJ Z-One, featuring Del Tha Funkee Homosapien.)

11) Get It (produced by Smoke, scratches by DJ Z-One.)

12) So Far Away (produced by Samix, scratches by DJ Z-One, additional vocals by Toni Hill.)

13) Roll Call (produced by Zavala.)

Sleep can be found online at:

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