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Prince Vince & The Hip Hop Force – Gangster Funk b/w May The Force Be With You

by Travis on June 11, 2009

Kind of a rare 12 inch today. Well, not rare since I had no problem finding it, but certainly obscure. Most people in the know credit Awesome Dre with being the first to emerge from Detroit, and that would be right, but right around the same time another Detroit artist was making music as well. Prince Vince didn’t release a full album, but did release this single on Money Making Records first in 1988, then the major label Mercury in 1989.

I’m not going to pretend that I know a lot about Prince Vince & The Hip Hop Force, because I know next to nothing. We can thank Warner and his Awesome Dre interview for reminding me about Vince. The only other time I had heard about him was from a friend who is originally from the Detroit area and asked me about him. I then checked into him a bit and learned that he was another original Detroit artist that came out shortly after Awesome Dre. That’s about as far as it goes.

The single contains two tracks, with three versions on each side. The first side is “Gangster Funk”, which is featured here as a 12″ version, an instrumental, and a 7″ version, which is only a shortened version of the original. The track is nothing mind blowing by any means, but with it’s very familiar “Flashlight” sample, it should be like wearing an old comfortable shirt. While the beat isn’t anything new, especially in this day of age, Prince Vince does a very nice job on the mic. He’s no Rakim, but he has a nice vocal tone, an effortless flow and a point on delivery. The topic at hand is nothing more than your typical 80′s bragging, but for the hip hop purist, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem

The B-Side features the track “May The Force Be With You”, which is uses another familiar sample, Isaac Hayes’ “No Name Bar” (Thanks Has). It was used by Dr. Dre on Eazy’s “Eazier Said Than Done” track from Straight Outta Compton as well as former Geto Boy Raheem for his “Death In The Arena” track. You can see shades of Awesome Dre in his music, or maybe it was vice versa. I know the two were conected, but don’t know to what extent.

Prince Vince & The Hip Hop ForceGangster Funk b/w May The Force Be With You (Mercury, 1989)

A1 Gangster Funk (12″ Version)
A2 Gangster Funk (Instrumental)
A3 Gangster Funk (7″ Version)
B1 May The Force Be With You (12″ Version)
B2 May The Force Be With You (Dub)
B3 May The Force Be With You (7″ Version)
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Anonymous January 2, 2010 at 5:11 am

check out "tanner 88" its a robert altman mini series that was on HBO in 1988,Prince Vince is featured in one episode,including a rap that is palyed over the intire episode,I had never heard of him until watching it..I like his flow,remind me of schooly d..

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