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Yaggfu Front

by Travis on July 28, 2009

As I sit down at roughly 11:30 at night after getting shit together for my pending move (nothing out of state at this time, just a move down the street), my mind is numb, I’m tired, yet I started thinking of things to re-post. Most of my CDs, CD-Rs, and records are already boxed up (after doing rush packing way too many times in my life, I’m actually ahead of schedule for this move) so I’m at the mercy of what is on my computer. Not that is a bad thing with 500gb plus of music on my computer, it’s just that everything I could think of was boxed away or it was all original ideas that I wanted to wait to tackle when I wasn’t strapped for time.

As I scrolled through my music, it was either things that had been seen elsewhere, stuff that could still be found on WYDU somewhere or stuff that I had gotten myself on other blogs (when I still had the time to check other blogs…bleah). Then I got to Yaggfu Front. I did a search on WYDU and didn’t come up with a post on them. They were one of my favorite groups from that time period (mid 90′s), sort of like a poor mans Pharcyde (yes I’m stealing that from somewhere else), but I always dug them. Truth be told, back in 2006, D Ranged and Jingle Bel where going to be WYDU’s first interview. Milk D beat them out then eventually I lost contact with the two members (Spin 4th was not involved at the time). It’s unfortunate that I’ve never done a proper post on the group or got that interview done with them. Since I have time restraints tonight, I’m just going to toss these two projects up.

The first is the Secret Tapes project that released in very limited quantities, so limited that I’ve never seen a physical copy of it anywhere. It was released on Mends Recordings and consisted of remixes, unreleased material and other stuff from ’91 til ’01.

Yaggfu Front – Secret Tapes
(Mends Recordings, 2002)

1 Roll Wit The Yaggfu
2 Plastic Fantastic
3 Hard Headed Niggaz
4 The Love Scene
5 Walk Around Town Aka Thinking Caps
6 Mr Buck
7 Fling-A-Ling Style
8 All Slow
9 Jump On It
10 Listen
11 Future Shock

The second is one that was one that they posted on their blog or their myspace….or maybe it was both. I don’t remember. They were talking about making a comeback, hence the myspace, the blog, the interview that never happened. They were pretty excited about it when I was speaking to them in the late summer/early fall of ’06, then nothing. None the less, there isn’t much new in terms of music on this, but it’s mixed together and a nice little thing to have if you are a hardcore fan.

Yaggfu Front – The Yaggfu Mixtape, 2006(?)

001 – Whered You Get Your Bo Bos – Yaggfu Front
002 – Future Shock – Yaggfu Front
003 – Listen (Ft. Esau) ! – Yaggfu Front
004 – Roll wit the Yaggfu – Yaggfu Front
005 – Plastic Fantastic – Yaggfu Front
006 – Slappin Suckas – Yaggfu Front
007 – Uptown Downtown – Yaggfu Front
008 – Black Liquid – Yaggfu Front
009 – My Dick Is So Large (Bonus Track) – Yaggfu Front
010 – Hard Headed Niggaz ! – Yaggfu Front
011 – Mr. Hook – Yaggfu Front
012 – Hold Em Back – Yaggfu Front
013 – Jump on it – Yaggfu Front
014 – Fling-a-Ling Style – Yaggfu Front
015 – Fruitless-Moot – Yaggfu Front
016 – Action Packed Adventure – Yaggfu Front

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Anonymous July 29, 2009 at 6:58 am

I bought that Secret Tapes from Sandbox and got a nice little poster w/ it. They must have abandoned their comeback all together. I don't "friend" a lot of artists on Myspace, but I looked them up a year ago or so and they never accepted me. I wondered what the deal was there.

Dug that Atmosphere reference on Listen from Esau's verse (guest MC), or whatever his name is.

I loved that 1st LP. They may have been the first group I heard use the term Cackalacka (sp?). Left Field was my unofficial theme song my senior year of high school. I was too shy, sometime too fly, to tell the ladies they were def.


E_B_A August 1, 2009 at 1:11 am

Damn… I was hoping "Still Haven't Found a Contract" would be on there but it's not. Can somebody hook a fellah up? That was my introduction to this trio and I thought it was dope.

Anonymous August 1, 2009 at 2:19 am

I was a junior when Action Packed came out in '93. It was hard to find even then and it was on a major. Left Field was dope, theres a video for it too. A girl I use to talk to in High School met the group cuz she was on a show on BET and back then all the latest rap groups came thru the studio. She gave me a sampler Spin 4th gave her and it was nice.Good lookin on this 16 years later I can see what Yaggfu all about!

DJ Yoda August 19, 2010 at 10:55 am

Some great rhymes I like to use in my sets, most of their stuff holds up against the shit we hear today. Damn I wish it was the 90′s again. It took me two years to find the mixtape, eventually came across it in Japan of all places!

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