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Artist Spotlight: Script N Screwz

by Travis on June 21, 2009

We got another WYDU Artist Spotlight today, while I’m in sunny Denver Colorado. Hopefully I’ll be having fun in the sun, drinking my hearts content out and watching some American past-time in baseball while y’all are reading this…whoa, did I say “read”? I meant watching this…. This is first for WYDU’s New Artist/Artist Spotlight series, a video interview. Today, we have one of my favorite new groups on the scene, Scripts N Screwz. Their new album is appropriately titled “The New Noize”, because that’s what it is, a new sound. They are all hip hop, but they have that cross-over appeal. I don’t mean that radio garbage that pollutes the airwaves. I’m talking about the college crowd, the cats that skateboard, that type of cross over. They have a very accessible sound while staying true to hip hop. Creativity is a great thing when done right people.

Now, I wasn’t actually there for the taping of this interview, but they did use forms of my questions to drop the science on their history, their sound and what else is going down for the group…..

A Conversation with Scripts ‘N Screwz from Scripts ‘N Screwz on Vimeo.

Here is the video for their second single, and probably my favorite track from the album, “Brick”.

Scripts N Screwz-Brick Video from Scripts ‘N Screwz on Vimeo.

Scripts n Screwz are a duo out of St. Louis. Now I know St. Louis hip hop conjures up images of Nelly for some of you (for me, I think of JCD & The Dawg LB, but I’m old), but SnS are far from that sound. Think of The Knux (who I througroughly enjoyed) and some Outkast traits mixed in. Their new album, “The New Noise” will be released next month and well worth checking into. More to come on Scripts N Screwz in the future….

Scripts ‘N Screwz – Sound Cinema

1. Sound Cinema Intro
2. DynaMic Duo
4. MotherShip ft. Lamar Harris
5. Make It Hot
6. Still got it
7. Scripts ’06 (Scripts)
8. Brick (Remix)
9. Committed
10.Way Back When ft. Vito
11.The Vanguard (Screwz)
12.Fairy Tale (Remix)
13.The Definition
14.A Reason to (Scripts)
15.Meet The Rebels
16.Myself in the Mirror
18.Honorable (Screwz)
20.Big City Lights (Remix)

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