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Tales From the Inbox: Inbox Goodies

by Travis on July 20, 2009

Bloggers Choice

Good to see that some of my favorite people in the biz are making noise and making moves. I’ve been down with Cee & Bekah since last year, so it does me good seeing them hook up with Mick Boogie. Hope to hear some good stuff going down…..
- Trav

From Mr. Nottingham

Soul Hop duo Cee & Bekah have been hard at work on their their next mixtape, The Soul Movement Volume 3. As one of the major acts signed to HiPNOTT Records, I had to hook them up with the best in the biz… Mick Boogie & Terry Urban. Mick & Terry will be hosting the mixtape, currently due for release this September. As Cee & Bekah finalize the tracks, we’ll give you a preview of what to expect. Here’s the first leak off the mixtape, “Can’t Get Enough,” recorded over the K-Os beat “The Love Song.”



Brown Bag Season

Here’s the joint for Day 16 of Brown Bag Season:

Brown Bag AllStars - “Get Ready” (prod. by marink)

And the rest that I’ve been saving to put up, but that doesn’t do much good to anyone, so here are everything else that has been dropped…..

J57 feat. Skyzoo “Lights Out” (prod. J57)

KONCEPT feat Donny Goines & 6th Sense “Put Your Hands Together”
(prod. by DJ Goo)

Soul Khan feat. KONCEPT, Homeboy Sandman, & 8thW1 “Knuckle Puck” (prod. J57)

J57 feat. Mr. Porter “There’s Only Hope” (prod. by Mr. Porter)

KONCEPT feat Daniel Joseph “Modesty” (prod. by J57, cuts by DeeJay Element)

Brown Bag AllStars “All I Do” (prod marink, cuts by DeeJay Element)

Brown Bag AllStars“Uglyface” (prod. by marink)

Brown Bag AllStars“Dumbin’ Out” (prod. by maticulous, cuts by DeeJay Element)

Brown Bag AllStars - “Got It All” (prod. by DJ Dyllemma, cuts by DeeJay Element)

Brown Bag AllStars - “Live From The Nine” (prod. by DJ Skizz)

Brown Bag AllStars“Brooklyn Queens Expressway” (prod. by marink, cuts by DeeJay Element)

Brown Bag AllStars - “Larry Norris” (prod. by DJ Goo)

The Brown Bag AllStars Are:
The Audible Doctor (Emcee/Producer)
J57 (Emcee/Producer)
Soul Khan (Emcee)
DJ E Holla (DJ)
Deejay Element (DJ)
DJ Goo (DJ)

Mixtapes, EPs, Albums

Style MiSia Presents: “Stylistics” (Beats, Blaps & Slaps)

Straight out of the West Coast, Long Beach-CA, Style MiSia, the Music Producer behind hip hop bangers such as “Feel It”(RMX) by Guilty Simpson, The Grouch – “Never Die”, “Rock the Spot” featuring Bash Bros, Sean Price, Big Pooh and “Queens Pimp” by 50-Cent, presents his 1st ever Instrumental Album entitled “Stylistics” (Beats, Blaps & Slaps). Containing over 22 instrumentals and 5 Songs by the artists mentioned above, Style MiSia hits you from every angle with his raw and unorthodox Production style. With a discography painted like a veteran, Style MiSia continues to lace musical backdrops for hip hop heads and music lovers alike.



1. Stylistics(Intro)
2. I’m Serious
3. Nice Dreamz
4. Dedication
5. Mind Blowin’
6. Soul Searchin’
7. Heaven
8. Still Feelin’ It
9. Break Down
10. Luva In U
11. Mystic
12. 2Gether
13. Joy Riden’
14. Galactic Pimpi
15. Visions
16. The Awakening Pt. 1 & 2
17. Soul Sacrifice
18. The Quest 4 Love
19. Never Die
20. Never Die Performed by The Grouch
21. Queens Pimp
22. Queens Pimp Performed by 50 Cent
23. Suck My D*ck Performed by Peedi Crakk
24. Feel It RMX
25. Feel It RMX Performed Guilty Simpson
26. Rock The Spot
27. Rock The Spot (All Star Remix) Performed by Lefty, Sean Price, Rakaa
of Dilated Peoples, Reef The Lost Cauze, Piseas, Verbal Kent, Motion
Man, Chali 2na of Jurassic 5 and Big Pooh of Little Brother.


FALL 2009

Style MiSia“My Resume Weighs a TON” (Producer Album) with exclusive cameos by Ras Kass, Rasco, Fish Scales of Nappy Roots, Kam Moye(Supastition), Bash Bros(Lefty & Piseas), Slo-Mo & MUSH Mouf of Fortilive, The Grouch and much more.

