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Tab – Poet In The Dark

by Travis on June 12, 2009

I still love my boom-bap, in your face and smack the spit out of your mouth hip hop. But in my older age, I need something I can relate to as well. Being an older white dude, that means paying bills, fucked up love life, baby mama drama, hopelessness and somberness are all topics that are game. And I can also deal with mixing of genres more than I used to. Want to throw some rock traits in your music? I’m cool with that. You want some well placed singing to get your point across? Cool with me, if it’s done right.

All that can be found on Tab’s “Poet In The Dark.” While a lot of traditional cats will give this the dreaded “emo” label, cats that are into Sage Francis, Atmosphere, and the new Cage direction will be all over this release. Tab is an MC out of New Jersey who takes a lot of different musical ideas and puts them together to create his music. Songs like “I Love You,” “White Flag,” and “Paranoid,” all incorporate other musical genres. For those that have open minds with their musical and lean toward the “alternative” side of hip hop will probably really dig this album. My only true knock against it is that I have to be in a gloom and doom mood to really listen to it, meaning it will kill a buzz rather quickly, but music like this is always important to have in ones collection, you never know when you might need your next soundtrack for those dark times. - Trav

Tab: Poet in the Dark

Listen/Download to the album here!

“Poet in the Dark” is the latest solo release from Tab of the NJ based hip-hop group The Dead Poets. Mostly self-produced (besides a few tracks) “Poet in the Dark” is a collection of songs created during the past few years. All these songs were recorded in various basement studios because the focus of this album is solely on the lyrical content. Dark east-coast production mixed with vivid tales of addiction, depression, love, hate and everything in between fill up these 17 tracks. Tab doesn’t stay boxed in the “hip-hop” genre for too long though, a fusion of hip-hop/trip-hop/classic rock and reggae can be heard throughout the album. With songs already gaining college/internet radio spins Poet in the Dark is only beginning to reach its audience. If you are in the Tri-State area be sure to check out these tracks performed live with a full band, for a totally different twist. To sum it up in a few words “”Poet in the Dark” is a brutally honest journal entry by an artist who is not afraid to take chances.”

“Poet in the Dark” has been featured on: {Volume 21)
Rhyme & Melody Podcast {episode 19}


“Intelligent enough to merit paying attention if not exactly mind blowing.”

“The next act I have is Tab, more than just a rapper/singer but a lyrical genius. Tab hails from New Jersey and has been involved in music for the majority of his life. He has picked up a lotover the years and listening to his songs you can tell that he is a quality act. In a tip when R&B, Hip Hop and Rap has been invaded by those who go on about how great they are and how much money they have, it’s refreshing to have an artist of the genre who goes back to what hip hop was and was meant to be, mainly sending a message of the wrongs of the world, sending messages to the people. I know a lot of my readers don’t like rap or hip hop but give Tab a listen and tell me he isn’t good. Tab, if you’re reading this, consider me one of your newest fans and someone who will be spreading the word.

Favourite Song: There’s too many to choose from.”-Broken Toy Box Music

“This is a pretty dope LP. If you know nothing about Tab or The Dead Poets, you should check this out.”-Flawless Hustle

Tab Myspace:

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