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Back To The Grind……EMS – Killa Tape 09

by Travis on July 6, 2009

Hopefully everyone had a safe and fun holiday weekend. If you came around WYDU over the three day holiday, you obviously didn’t see anything. I can safely say that I probably didn’t check the site more than a three or four times over the weekend, and got absolutely nothing done. And you know what? It felt good. So needless to say, it’s a quarter to eleven on a Sunday night, I just got back from a minor league baseball game with a friend and I’m thinking, “crap, I should probably post something on the blog for tomorrow.” So here I am. There is always a ton of stuff in the email box, but since most of it was sent last week, I’m sure it’s been all over the net by now. But regardless, here are a few things to credit myself with a post tomorrow….Hopefully I can get off my ass during the week and start getting into the swing of things with this blog - Trav

Revalation & Catalyst – Killa Tape ’09 (The Album)

01-Bill Nunn Intro (Produced by Vinnie Prima) 1:57
02-Ready, Set (Produced by Yes Surr) 2:52
03-Behind the Music (Produced by The Naysayers) 4:02
04-24 Hrs. To Give ft. GoD ILLa (Produced by Kenshin) 3:25
05-I’m Just Walkin’ (Produced by Kenshin) 2:56
06-Potholes ‘09 ft. Praverb & Genevieve (Produced by DJ DviousMindz) 4:05
07-Sweet E (Produced by SV) 4:19
08-80’s Baby (Produced by Kajmir)2:54
09-Pauly Fingaz Interlude (Cuts by Pauly Fingaz) 3:04
10-I Am The 90’s ft. GoD ILLa (Produced by DJ DviousMindz) 3:11
11-F.I.R.E ft. Tendency (Produced by DaCypha) 4:32
12-It’s All Real (Produced by Soul Theory) 4:03
13-Silence of the Hands ft. EMS (M-Dot, Mayhem) (Produced by Anno Domini) 4:07
14-Crown Me (Produced by Anno Domini) 4:04
15-Leave My Heart Alone ft. Strick9 (Produced by DaCypha) 3:41
16-Instrumental Intercourse (Produced by Shadowville) 4:10
17-Life-N-Rhymes (Outro) (Produced by SV) 3:21

So it’s finally here, after a lot of promotion and build up and sending out countless emails and tracks I present to you “Killa Tape ’09” the FREE Album from Revalation & Catalyst. This album is inspired by the Golden Era of Hip-Hop. Remember back in the day when you used to record all your favorite joints onto one tape? It was a “Killa Tape” right? Well, this album embodies that whole essence. Featuring Praverb, EMS (M-Dot, Mayhem), Genevieve, Strick9, Tendency, and more….Beats from DJ DviousMindz, Kenshin, SV, and more of your favorite up and coming producers!! Happy 4th of July and we hope you celebrate your independence with EMS Productions! Enjoy the tape, post it and give it a real listen if you appreciate conceptual Hip-Hop with a feel good vibe.

The Push Back Mixtape

Revalation – The Push Back Mixtape

01- QFurious Intro
02- Let’s Take It Back (produced by Tha Silent Partner)
03- Hip-Hop Handbook ft. Catalyst (produced by Shadowville)
04- When Your Blood Runs Cold
05- Diarrhea of the Mouth
06- Who Want What? (produced by Dai Lo)
07- Get’Em ft. EMS (M-Dot, Mayhem) & Grime (produced by The Other Guys)
08- The Structure
09- Reverse Psychology (produced by Kenshin)
10- QFurious Interview (instrumental by Shade Cobain)
11- A Love Story
12- Lonely Street ft. M-Dot, Alias, & Grime (produced by Kenshin)
13- A Hood Near You ft. Phatal
14- All My Life ft. Mic Murderers(Diaz,Catalyst) & Sex Rocha
15- I Get Money aka No I Don’t
16- Just A Fool ft. MASSAKA (produced by Yes Surr)
17- Think About It ft. Sienna (produced by Hi-Fly)
18- Outside Lookin’ In
19- QFurious Outro (instrumental by Shade Cobain)
20- Blooper Reel
21- 94.5 LaunchPad Cipher ft. M-Dot, Grime, & XL (produced by DJ Jean Maron)
22- Family Ties (produced by Akreatek)
23- Cloudy Days (produced by Kore)

I present to you “The Push Back” Mixtape. A collection of older, unreleased, and collaborative material put together to make one BANGIN‘ mixtape. I took a long time arranging and picking out tracks and didn’t just throw this together because I wanted the listener to get a unique feel to what’s to come on “The Revalation Will Be Televised” Mixtape droppin’ late summer/early fall. The Push Back Mixtape features my crew EMS (M-Dot, Mayhem), also artists like Grime Tha MC (of The Camp), XL (of the Kreators), my other crew the Mic Murderers, and more….Beats from Kenshin & DJ Jean Maron (who’s worked with Termanology, Reks, Akrobatik, etc.), just to name a couple. Here is the prec
ursor to my next mixtape so I hope you enjoy and if you love real Hip-Hop, be on the look out for the Free Album Revalation & Catalyst – Killa Tape 09 coming July 4th, 2009!!! Thank you for your effort and support.

P.S. When you post it, just hit me with a link to save for our records and also to blast on our networks (myspace, facebook, twitter)

aka Revalation ( or Rev – 1/4 of the EMS Conglomerate) / / /

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