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Dog Days of Summer: Inbox Goodies….

by Travis on July 8, 2009

Bloggers Choice

Nite People – What Do You Mean You People?

The more I listen to the new Nite People album, “What Do You Mean You People?”, the more I like it. I liked it right off the bat, but this album has grown from something that I thought was pretty good to something that is slowly becoming one of the best albums I’ve heard this year. Nothing but pure unadulterated hip hop. We’ve been covering Nite People and the whole Social Light Sounds crew since late ’07, it’s good to see Nite People starting to make some noise across the blog scene. The album drops (or did drop, depending on when this makes on the blog) Tuesday, July 8th, so check it out when it does, it’s cheap (2 albums for 7 bucks? you can’t beat that) so there is no excuse if you are feeling it.


Attn: People who like handmade objects that contain music

For a limited time Tone Tank is making hand painted ‘King of Surf Guitar Rap’ CDs made to order on

From Tone:
“A little while back I figured out that nobody needs a cd of anything. Music is information. Information is free on the internet. But I missed having physical copies of music. So I decided to hand paint a bunch of ‘King of Surf Guitar Rap’ cd’s. They are hand painted to order. They are Art. Hell, I’ll even add a little customized touch if you ask me nicely. I will paint these for as long of a time as I feel that I want to. The music from this cd is free here.”

Get your hand painted KING OF SURF GUITAR RAP CD hand painted by
Tone Tank @: or go directly to the Scumlife store here:

TONE TANK ‘The King of Surf Guitar Rap’ the video @:

TONE TANK- ‘The Black Six Sessions EP’ & ‘The King of Surf Guitar Rap’ available for free download @

Iller Than Theirs- ‘Wash,Rinse EP’ available for free download @


An unreleased Spork Kills track “You’re So Cute When You’re Mad”:

And a link to the interview:



Another WYDU Artist Spotlight alum just hit me up with a video he did for a new track called “Shining Armor”. I like this kid’s hunger on the mic and he gets better and better every time I hear him on the mic. Be on the look out for the Action Figures EP dropping sometime this summer, rumor has it in August….



Legendary Rapper Bizzy Bone of Bone Thugs and Harmony and Hip Hop DX Next artist Mekka Don have channeled their energy into a new song titled “IV THE LOVE.” The song, which was leaked to fans last week, is picking up a very strong buzz. It was leaked to Bone and Mekka Don fans prior to a full scale release this week.

“IV THE LOVE” serves as an anthem for Ohio, one of many states hit hard by these tough times, but it also has a more general message. “The song is about repping where you’re from, being proud of who you are and also about pursuing your dreams,” says Mekka Don.” I was working in a seemingly comfortable job, living the ‘American dream’ as a lawyer at a top law firm, but I wasn’t happy with my career. I was lucky enough to choose to leave and pursue my dream before the recession hit. Many of my associates are losing their jobs now, and are forced to figure out what to do next. For Bizzy and I, we hope that this song can serve as inspiration for people to go for their actual dream.” Times like these offer people the opportunity to try something new.

When asked why he chose to do such a collaboration so close to his own album release, Bizzy Bone said, “ I felt the music and the message. Mekka Don’s energy was righteous and I believe we recorded a beautiful psalm. No one ever looked out for me or Bone in this industry except for Eazy E, and I really want to help this young brother make it.”

Bizzy’s and Bone’s story can also give people the same inspiration. Bone Thugs N Harmony were homeless teens without a dollar. However, they had talent and their dream became a reality through perseverance and hard work. To date, they have sold over 50 million albums worldwide, and have won numerous awards. “I also wanted to make a record for Ohio”, says Mekka Don. “Living in NY makes me realize how little people know about our state. A lot of that is our own fault though because in the Midwest you’re raised to be humble so we don’t promote ourselves. If you look at our history as well as our current status in the industry, Ohio’s influence on hip hop and music in general is undeniable. I think the time is now for us to create a movement.”

The trials and tribulations of Bizzy Bone and Bone Thugs and Harmony have been well documented. However, the one thing that stayed consistent over the years has been their passion for music. “I love music man. No matter what I’m going through, music has stayed consistent,” offers Bizzy. It is an extremely exciting time for the millions of Bone fans throughout the world. Flesh N Bone was recently released from prison after serving almost eight years, and the group has gotten back together – working diligently on a an eagerly anticipated album, “UNI 5,” slated for a September release. “That’s my family,” offers Bizzy. “It doesn’t matter what we were going through on the business end. These guys are my brothers and families sometimes fight. The economy is in a recession, but don’t let people fool you – the music industry isn’t. Music never dies. It’s just about finding a way to navigate this industry.”