Visit Style MiSia online at:


Ill Cuts Presents: The Game – A History of Beef

Since Game just dropped I’m So Wavy, I though this would be a good time to remind the people of all the dope diss records Game’s done in the past. And not just the G-Unot records, but Buddens/Yukmouth/Young Gunz disses as well.

So I went through my library and compiled my favorite Game diss records, and there came A History Of Beef.

All I ask is that you give it a listen…

This is a link to the original post for more info and what-not:

One love to everyone willing to listen beyond the surface

Gestalt Collective – Scrimmage One

I just wanted to introduce you to Gestalt Collective. This is a project that is spear-headed by myself, but is all about the community and artists that I/we are surrounded with. Everyone that is included on a Gestalt Collective release is involved with real, dope hip-hop!
Scrimmage One is digital only and the first release of many to come. It also features artists such as Ira Lee, Moka Only, Sadat X, Ryan Stinson, Chadio, etc.
1. Chapter Thrive – Gestalt Freestyle (Produced by Ryan Stinson)
2. Spesh K Ft. Sadat X & Moka Only – That’s It Y’all (Produced by Ryan Stinson)
3. Ira Lee – Jon Kills Garfield (Produced by Ira Lee)
4. Bridge – Donut Bites
5. Something Fresh! – Rewind It Again (Produced by AK)
6. Pull The Plug – Royal T (Produced by Ryan Stinson)
7. Something Fresh! – Rolling Crushed (Produced by Ryan Stinson)
8. Ira Lee – Tom Cruise (Produced by Scottfree & Cuts by DJ Bizkid)
9. Chadio – Angel (Produced by Ryan Stinson)


Pac Div – Church League Champions

A few of you were all asking me “When is Pac Div gonna drop, When is Church League coming out”? Truthfully…. didn’t know for sure until last night! Well… here it is…. in all it’s splendor and glory! You can download it right HERE . Sorry for the wait but yeah…. LET’S GO! Let me know what you think as well. Thanks and I hope your good.



As Hip Hop attempts to regain its definition, fans have already defined it with Southern California trio, Pac Div. The group consists of brothers, Like and Mibbs, along with longtime friend BeYoung. The three came together in high school. While new talents strayed towards microwave music that trades quantity for quality, Pac Div emulated their idols native tongues and hieroglyphics to create slow-crafted conceptual music.

In 2006, Pac Div released Blend Tape, a thematic mix tape combining mid-‘90s classic-inspired covers using in house production. The tracks chronicled day-jobs, trying to appeal to the fairer sex without fat pockets, restoring a Black presence in Hip Hop, and carefully coifed wardrobes amidst the pursuit of glory. The results were jarring, the unsigned group landed on the pages of many magazines, Vapors, Skope, Urb, Source, XXL, Billboard, Rolling Stones, 944 Magazine, 8.5 and VIBE. A huge internet presence followed.

During the course of the group’s development, Hip Hop superstars began to notice. With Myspace love alone, Pharrell Williams of The Neptunes reached out to affirm that Pac Div is making innovative and fun music. After that, a chance meeting with The Roots’ Questlove in a Los Angeles record store led to a passed demo – which shockingly then led to the drummer personally calling the group to also extend support. Snoop Dogg shouted out Pac Div on his “My Peoples”. Rather than crutch these endorsements on album covers and Myspace banners, the trio matter-of-factly remin
ded fans that this was no overnight success.

Offers from major labels followed, the group found a home with Universal Motown Records and readying for their debut release, Grown Kid Syndrome in summer of 2009. The album delightfully forgets the tangents rap music has taken in the mainstream and simply affirms that good music is timeless. Pac Div is crafting their album and focused on making sure their live show is well…live. The group has toured domestically and internationally with heavy hitters and tastemakers alike: Nas, Q-tip, Busta Rhymes, The Cool Kids, ICE- T, and Ludacris.

California Hip Hop is restructuring in the second half of the ’00. Styles, faces, and crews may change, these three young men remind us that it is, was, and forever will be the Pacific Division.


Chi-King – Righteous Kill (Joe Buddens Dis)


La Coka Nostra Live

Couple of dope videos – live performances from Sweden and Switzerland.




Culture VI

Rae & Deck on stage airing out Joe

It gets deeper……


makelove copy

Queens, NY emcee Prophit has been in the studio working hard on finishing up his debut mixtape Cause When You Stop Dreaming, Its Time To Die due out for the masses July 28th, and finally we have for you the 1st single off his project produced by 16 yr old producer manchild Gabe Wax called “Make Love”. Perfect song to release as the NY weather actually starts to feel like summer. A classic in the making, NY is back better than ever! Congrats to Proph as well, for he will be performing in this years Lollapalooza in Chi City August 8th! Props to Drew for Mad Science Tee’s for the artwork.

