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Before They Were Famous……

by Travis on July 9, 2009

Fresh Force Crew

Who was the Fresh Force Crew? I will say this, that it’s a duo that made several major motion pictures in the late 80′s and the early 90′s. They had at least one gold album (I’m not sure if their second album ever made gold status, but it was my personal favorite) and they even had a short lived cartoon. They made the hi-top fade famous and the kick step. Yup, I’m talking about Kid ‘N Play.

After my gaff earlier this year of posting a supposed Kid N Play demo with the Beatnuts, I’m almost afraid to touch the “brothers with the hi-top fades.” I do know for a fact though that Fresh Force Crew WAS indeed Christopher Martin and Christopher Reid. Listening to the one (?!) song on this single and you’ll recognize the voices. The track, “Rock Me,” isn’t really anything like their releases as Kid ‘N Play. This is some Run-DMC like, slightly hard edged, guitar wailing mid 80′s hip hop. It’s a lift from the popular pop song by Falco, “Rock Me Amadeus,” which I have to admit to liking back in those days.

There really isn’t much special about this single, other than it’s Kid ‘N Play before they were Kid ‘N Play. Recalling the story from the top of my head, Kid was in another group before hooking up with Play. They formed Fresh Force Crew and signed a little deal with Sutra Records, which released some of the Fat Boys albums around this period as well. They released another track called “She’s a Skeezer” and “All Hail The Drum”. I’m pretty sure Herby “Luv Bug” Azor is the one that helped them reinvent themselves as Kid N Play. Nothing mind blowing here, but for those of you that like to hear artists and groups before they “made it”, here is your chance

Fresh Force Crew - Rock Me (Sutra Records, 1986)

A1 Rock Me
B1 Rock Me (Instrumental Dub)
B2 Bonus Bells

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