WEBSITE: (all you’d ever want to know about ohio lol)



Wake Up Call From Sound Society

My man Dashawn from the upstart Sound Society is following the same path that we here at WYDU started a couple years ago, and that’s help shine light on some talented artists that need it. He is coming out with his own project to do just that, which is a wonderful idea that should be done more often (hint hint). As always, I’m more than down to help promote good music, so here is some words from Dashawn and the first leak from the Wake Up Call - Trav

Whats up guys? Its Dashawn from Sound Society, and I present to you the very first leak off of the Wake Up Call. The Sound Society mixtape that features underground/independent rappers that we feel need more exposure. I have attached the song and a promo picture for you to post too. If you do post (which I hope you do) Can you please post this message also?

We present to you the first leak off of The Wake Up Call. The Wake Up Call is more than just a mixtape, it is a collection of music from various rappers and producers, that we feel need more exposure and have just as much and if not more talent than a lot of artists. The tracklist includes ThreatZ, Jabee, Andrew Lewis, TreaZon, Luck-One, MaG, Trav Williams, production from Nefarious!, Cold Legistics, iLLiad, and many, many more. So hopefully, when you listen, you get the same feeling I do. So sit back, enjoy and embrace yourself for The Wake Up Call…

Here is the zshare link also:

Luck-One – Right Now

Podcasts, EPs, Albums & Mixtapes

Sounds Like The 90′s Vol. 7 (July)

1. Wu-Tang Clan – Radiant Jewels feat. Raekwon, Cormega & Sean Price
2. Mos Def – Auditiorium feat. Slick Rick
3. Kurious – Sittin’ In My Car
4. DJ JS-1 – Ridiculous feat. O.C. & Pharoahe Monch
5. Blaq Poet – Rap Addiction feat. Shabeeno of NYGz & Lil Fame
6. Grand Puba – Same Old Drama feat. Large Professor
7. General Steele – Riot feat. S
ean Price, Illa Noyz & UG
8. Marco Polo & Torae – Smoke feat. Lil Fame & Rock
9. Blaq Poet – Voices
10. DJ JS-1 – Orginal G’z feat. A.G., Craig G. & Edo G.
11. Funkdoobiest – The Heavyweight Funk
12. Lushlife – Another Word For Paradise feat. Camp Lo
13. Drake – Think Good Thoughts feat. Phonte & Elzhi
14. Mos Def – Life In Marvelous Times
15. Godamus Rhyme – Stress ’09
16. Tame One – Suede Adidas
17. Michael Jackson – This Time Around feat. Notorious B.I.G. (Bonus Track)

Download (Back-Up):

Thanks for the support!



Stones Throw Podcast 48: Hawthorne Radio, Episode 2


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Mayer Hawthorne’s debut album A Strange Arrangement drops 09.09.09

Hawthorne Radio, Episode 2 Playlist:
Robert Parker “I’ve Caught You In A Lie”
The Mighty Lovers “I Ain’t Gonna Run No More”
The Toys “Deserted”
The Continental Four “The Way I Love You”
Sly, Slick & Wicked “Ready For You”
The Marvelettes “Don’t Mess With Bill”
The Moments “So This Is Our Goodbye”
The Ethics “Searching”
The Main Ingredient “Spinning Around”
OC Smith “On Easy Street”
The Impressions “A Woman Who Loves Me”

The Stones Throw Podcast is always free. To download Stones Throw’s podcast you must use aggregator/podcast receiver software such as Apple iTunes. Past episodes are listed here:


Grynch – Chemistry EP

1. Right Now
2. Chemistry (Feat. One Be Lo)
3. Doin’ Too Much
4. You Know Me (Feat. RA Scion)
5. My Volvo
6. Time
7. A Dream Undeferred
8. Smoke And Mirrors (Feat. Tunji & Geologic)



THE LEGACY: World’s Greatest Jackson Tribute Mix!

I know what you’re thinking, the last thing world needs right now is yet another Michael Jackson tribute mixtape? Believe me, I’m pretty much of the same opinion and I didn’t take the decision to do this lightly, but the flood of (in too many cases) pretty half baked tribute mixes, radio shows, podcasts over the past week kind of got under my skin. It seemed almost as though people were putting more effort into being the first to get something out than they were into a making decent job of it. I’m of the view that if you’re going to mark somebody’s life’s work, the least you can do is pay some respect by putting some proper work into it.

