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Fresh Friday, Drop One: Mouthblocks

by Travis on July 10, 2009

Biggity bam, right up in your face once again. Aight, I never could pull the whole Fab Freddy shit off, but it’s Friday and you know what that means. What it means is I may or may not be doing my “weekly” series of “fresh” music from “up & comers” and “wanna be heards” out there. So yes, we are doing it again this week. I love putting up new music from hungry artists, especially if it’s somewhat good, and if I’m putting it up here, I think its some what good. Okay at the sake of getting any more confusing, we’ll just jump into the first drop of….well I’m not sure yet, but the first of a few and probably my favorite out of the bunch (meaning it’s well worth jumping through the hoops to get the free download)…..

Long time WYDU readers will recognize this Yonkers MC, Mouthblocks. We did a WYDU Spotlight on him late last year and the dude’s EP stayed in my rotation for a few months after that (which is no small feat). Well Mouthblocks is back, with another EP, this time totally free. Produced by Evolve-One, the smooth mellow beats are perfect for the ruff, yet smooth flow of Mouthblocks. Lyrically, he won’t “wow” you, but he brings stuff to the table that most cats can relate to. The songs are all under three minutes, so those with the short attention spans can whip right through a song and the EP in no time flat. Cats that get down with rhymes about just trying to get through life will no doubt dig this little EP. It comes highly recommended by myself and WYDU… – Trav

Welcome! Sit down, have a glass of lemonade, and while you’re at it, sample some of our fine rap music, aged underground in dusty electronic equipment according to a cherished week and a half old family recipe. Imported directly from our very own slum in Yonkers, New York, in conjunction with California’s Evolve-One, this rap music meets the highest standards in excellency set forth by Local 108 Crossing Guard’s Union. We’re so confident that you’ll enjoy Mouthblocks’ free download of “It Takes One to Know One”, that for a LIMITED TIME we’re offering a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, if you enclose three fortune cookie fortunes in a S.A.S.E. addressed to yourself, and text 07734 07734 to Mouthblocks’ disconnected cellphone. (offer only valid on Christmas day to residents of Puerto Rico)

Oh, yea, haters can suck an egg and critics get the di-dick. And if that makes me a jerk, well…


Kind Regards,
Silvio Zwoechenko
Head of Marketing Baby Grey Productions Yonkers, NY

It Takes One To Know One for Free:

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