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What's Jerkin?

by Juice Mannen Hugo on June 1, 2009

I don’t know. I really have no idea how to describe this jerkin shit out of the Bay. And that’s disturbing to me, as an academic and friend of order I wan’t shit properly categorized. Well atleast last night I felt I really didn’t have any jerkin tape to go to if I wanted to here some, just random spread mp3′s – and with some 15000-20000 songs on my laptop it can be frustrating tryna find a song. And internet hasn’t handed me any type of compilation yet? I mean I do spend mucho time listening to Bitch I GoTeam KnocSirealzThe Pack records, but that’s more based music right? Anyhow some of these jerkin songs even use the same beat as Roach Gigz do on some Bitch I Go record. And D-Lo has some songs which would sound great on this tape, but you already know that so.
And fuck yes I see the irony in a European rap fan trying to categorize and decide boundries for a musical movement probaly without any own desire to be described at all, just listend and danced to. Well whatever I’m just trying to put order in my ipod and create a tape which will create a clear incitement for me to listen to some jerkin shit.
So anyhow. I left out most Roach Gigz and Team Knoc and such, because I listen to those records anyway and don’t need a new way to find them on my ipod. Mostly artists I don’t know anything about. Most of this is definatley dl’d from digitaldripped . Actually most is from what’s posted there the last week or so. So props fam. And this is in no way a best of or something like that. Just songs. So. That’s that. Starts off with Your A Jerk from New Boys, obviously.
1. New Boys – Your A Jerk
2. Baby Dolllz – Boyz In Skinny Jeans
3. Zar (of The Scrapper Boyz) – In My Mind
4. YoungD – Medicine
5. Tha Clikk/M.O.B. Boyz – I Need It
6. TF – Drunkin Slut
7. Shay – Came Here To Ball
8. T. City – Real Good ft Shay
9. Authentic – Get It Jerk
10. The Bangz – We Jerkin
11. Da Magican – Bayk Jerk 5-24
12. Julian – Do It Dont Stop
13. Kannon Ball – Jerkin On Special (Sab Boyz)
14. SB Kali – Jerk 2 The Beat
15. Rapper From Lakewood – Jiggle N Work ft WA Looney Toonz City, Yg
16. RadioAktive – Rock Skinny Jeans
17. High Frequency – Money iNeed
18. Gutta aka Trilla – Dodo Brown ft Tika
19. The Bangz – We Jerkin (Remix) ft YG & Ty
20. The Dudez – RIIPE ft Lil Wayne
21. Big Ant aka Mr. Slapper – No Hoe ft K. Tazz
22. Bit Ant aka Mr. Slapper – Wetta Than A G Spot ft Sirealz, Blapstar And DennyBo
What up with all this skinny jeans talk? That’s a big issue in the bay?
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