DOWNLOAD: Prophit – Make Love (prod by Gabe Wax)


Mic Blaque ft Chen Lo – Fresh Out

Song: “Fresh Out” ft. Chen Lo and Damaja D

Artist: Mic Blaque
Album: Outside of the Box-Special Edition
Producer: Kilo

Fresh: adj
-Excitingly or refreshingly different from what somebody is used to or what has been done previously.-

It has happened to all of us…you open a package of something you have been waiting to savor and enjoy and the object in question is STALE. Surprise, leads to disappointment, which can then lead to anger. If you are a music lover, especially a lover of hip hop, this is happening far too often. “Fresh Out” is like fresh water on a scorching day or a fresh pair of kicks that completes your fit. Not to be cliche’, but it’s a breath of fresh air in an industry polluted with copy cats and mediocrity. The song is like a recorded interview of 3 new artists revealing what they bring to the table of hip hop music. In a phrase, it’s more than music or entertainme
nt. Mic Blaque, Damaja D and Chen Lo are aiming to engage listeners on a much deeper level. Some might even say profound levels. For them, it’s about using the timeless feel and purpose of classic music with a fresh twist on it. Add in some of the illest emceeing anyone could ask for over Kilo’s addictive soundscape and you have “Fresh Out:” ‘a magical collaboration with this combination, Damaja, Mic


Hiroller – In Search Of….

When you are presenting yourself to the masses, something that you have to worry about as an artist is the impression you are giving to the listener and possible supporter of your music and brand. I like to show my versatility at all times, with that being said you will hear all kinds of songs from me because I try not to box myself into one sound or approach. Today, I wanted to showcase my songwriting skills a bit. About a year ago, I was introduced to director Zeke Zelker thru a co-worker(yes I have a day job). Zeke is an upcoming director and at the time was in the final stages of production for a movie entitled “In search Of..”. The movie had a strong message about sex and it’s consequences which I was really drawn to. Zeke asked if I would put together a song that could possibly be used for the movie and I came up with the song that I present to you today. The song really paints a picture for you. The 3rd verse is actually like a synopsis of the film. The best part about the whole thing is when I was writing the song I hadn’t seen the movie yet. This is the mind of Hiroller working here. Enjoy and due remember “The Premonition” will be out August 4th!!!!

Here’s the link to the song:



-Pocket Change Entertainment


Children of the Night feat Mayor Hawthorne

Here’s something new from COTN, a RMX record with Stones Throw’s newest signee, Mayer Hawthorne.

If you need a reminder of our work, feel free to check out


The Lone Wolf is Pleased to Announce

The Release of our Second Single

This song is NOT on the album, so make sure you snag it while you can.

“Kakalak All-Stars (Single Edition)”

Download it right here.

-Sumkid & The Milky Way


Se7en feat Dre Robinson

The New Single “G’D UP!!” from Se7en featuring Dre Robinson (formerly of Universal Records, songs with Mobb Deep, Jae Millz) & M-Dot (songs with Masta Ace, Sha Stimuli, Krumb Snatcha) produced by Pauly Fingaz (cuts & mixing M-Dot’s M.oney D.oesn’t O.wn T.hought Mixtape) 3 of Boston’s Best Young MC’s collab with 1 of it’s Hottest Up & Coming producers, on one track! This is sure to be a Summer BANGA!!! BANG this in the whip and stay “G’D UP”! P.S. Video will be shot for this single soon, be on the look out for that….-Rev

Se7en ft. Dre Robinson & M-Dot – G’D Up!! (produced by Pauly Fingaz)
Bonus: M-Dot’s – M.oney D.oesn’t O.wn T.hought Mixtape



Click here to listen

Hip-Hop Legend
Drops “Holy Are You” On July 28, 2009
Lead Single From Long Awaited Album
(Ra Records / TVM / SMC Recordings)

July 15, 2009 (New York, NY) – In the history of Hip-Hop, few artists have had as great an impact on the development and progression of the art form and lyrical style as Rakim. On July 28, 2009 the man many call The God MC will drop “Holy Are You” – he hypnotic lead single off of his long awaited new album The Seventh Seal, to be released early fall 2009 on the artist’s Ra Records imprint in a joint venture with TVM and SMC Recordings and distributed through Fontana/Universal Music Group.

His first full album of new material in almost a decade, The Seventh Seal is Rakim’s contemporary observation of the Hip-Hop culture he helped define. While staying loyal to his New York roots, the artist has created a body of work that encompasses the very best of regional, underground and mainstream styles reformed and delivered through his intricate lyricism and the seemingly effortless flow for which he is revered. The first single, “Holy Are You” (produced by long-time Rakim collaborator Nick Wiz for Preserve the Art) embodies the overall concept of the album, communicating Rakim’s worldview and spirituality through artistic interpretation of scriptures and revelations about the coming of the Apocalypse and each person’s role in the world around them. Additional releases prior to the album’s early Fall drop range from seething character studies of life in modern times and personal stories of self-awareness to feel good anthems celebrating music and Hip-Hop in all of its forms.

