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Artist Spotlight: Castor Pollux

by Travis on June 9, 2009

What’s good party people? I’ve been out of town the past few days and busy with other endeavors the days leading up to that, so I haven’t been around much. I was hoping to get this spotlight up before I left so it would go up while I was gone, but that didn’t happen. None the less, here it is now, which will give me the chance to catch up on the some the mass quantities of emails I have.

By doing this blog, I’ve “discovered” several artists that end up being some of my favorites in my everyday music listening habits. Has-Lo, Smile Rays, Archetype and Storm Davis are all artists that I would list among my favorite artists currently doing their thing. You can add Castor Pollux to that list as well. His Gutter Water Music emailed me about his free album with Ariano last summer. Not thinking much of it, I threw the album on my iPod and in my list of albums to check out. While randomly playing some music on my computer one day, I came across a couple of the songs on that album and liked them. Then somehow I ended up with his “Guts & Garbage: A Collection of Shit” album that dropped last year and found the track “1979″, which would be in my top 10 tracks of 2008. Since last fall, I’ve played both albums at least weekly and even more so lately. This totally blows up the usual “listen to an album for a week or two, only to forget it a month down the road”. The more I listen to his music, the more love I have for it.

Castor does it strictly for the love and it shows in his music. It’s strictly beats and rhymes. Hip-Hop rhymes over deep beats……

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Castor Pollux – A Better Way

Castor Pollux – Used To Be

Castor Pollux – Under Dogg

WYDU: What’s good man? How about dropping an intro and any vital background information that you may find necessary for cats to know about.

Castor Pollux: What up Travis, Thank you for having me here G. What up party people my name is Castor Pollux. I do this for the love and I record in my boxers .

W: Although you’ve turned me into a big time fan over the past year, I still don’t know much about your history ….how long have you been doing your thing? Of course everyone has their story about how they started rhyming, can you share yours?

CP: I’ve been rhyming for about 12 yrs. I started with graf as a lot of cats do, you know going to house parties & backyard boogies all that! smoking, drinkin ,dosing ,fuckin, all the good learning experiences of child hood. Started jumping on the mic kickin freestyles n shit or we would be at the pad with some 40s prismas and blackbooks playing beats freestylin having fun (yes kids HipHop can be and should fun) . I was really not into writing I was the last one out of the family that started writing. I was really into spitting off the top. I eventually picked up the pen and have ink stained shirts since.

W: You roll with a variety of people and crews. I’m always trying to keep it straight, but let’s discuss some of those. First, explain your relationship with Dysposable Heroes, the two man production crew. Who are they, and how did you hook up?

CP: D.H. is DJ Zero1 & J.Mass. I’ve known them for close to 10yrs. Zero and I had just parted from our groups at the time and just linked up doing tracks with my boy Enyl8 76, which actually became The Messengers Crew album “M.S.N.G.R.S.” We recorded it at J Mass’ spot. Those 2 cats have been making beats together for as long as I can remember, I think they are vampires and are like 378 yrs old .We recorded a few of the “Guts” joints there as well. J Mass now resides in Seattle WA and Zero in Long Beach CA. They have some free joints on check them out people good music …

W: Am I understanding right that Gutter Water Music is the label? Can you expand on it’s role in your music and your role in it?

CP: GWM is a booking agent, producer, designer, A&R and promotions company. I don’t like to call it a label but more a Music Co. We do everything inside the house, we all have skills other than music and bring it to the table to help promote each other and or the projects we create. I would go into more detail but we have a court case open at the moment and our atty. requests we don’t mention much due to the accusations we have been hit with.
W: Who else are you rolling with that we should be aware of?

CP: Oddity, Dysposable Heroes, MSNGRS Crew, Annihilate 76, Iota Arcane, Jen Raye, DJ Zoo, DJ StepDaddy, J. Dankworth, Canoe, ExGirl, B-Boy Big Brother & Wretched Ear
. That’s pretty much the fam bam , FREE Fatsoe Fresh!

W: One thing that I like about your music is the beats that you choose to rock over. You incorporate a lot of rock tinged samples (You even sampled Green Day, which I thought was interesting). I’m assuming that you also have some background in the rock genre? Is that one reason why you seem to pack incredible energy in a lot of your tracks?