So that’s what I did. Just over a week after Michael’s passing, I’m pleased to present what I’ve (humbly) called THE LEGACY: World’s Greatest Jackson Tribute Mix! – 60 minutes, 45 tracks, featuring a selection of Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5′s original works, edits, acapellas and demos accompanied by records that have sampled them, cover versions, tributes and remixes from the likes of Dwele, Dilla, DJ Spinna and Ian Brown amongst others. All that laced with original interviews and some heavy edits. It’s been a labour of love, but I’m feeling like it was worth it. Artwork is attached and the full tracklist appears below (also attached as a PDF).

I know that in the internet world news grows old fast, but it’s only a little more than a week since we lost the world’s most famous entertainer, one of the greatest to ever do it, so please take a moment to check out the mix. I hope you enjoy.

Grab the mix from my website:

Or directly here:

Chris Read

1. Jackson 5 – Maybe Tomorrow (Loop)
2. Jackson 5 – Ain’t No Sunshine (Loop)
3. Dwele – Tribute to Michael Jackson (Re-edit) (Cover version of Michael Jackson – Human Nature)
4. Nas – It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Acapella) (Original version samples Michael Jackson – Human Nature)
5. Nas – It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Instrumental) (Samples Michael Jackson – Human Nature)
6. SWV – Right Here (Demolition Mix) (Samples Michael Jackson – Human Nature)
7. Jackson 5 – People Make The World Go Round
8. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Appreciate (Acapella) (Original Version samples Jackson 5 – 2,4,6,8)
9. Jackson 5 – 2,4,6,8
10. Pete Rock & CL Smooth – Appreciate (Instrumental) (Samples Jackson 5 – 2,4,6,8)
11. The ARE – Walk On (Samples Jackson 5 – Walk On)
12. Michael Jackson Interview
13. Jackson 5 – We’re Almost There (DJ Spinna Remix)
14. The ARE – We’ve Come Too Far (Samples Jackson 5 – We’re Almost There)
15. Cool V – Tribute To Scratching Part 2 (Re-edit) (Samples Jackson 5 – We’re Almost There)
16. Jackson 5 – ABC (Tokya Ska Paradise Orchestra’a Justa Roots Rock Mix)
17. Jackson 5 – ABC (Album Version)
18. Naughty by Nature – O.P.P (Samples Jackson 5 – ABC)
19. De La Soul – Breakadawn (Foncett Power Radio Mix) (Samples Michael Jackson – I Can’t Help It)
20. Michael Jackson – I Can’t Help It
21. De La Soul – Breakadawn (Album Version) (Samples Michael Jackson – I Can’t Help It)
22. Michael Jackson – Heartbreak Hotel
23. Heavy D – Peaceful Journey (Samples Michael Jackson – Heartbreak Hotel)
24. Jackson 5 – It’s Great To Be Here
25. Jackson 5 Interview on Soul Train
26. Jackson 5 – Good Thing Goin’ (DJ Bobo James Remix)
27. Jackson 5 – I Want Yo
u Back (DJ Z Trip Remix) (Loop)
28. Jackson 5 – I Want You Back (Acapella)
29. Jackson 5 – I Want You Back (Original Version)
30. DJ Z Trip – Motown Breakdown (Samples Jackson 5 – I Want You Back)
31. Eric B & Rakim – I Know You Got Soul (Double Trouble Remix) (Samples Jackson 5 – I Want You Back)
32. Eric B & Rakim – I Know You Got Soul (Acapella) (Remix samples Jackson 5 – I Want You Back)
33. Jackson 5 – Enjoy Yourself (Loop)
34. Michael Jackson – Rock With You (Cookin Soul Remix feat. Notorious B.I.G)
35. Jackson 5 – The Love You Save (Sunaga T Experience Remix) (Loop)
36. Michael Jackson – Rock With You (Acapella)
37. Jackson 5 – Blame It On The Boogie
38. Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough
39. Michael Jackson – Bad (Acapella)
40. Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (Loop)
41. Ian Brown – Billie Jean (Cover Version of Michael Jackson – Billie Jean)
42. Michael Jackson – Billie Jean (Demo Version)
43. Michael Jackson – History (J Dilla Remix) (Loop)
44. 911 call from the Jackson Residence
45. Zulema – Where You Are (Cover Version of Jackson 5 – I Wanna Be Where You Are)


CRASH – Accident Report Page 1 (Mixtape Download)

The highly anticipated CRASH mixtape is here. We first hit you with our record “Home Of The Heatmakerz” and then with the club banger “Drink In My Cup” now here is the mixtape. It has a few features and production from J. Cardim, Buckwild, Stress, The Heatmakerz and more.

CRASH consists of Rsonist, Ameer, DOX, and Karty.

Included in the mixtape download link are the front & back cover, credits and web links.