The artist states, “The Seventh Seal is my own revelation…my way of taking the best of what Hip-Hop has to offer, what we as a culture and a community have to offer, putting my stamp on it and leading us forward while constantly respecting what we’ve already accomplished. When you’ve been blessed with a career like mine, you develop a deep relationship with the music and that love is recognized by the true heads that share it with you. ‘Holy Are You’ is for those core brothers and sisters…the first building block – the lyrical and spiritual piece – of an album that’s my monument to Hip-Hop past, present and future. You’ll see us keep building as we break through each Seal…showing the best of what I can do in many forms, bringing the energy and having fun, but first I’m laying that foundation and give my longtime fans the conscious fire they expect.”

Universally referenced as one of the Masters of the Microphone and an influence and inspiration to his peers and followers alike, Rakim first exploded onto the scene with the release of iconic Eric B. is President in 1986 with long time collaborator Eric B. The single marked a turning point in the Rap world – raising the bar for future emcees and revolutionizing the way rhymes are delivered. Rakim’s intricately, intellectual lyrics draw their force from his worldly experience, inner faith and progressive contemplation, fueled by a deep understanding of not just Hip-Hop, but also the Jazz and R&B influences that have surrounded his family since his youth. Rakim’s recordings – including the all-time classics, Paid In Full, Follow the Leader and The 18th Letter – have sold in the multi-millions worldwide. Billboard, Rolling Stone, MTV and a host of others consistently refer to Paid in Full as “the greatest Hip-Hop album of all time” – a claim often repeated in audience polls. The Seventh Seal marks the first album under his own imprint, Ra Records, allowing a true freedom in creative control unparalleled since his monumental first recordings.


Icon The Mic King

The Song:

On the second track from his new series of songs, Headphone Classics, iCON the Mic King describes how he learned the hard facts of life. Making another guest appearance is Awar, a fellow emcee recently signed to iCON’s label, Master Works Unlimited, who returns to back up iCON. The grandiose 80′s-style synth licks that bump throughout are held together by a bass-heavy, low-end drumbeat, courtesy of up-and-coming producer Vanderslice. The result is a huge sound that reflects the big picture iCON is trying to relate in the hook: the emotions of struggle and the effect and change they can have on a person. iCON raps, “I put my best in, gave it all it takes / And at the end of the day met a fall from grace.” Though the track is in-your-face hip-hop, the lyrics tell an intricate and dark story of betrayal and reality.

iCON Background:

Hailing from Philadelphia, iCON the Mic King has had a long career and first gained notoriety on the battle circuit. Winner of several rap battle competitions around the globe, iCON proved his ability to create lyrics on the spot, and achieved success in this arena until 2001, when he officially retired from battling to pursue composition and recording as a solo artist. iCON had been making music before he gained fame as a battle rapper and decided to focus on his studio chops. In 2002, he released Music for Bootleggas, which he sold in person and via his website. In 2004, he released his first studio album Intricate Spectrum, and has since released Mike and the Fatman and Rent Money Music II: C-Notes for the Car Note. iCON has the utmost pride for his work, and has decided that for his latest project, Headphone Classics, he will change up the distribution process. Rather than releasing an album or mixtape, Headphone Classics is a series of songs that will be accompanied with visual and video images, and iCON plans to release each in sequence. iCON’s Headphone Classics series is the first set of releases on his new label, Mater Works Unlimited.

Awar Background:

Awar is a native New Yorker who resides in Albany. In 2005 he released his critically acclaimed solo album, Glory Days, which slipped below most hip-hop listeners radar due to limited distribution. He has been immersed in the NYC indie hip-hop culture for years, and has been a convincing factor in putting his Upstate New York area on the map. He is currently in the lab working with some of the best artists & producers in the game for his up-coming solo effort, The Laws of Nature. He is also the lead emcee of a live band orchestrated by DeeJay Tone, and one half of a duo known as Popular Strangers, which also includes his friend and long-time collaborator, iCON the Mic King.


“Fall From Grace” feat. Awar

“Drifting With The Tide” feat. Awar

Official site:



DJ JS-1 – Rediculous Remix

The Song: “Ridiculous” Remix feat. Masta Ace, OC, and Pharoahe Monch

DJ JS-1 recently dropped his first single, “Ridiculous.” Teaming with OC and Pharoahe Monch, the two New York emcees’ verses meshed with JS-1′s beat to create a track that had listeners buzzing. Now, JS-1 returns with the remix. Featuring a brand new, old school, synth-chopped beat courtesy of JS-1 and a surprise guest verse from another legendary New York emcee, Masta Ace, the remix proves to be just as ridiculous as the original. “NO SELLOUT” (Ground Original 2) is now available via Fat Beat Records.


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