CP: I really don’t have a background with rock , I do love big drums and just loud shit and the energy is probably me being bi polar and pissed off .I try to present my rhymes with the same passion that influenced the writing whatever it may be . I have issues and need to express them or I might start to hit the pipe again.

W: I’ve heard a lot about your stage show. How important is it for you to put on a good show?
CP: That is real big for me, I want to express the truth in my shit and leave people with some entertainment if there’s 10 heads or 10,000 I’m fucking breaking a sweat for y’all. Especially now there’s 100 new emcees in your town everyday and I rock better than all of them and I don’t even have a Ecko Sweater

W: I love asking this question, just for the interesting stories, but what is your all-time craziest show you’ve done?

CP: We did a show in Oregon on a 50 acre property that you camp at in the woods.
It was only used for rock bands and local talent type shows and we went out there as the only hip hop act for an electronic party “Breaking The Surface”. A rave in the woods on private property. Fifty acres of forest 500-600 heads and fucking acid galore. I think we were the only ones not on acid yo.

W: You dropped two projects last year, both of which contiue to get major play from me. The first was with Ariano, “In Name of the Father”. What’s the story behind that project?

CP: We did the joint with Ariano and myself for Guts and still had steam, Zero had beats and we smashed it out. We both have kids and are proud fathers so we had to rep for all our parents holdin it down for the future. LostArt is from Technicali and Oddity is from GW so we had to have fams as guests. Ariano had the contacts with 2Mex and Life made that happen and its all history. BadaBing

W: The second was “Guts & Garbage: A Collection of Shit”, which contains some great tracks. What is the background behind that project?

CP: Pretty much Dysposable and myself were working on mad joints once we had a good amount of music we were trying to shape the album and just didn’t like some of the combos we had I felt it was lacking certain objects. So I called Zero one day and said we have the album, “We’re putting it all out as a collection” after I told him the name it was over and done ..

W: You had a track that was in WYDU’s top 10 and continues to be an all-time favorite of mine in “1979″. We, excuse me, I mean I, need the background story to that track, was it a divine revelation? Did you sell your soul to Satan? Bob Dylan wrote it? Give up the goods….

CP: Well all of that really. Me and Bob were looking to refinance our contracts with Satan and while in purgatory I had these random voices screaming and whispering old verses in tongues, so I started just repeating these phrases randomly for like seven hours and Bob was just jotting them down as quick as possible and there you have it, “1979.”

W: Of course, the age old question. What is your view on hip hop these days, and where it is at currently?

CP: Damn that’s a ill question but I feel HIP HOP is good and will be as long as cats like you and the WYDU camp are out here helping to shine light on cats like myself with truth and passion for HIP-HOP. I don’t listen to the radio unless its jazz, classic rock or oldies and even that is getting swallowed up by the clear channel monster. So to ALL the HEADS out there rep your soul, not this plastic promotional beast that is tainting your kids ideas & artistic ability to create …

W: What can we be on the look for in the future from Gutter Water Music and Castor Pollux, new music hopefully…..

I’m always writing so I’m droppin projects until that day, but here is a lil run down …
Available now on GWMusic
Castor Pollux
“Guts & Garbage” “In The Name of The Father” “M.S.N.G.R.S.”

“Illegal Truth”

Iota Arcane
“Lophy Cacophony” “Black Blood of Venius”
Dysposable Heroes
“The Frost Bite EP” “Genius vs. Genius “
Both avail. On + more!!

Wretched EarthWretched Earth (Cas&Odd)
Castor PolluxFamily & Music
OddityI read Too Much

W: Any last words for any of the large, scantly clad, drunk female groupies and potential fans out there?
Buy my album!! Stay True to You & Love Yourself and…
Don’t believe the MotherFuckin TV and BUY MY ALBUM.

New Cocktail Recipe:
OE.SD aka “ghetto mimosa”

Take 1) 40oz of Old Engli
sh drink the neck, then add Sunny Delight to the top and Boom there you have it . The ghetto Mimosa!!! see you at the local liquor store !!

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GOD November 5, 2009 at 6:29 pm

this kid is nice on the mic…along with his man oddity.
They're dope!!

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