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New NC Music

by Travis on May 29, 2009

North Kakalack is blowing up, there is no denying that. NC isn’t new to this, with Bizzie Boys, Omniscience and others making noise for the state even back in the early 90′s (and sooner), but it’s safe to say that Cesar Comanche and the HOJ & JL really kicked the door open for the state and the beginning of this decade.

Anyway, seems like I got a run on good music coming out of the NC this year, so I figured I’d just lump them together and let it go for all those wanting that North Carolina vibe….


Hall Of Justus member L.E.G.A.C.Y. will release his forthcoming solo-LP, Suicide Music, on 6-16-09; and the project is exclusively produced by Khrysis.

Included is the LP cover art for Leg’s project and also the first leak from Suicide Music, “The Greatest” f/Mela Machenko and Dasan Ahanu (produced by Khrysis).

DL link to L.E.G.A.C.Y.’s “The Greatest”:

The pre-album mixtape…..

Download link:

Tracklisting: 1.Intro/The Greatest (Official single from the Suicide Music album) produced by Khrysis
2.No Regrets pt 1 produced by K Hill
3.Let The Music Live B Hop f/L.E.G.A.C.Y. produced by X3M
4.Murder Game f/ Shelly B produced by Kakalack Gat
5.Bang(Freestyle) K Hill produced by Khrysis
6.It’s All Real produced by Khrysis
7.1-800 Suicide (Freestyle)
8.We’re Watching You O.N.E. Jones produced by Coolout Chris
9.It’s So Good Dasan Ahanu f/L.E.G.A.C.Y. produced by Picasso
10.Outta Love(06 Unreleased) produced by Gyphted
11.Fear (Never Scared Remix) EAF f/L.E.G.A.C.Y. Sean Boog produced by J Wheels
12.Carolina Flow O.N.E. Jones
13.Don’t Have To Stay produced by Khrysis

Mickey DiGital

Backpackers Anonymous Music Group affiliate, Ivy League GFX has recently teamed up with upcoming 18-year-old North Carolina MC, KiNo aka Micky DiGital, for a mixtape. The tape is called ANALOG, and it showcases the artist’s growth from his humble beginnings nearly 3 years back. It is a precursor to his upcoming LP, entilted Neon.

Some bangin’ cuts on this, y’all… don’t sleep.

Sunshine J

Here is the Debut album from NC Producer and Kooley High affiliate Sunshine J, entitled “The Dopeness.” His first full length project features contributions from Kooley High members DJ Ill Digitz, Charlie Smarts, & Tab One, this free album is mostly instrumental project with some help from some pretty talented friends…


1. Time featuring Tab-One
2. The Essential
3. Sun Love
4. Kharma (Changes)
5. Can’t Let You
6. What She Said
7. Mr. Watts
8. Free
9. The Dopeness featuring Charlie Smarts
10. Know
11. Kooley High – Release (Bonus)


Not North Carolina, but it’s a bonus…


Foundation Fridays Wednesday (Part 6): In-Depth Interview w/ Craig G

Ok, so what shoulda dropped last Friday is droppin today, so YES…you still have to come to work tomorrow, it’s definitley not Friday. So in this segment of Coalmine Records/ “Foundation Series” we gain insight into the crossover between hip-hop and Hollywood. A decorated rap battle Champion, Craig G was inducted into the Shady / Aftermath fold to pen lyrics for emcees battling Eminem in the movie 8 Mile. Craig G talks about befriending since deceased legendary D-12 rapper Proof on the 8 Mile set along with how his ghostwriting parlayed into a job composing lyrics for 50 Cent in his semi-autobiographical film, “Get Rich Or Die Tryin.” Stay tuned for Part 7 of Foundation Fridays dropping this Friday which features a video for Heltah Skeltah’s M-Phazes Remix of “Midnight Madness”.

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