The Physics – High Society

download link:

Two years after the release of their critically lauded full length debut, Future Talk, Seattle-based hip hop group The Physics are back with June 2009’s release of High Society, an eight track EP of new material representing a natural progression both musically and personally. Steeped heavily in references to jazz and soul, Just D’Amato’s production (alongside Phee Dill & Dyalect) provides the smoothed-out backdrop against which lyricists Thig Natural and Monk Wordsmith (absent from Future Talk but a notable presence here) do their thing and do it with skill. Featuring guest appearances by beastly Seattle MCs Language Arts (“Back Track”) and Macklemore (“Good”) as well as one of the year’s most buzzed about local duos, the fresh-as-all-hell females of Thee Satisfaction (“Radio Head”), High Society dims the lights on the laidback aesthetic established in Future Talk and invites the listener to get real grown—and enjoy it. While this EP may feel like a main course, don’t get it twisted: it’s merely just a taste of what’s to come, a prelude to an additional as-yet-untitled release slated for later in the summer.



Eternia & MoSS – Road To Release (Video & Audio)

I have to say this looks to be like a pretty good marketing tool. I was aware of Moss, although I couldn’t tell you what he had produced previously without looking it up on the net. While I’ve never disliked Eternia’s music, it’s safe to say that I’ve slept on it over the last two years since SoulClap did a feature on her on WYDU. Just through these five weekly videos, I’ve began anticipating the album that her and Moss have worked on and I think she’s my new hip hop “crush”. Mamacita muy bonita! Or something like that….Anyway, here is week five….. Trav

Episode #5 – “WHERE’S THE LEAK?” Ft. Marco Polo & Torae

BONUS Flashback Audio: Eternia Ft. Torae & Ms. Davis – Nowhere No More
(Prod. By 9th Wonder)

In Episode #5, Eternia addresses the growing requests for music in “Where’s the Leak?” & reveals how Marco Polo & Torae are directly linked to the creation of her album w/ MoSS, “AT LAST”. Torae & Eternia reminisce about the only time they performed their collab track together (“Nowhere No More” produced by 9th Wonder, from “Where I’m At – The Setup”). Marco & DJ JS1 speak on why timeless music is worth the wait, & surprise throwback footage from 2002 is thrown in the mix, just to see who’s paying attention :-)

Over the next 6 months, eternia will release steady video & audio leaks leading up to the highly anticipated release of eternia & MoSS’s debut album, “AT LAST”. Follow them as they shop for a record deal, promote the album, and countdown to the release date. And you just never know what special guests may pop up… stay tuned!

Many thanks, as always, for all the support and please share the content freely. For press info or any business inquiries, please respond to this e-mail and you will be directed accordingly.

Road To Release Day Blog #5 –

Previously Posted:

Episode #4 “Live @ Lyricist Lounge

Episode #3 “Live In Brooklyn”

Episode #2 “THE SETUP” Ft. DJ Premier


Artist Info:

Funkghost – Vintage Futuristic (prod. by M-Phazes) Video

M-Phazes just sent this Funkghost video that he did the beat for. Shit’s kinda smooth and the lyrics are hilarious, “…I just wanna be the one that puts that ass to sleep”.

Funkghost “Vintage Futuristic” (prod. by M-Phazes) VIDEO



Cymarshall Law

Peace – So Cymarshall Law and DJ Gravity have been running thru the southeast region on his “Creators Kid” tour. Just did Savannah GA (Tybee Island)..Who doesnt want live hip hop on the beach
!! Tonight Law is tearing down Charleston, SC @ The Village Tavern (Big shout to College of Charleston).

But I wanted to break another gem out the vault, it’s a link to Cy over 50′s “Shut ya Bloodclot Mouth”. Also watch out 2moro, for King with Four Wives video trailer pt. 2. Directed by ET (Eric Thompson) . Official version of the video will be released July 9th..If you been sleeping under a rock, I placed a link to 1st trailer I released last week. Thnx alot for your time. Enjoy !!!!

Cymarshall Law “Shut Your Bloodclot Mouth”

KING WITH 4 WIVES _ TRAILER from Eric Thompson on Vimeo.

Bekay Interview w/ UGHH: New Album Coming Soon & Asher Roth Beef

Brooklyn’s own Bekay sits down with UGHH’s Van Stylez for an in-depth interview that covers everything from Bekay’s upcoming album Hunger Pains, to his thoughts of the game post 2000, to his not so flattering opinion of Asher Roth. Hungers Pains is slated for an October 13th release date with the first single “I Am”, produced by The Alchemist to be dropping later this summer. The album’s second single “Brooklyn Bridge” feat. Masta Ace (prod. by DJ Babu) will be dropping shortly thereafter- a video for both tracks are in progress.



