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DJ Concept – Tore Down: A Tribute To St. Ides & Many Other Fine Beverages

by Travis on June 26, 2009

If my liver wasn’t still in shock from my trip last weekend to Denver, I’d be using this DJ Concept compilation to ready myself for the upcoming weekend. Since it (my liver) has been rejecting the rest of my body, I’ll just safely post this up for the rest of the drinkers and prepare for the 4th of July weekend. - Trav

Who remembers the old St. Ides commercials? Go ahead, raise your hand & show your age a bit, it’s OK. I did this set live on our radio show ( and then decided to re-record it for your listening pleasure. I figured the best way to get over hump day would be to drop some weekend, fun, drinking type joint on yall. Go grab a 40 and hit play. Shouts to my mans Chief Chinchilla & J-Zone for the inspiration on this one & make sure you go pick up their album of Malt Liquor jingles called Live @ The Liqua Sto – RIGHT NOW!

DJ Concept – Tore Down: A Tribute To St. Ides & Many Other Fine Beverages

A Few Words From Chief Chinchilla & J-Zone
My Malt’s Playin Tricks On Me – Geto Boyz
Can I Get A Sip? – Chief Chinchilla & J-Zone
M.A.D.F.U Public Service Announcement
Shaolin Brew – Wu-Tang Clan
The Brew Took Me Unda – MC Eiht
Calvin’s Hard Lemonade – Chief Chinchilla & J-Zone f. Breeze Brewin’
40oz Or A Can – EPMD
St. Ides – King Tee
Only When I’m Drunk – The Alkaholiks
A Few Words From Tha Alkaholiks
Only When I’m Drunker – Tash
Get Some – Rakim
Mild Riot – Chief Chinchilla & J-Zone f. Al Shid
Drankin Toon – Scarface
Real Man Drank (That Billy D) – Chief Chinchilla & J-Zone f. Billy D. Williams
Real Men Drink… – Eric B & Rakim
St. Ides In The LBC – Snoop Dogg
S.T. Crooked I.D.E.S. – Ice Cube f. DJ Pooh & E-Swift
Pimp Potion – Chief Chinchilla & J-Zone f. Celph Titled
East Meets West Malt Liquor – EPMD f. Ice Cube
Drank Anthem – Nate Dogg
Crooked I For All Ages – Ice Cube
Fall Down Brew – Chief Chinchilla & J-Zone f. RA The Rugged Man
Project Paradise – Chief Chinchilla & J-Zone f. Poison Pen
Let’s Have Some St. Ides – E-Swift f. King Tee
Zodiac – Chief Chinchilla & J-Zone
The Earl Outro

aim & twitter: concept1200

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