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Fresh Friday, Drop One: The Spitzwell Brothers

by Travis on June 12, 2009

In yet another attempt to help “the little guy” get their music heard, Friday’s will be dedicated to shine the light some of the quality releases by cats that are struggling to get their name heard. Yes, I already do the spotlights and the inbox things, but this will be something that is kinda in between the spotlights and the those inbox posts. Obviously, it’ll be music that I enjoy in some capacity, since I can’t write about something I’m not feeling in some kind of way.

So each Friday, it could be one album, EP or mixtape, or it could be a whole handful that will be posted throughout the day (kinda like today) and I’ll drop my two cents on each project. I’m always more than happy to check out new music, because quite simply, there is good talent out there not being heard. Yes, there is a lot of crap out there, but for every turd, there is an Archetype or Tha Connection waiting to be discovered.

Feel free to submit your material at the email on the contact button up above this. A few things as an artist to remember.

1. Drop some info on what you are submitting. Give me some background and some reason WHY I should check it out. Don’t just say “Here’s my album, thanks.”

2. I get quite a few submissions every week and I know some of the bigger sites get even more than I do. Make this as easy as possible for us. Meaning, tag your mp3s, label them, put them in proper order, all that stuff. I want to be able to unzip the file and throw it on my iPod. Honestly, if I have to put the proper track list or label the shit, it’s going to be put off until I have the time to do it, which who knows when that may be. In fact, actual CDs are preferred, but I know those are few and far between these days.

3. Please, by all means, follow back a week later or so if I haven’t gotten back to you. I work 40 hours a week, put in 10-15 hours a week on the blog and try to have a resemblance of a life as well. I don’t always get back in a quick manner, so feel free to politely jog my memory.

For the readers….If you love hip hop and you bitch about the quality of hip hop in it’s current phase, do yourselves a favor and explore some of these groups. You never know what you may be missing and what you might like. Be proactive about discovering music. No one is going to force feed you the shit.

Spitzwell Brotherz – Premium Blend Mixtape

Alright, for the first post of the day, we got a duo(?)by the name of the Spitzwell Brothers. Comprised of EP3 and frankie.phresh, this duo is the new breed of MCs from the “middle east coast.” They feature a touch of that southern flavor over smooth almost jazz-ish tracks.

frankie.phresh got at me just last night, and I’m going over the mixtape while I write this, but the music featured on the myspace page was good enough to capture my attention and so far the mixtape as yet to disappoint. The leadoff track “Jazz Trap,” is a nice track to introduce the audience to their sound. With shades of Little Brother, Native Tongues and that flavor, it may not offer anything new in the way of sounds, but they do it well. The second track is reminiscent of another duo that was successful at mixing the southern flavor with traditional (read: east coast) hip hop sounds.

Coming in at over 26 tracks, you get your money’s worth (although it is free). As I said I haven’t gotten through all it at this time, and with that amount of material, there is bound to be a few missteps in there, but as I skim through this project, I see a lot of potential. You will probably be seeing these cats on here again in the near future.

Trav’s Note: After giving it a listen, there is a lot of variety to be found on here. A little bit of something for everyone.

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