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The First Inbox Goodies of the Summer

by Travis on June 24, 2009

Bloggers Choice

Tone Tank, one half of Iller Than Theirs, is back at it again. After returning from the beach and getting his “surf rap” on, he has other targets in mind. This time it’s running for Borough President…..

(AP) TONE TANK has officially announced his candidacy for Brooklyn Borough President. He tossed his proverbial hat into the ring with a new free downloadable Single available on and

Already a groundswelll of support has made itself evident. Campaign Posters have already begun appearing throughout the borough. (see attachments) Sources close to Marty Markowitz say the current Borough President is set to release a statement attempting to paint the whole thing as a publicity Rap stunt.

When asked for comment this morning, on the steps of his house TONE TANK had this to say:

“I don’t actually want to be Borough President…
That’s like an actual job and I don’t want an actual job. I just want to put my face everywhere and I don’t feel like I need to wait for some magazine to do it for me, ‘Cause that might not ever happen. I’ll just do it for myself. Gotta have a reason, right? Well, ’cause I’m running for Borough President, that’s why. I mean, even if I don’t win … I’m still the Borough President… What’s somebody gonna tell me, I’m not? I know I’m not… but I am.”

Here’s a direct link to the campaign song ( produced by Jah-C ):

& more at


Mixtapes, LPs, Beat tapes, EPs ect.

Tarkik Sabar – Love, Beats & Soul

Beatmaker, Remixer, Artist, Musiclover. A brief descript of one, Mister Tarik Sabar. Tarik’s sound is so full of soulful energy, and his mind’s creation, Love Beats & Soul, is sure to supply classic beat tape aficionados worldwide. Tarik Sabar has included on this tape just enough of his favorite soul beats and love themes to leave you wondering where he’s been all your life. But not to worry, he’ll stick around.



Thoughts 4 Food Presents Joe Budden’s Food Musik
TFF, a producer out of Germany presents his Joe Budden Remix album…..



Beatwize – X, Y, Z

(From Beatwize)
Dear Fans, Friends, & Listeners,

First things first. This album was inspired by Viva La Hova, a mixtape done a few months back by Mick Boogie and Terry Urban. I decided that I wanted to make my own version because I felt that Coldplay was too much in the background. You’ll see more Coldplay on this album than that one. A special thanks to those two and all those that helped make that album.

I want to thank everyone to checking this album out and for those who have waited – thanks for your patience. All tracks are completely mixed & produced by me.

This album has been a long-time coming. Numerous delays and little problems have made this probably the longest effort for me. Hopefully all the hard work paid off and you enjoy it!

If you like what you hear, you’ll be happy to know that there’s more already and more coming in the near future. For released albums, check out WWW.BEATWIZEMUSIC.TK. If you would like a download of any of them or have have questions etc., contact me at BEATWIZE@GMAIL.COM.

Here’s an outlook of what’s to come! (all titles tentative, and albums listed in no order):
-Classical Reinvention: an album remixing hip-hop songs with beats sampling classical songs

-Summer Days Blends: an album with blends..the blendmaster is BACK!

-Super-Secret Special Album: you’ll see :)

Look out world! Beatwize is at it again!

Yours with true graditude,

- Beatwize


BREAKfast Beat Tape by J-Zen

Click on Photo For Zip File

16 instrumentals produced by J-Zen available for free download here:


Lefty (Bash Bros.) Best of……Circa 2002-2009

For more than half a decade the Bay Area California representative Lefty a.k.a the LEFT has been running loose throughout the international hip hop scene. As one half of the groundbreaking duo Bash Bros he has sold records in every corner of the world & has garnered thousands of fans in the process. Here is a collection of work to date ranging from 2002-present. Enjoy. Long live Lefty!

DOWNLOAD LINK:…circa%202002-2009.rar


1.3.14FM WLEFT (Intro)
2.Live & Direct
3.Point Blank
4.Be the 1
5.Tick Toc (Clockwork)
6.Comin Thru
7.World Still Burns
8.Don’t Talk to Me
11.Hustlen All my Life (feat: Karim of Boom Bap Project, Piseas, Deuce Eclipse)
12.G’z & Hustlerz
13.Twisted Woman
14.When Hell freezes over (feat: Piseas)
15.the L.E.F.T.
16.Priceless (feat: Piseas)
17.Where the Sun Sets (feat: Piseas, Rhyme Persuader, Style Misia, Esoin, A-Dash)
18.Dreamz (Lefty)




Culture VI interview with Crooked I


Black Skeptik feat. KRS-One (Video)

Vote now for mtvU’s The Freshmen series


Black Skeptik joins the ranks of talented breakthrough artists to compete for the coveted slot on mtvU’s ‘The Freshmen’ video contest. Skeptic joins forces with the legendary KRS-One on “Rent”, which is a track that I’m sure most of us non-mortagage having rent payers can relate to, myself included. *Remember, YOUR votes determine which videos get into rotation on mtvU each week! Peep the video above and whe
n your done, click here and vote for your boy Skeptik!!

Voting URL:


Virus Syndicate – Believe Video

In the wake of the Mosquito EP release from Virus Syndicate we now have the music video for the thoughtful song ‘Believe’ as we await the
deadly attack of Malaria; their second EP released July 6th .

As Virus Syndicate enter the second phase of the ‘Break Out Trilogy’ of EP’s ‘Believe’ speaks to the meaningful side of the soul. While
Dionne’s satisfying vocals are heard we are taken on a journey of loved lost seemingly never to return.

Manchester based Virus Syndicate are continuing their rise to cult status with the current EP release ‘Mosquito’ off Contagious Music and
will soon fuel the fire wit the up and coming ‘Malaria’ EP ft Kromestar. Released July 6.

Pick up a copy of the Mosquito E.P below:



2nd Leak off the highly anticipated “My Era (No Skinny Jeans Allowed) Mix CD,” from
New York’s underground king PH (aka Pumpkinhead) feat. Kyle Lucas From Big Boi’s Purple Ribbon Label


Here goes 2 joints off my upcoming mixtape “The Push Back” Mixtape set to drop this Friday June, 26th. If it seems sudden, that’s because it is. I was gonna keep working on my current solo project but people kept asking for some raw, real hip-hop shit, so I decided to put together this mixtape just for them. Here is “The Push Back” Mixtape, which is being presented as a precursor to “The Revalation Will Be Televised” Mixtape. This will hold you over since my other mixtape has been pushed back. On here you’ll hear Unreleased joints, Collaborations, and Older joints that been in the vault for awhile, all together on one Dope Ass Tape!

To Get the Promotional Ball rolling here is the first look at 2 joints from it

Diarrhea of the Mouth (D.O.M.) - (Over De La Soul’s “RokKokaneFlow)

When Your Blood Runs Cold - (Over Cam’Ron’s “Down & Out”)

aka Revalation ( or Rev – 1/4 of the EMS Conglomerate) / / /

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