Outasight – Brand New Day

The song has been getting spins on FM dials around the world, as well as Sirius.
Thanks in advance for all the support. Let us know what you think.


William Cooper - Beware of the Pale Horse

A brand new leak from William Cooper a.k.a. Booth of Black Market Militia.

“Beware of the Pale Horse” features none other than Ill Bill of La Coka Nostra and is produced by BP of 11701 Productions, off Cooper’s upcoming solo debut of the same name dropping later this year.

William Cooper ft. Ill Bill – Beware of the Pale Horse


Life Soldiers
Artist: Thad Reid feat. K-Beta, Flip
Album: PTO Series
Description: 2nd Installment
Between a f’d up link and spam filters, it has been a trying last couple days. Let me know when u receive.

Thad Reid
“Just Google Me”

The Song: “Yes Doubt”

“Yes Doubt”

Pseudo Slang’s quintessential jazz-tinged beats keep bumping on the latest track “Yes Doubt” from their recent release We’ll Keep Looking. The duo, Tone Atlas and Emcee Sick, directly state one of their defining principles: the belief that it’s all right to question yourself from time to time, “It’s hard not to have doubts / When all you got is your intellect / And cats blow up with some weak shit / Off the strength of internet marketing / That’s why Sick and Tone drop significant poems.” No matter how tough it may be sometimes, Pseudo
Slang understand the result is worth the hard work; that the music is the reward of the struggle. As though it was his faith, Emcee Sick proclaims it’s always better to doubt and get your priorities straight, “So what the heck if we profess doubt / We givin’ enough respect to what the rest about / But never rest cause then you’re out / Stay on your toes, yes doubt.”

We’ll Keep Looking is available everywhere now via Fat Beats Records.

The Background:

Pseudo Slang is a hip-hop duo from the Buffalo, NY music scene. Emcee Sick of the Xtracts of Slang and Tone Atlas of the Pseudo Intellectuals teamed up about a decade ago to form Pseudo Slang – a side project that took on a career of its own. After their debut release, The Catalogue (a compilation of tracks PS laid down from 1999 to 2004), Pseudo Slang switched to full time. After being quickly signed to stalwart hip-hop label Fat Beats Records, Pseudo Slang released the single “Broke and Copasetic” in 2006. National and international tours followed, and the build towards their first complete studio release as a duo is almost at its apex: We’ll Keep Looking is available now via Fat Beats Records.

Listen to the first single, “Broke & Copasetic” featuring Vinia Mojica –

“Chill Out $” feat. A.L. Third$_feat_AL_Third.mp3


“Walkin’” feat. Grap Luva

“Broke & Copasetic” feat. Vinia Mojica


The Song: Drifting With The Tide

After cooling down from his marathon campaign, iCON The Mic King returns with “Drifting With The Tide,” the first song in his new Headphone Classic Series. With this new series, iCON has decided, rather than release a mixtape, to feature individual songs, pairing them with a visuals and videos to give fans a complete look at each song. “Drifting With The Tide” is the first song in the series, and the song, which features Awar of the group Popular Strangers, is driven by a huge, bass-heavy beat that sets up an 80′s-style guitar riff as the perfect melody. Speaking on the song, iCON says, “Drifting With The Tide deals with very real issues of betrayal and unattainable love.” From the opening lyric, “In the war with oneself / You gotta earn some stripes,” through the hook, “We fishin’ in troubled waters, castin’ lines to get a bite / And holdin’ on expectin’ somethin’ from it in this lifespan,” it is very clear iCON’s struggle lies within, and it is a very real, very relatable struggle of lost love.

The Background:
Hailing from Philadelphia, iCON the Mic King has had a long career and first gained notoriety on the battle circuit. Winner of several rap battle competitions around the globe, iCON proved his ability to create lyrics on the spot, and achieved success in this arena until 2001, when he officially retired from battling to pursue composition and recording as a solo artist. iCON had been making music before he gained fame as a battle rapper and decided to focus on his studio chops. In 2002, he released Music for Bootleggas, which he sold in person and via his website. In 2004, he released his first studio album Intricate Spectrum, and has since released Mike and the Fatman and Rent Money Music II: C-Notes for the Car Note. iCON has the utmost pride for his work, and has decided that for his latest project, Headphone Classics, he will change up the distribution process. Rather than releasing an album or mixtape, Headphone Classics is a series of songs that will be accompanied with visual and video images, and iCON plans to release each in sequence.


“Drifting With The Tide” feat. Awars



Vote for former WYDU Spotlight Artist, Serge Severe, on the Hip Hop Official Weekly artist contest…..

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