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The Remix Tape 2009 – Soulbrother Simon

by Travis on June 12, 2009

Coming in from across the pond is Soulbrother Simon, a producer from North London. This particular mixtape is comprised mostly of songs that I really wouldn’t listen to much in the first place and some I have no clue what they are (I guess I’m getting old). None the less, Simon does a nice job of taking music that I would otherwise think of as total crap and made it half way listenable. No really, that’s a compliment. And he does a decent job with some of the R&B that is featured on here as well. He doesn’t over do it like some remix projects tend to do, where they try to make the beats take the center stage and totally drown out the lyrics. What he does is make the beats accompany the they lyrics and it works quite well on most of this mixtape.

Soulbrother Simon – The Remix Tape 2009

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