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Reviews by a Rapper: MC Sergio – Makin' A Killin'

by Staff on July 29, 2009

I sat in a dark alley.

My car’s engine idled and sputtered before finally coming to rest. I promised myself I’d get a tune up, but right now there were more pressing issues.

I waited in the alley…anxious.

A figure appeared behind a cloud of mist bursting from a cracked pipe by a fire escape. Could that be him? As the figure got closer I marked the ratty old hat and stained trench coat. I committed everything to memory that I could, but the most important thing was missing: a face. His collar seemed to conceal his entire face. At first glance one might think there was a black hole where his face should have been.

He sat a small package on the damp concrete and stepped back through the smoke before i had a chance to react. I got out of the vehicle…walking slowly toward the mysterious package. i reached down to pick it up- the sound of metal clanging to the side of me! I whipped around to see a rat scuttling away. The pest had knocked over a paint can and scared the hell out of me in the process. I grabbed the package without hesitation this time, turned around and hurried back to the car.

A wry smile crept onto my face as i opened the package…it contained a single cd: MC Sergio “Making A Killin’”.

Okay so maybe it didn’t happen that way, but still, I am peeping this MC Sergio album, and since you’re here…lets talk about it.

The first thing Travis told me in prep for this album review was that it’d be an artist/album that I’d never heard. He was right…I ain’t neeeever heard of MC Sergio. There’s honestly not a lot of info on him so the music will had to speak for itself.

As far as the sound, it’s about right for the time (late 80′s). Drum breaks, funky loops, the prerequisite club song as well as the song about the lady-killing rapper vs. the man-eater that was almost too much (in the end the rapper always bones). There’s also the “I’m the most dangerous emcee” song. Pretty much all of it is here, for what its worth.

Sergio himself sounds like a cross between a young L.L. Cool J (think “I Need Love” L.L.) and a young Chris Rock (Think I’m Gonna Git You Sucka). That’s kinda worth a listen on it’s own. The beats have a lot of the things that a hip hopper/crate digger would know right of the bat. This isn’t a good or a bad thing. I guess that’s the biggest problem with this album. Nothing really stands out. The skirt chasing antics of “Sarrona” are amusing, the club song “Here We Go Again” is entertaining for all the wrong reasons. Other high notes include “Nothing But The Money”, a set of cautionary tales about being obsessed with money, “Your My Opponent” and “Self Destruct”. However, the ideas and concepts on these songs have all been done somewhere else…and more effectively at that.

As we know though, everything isn’t for everybody. If your looking for a straight classic you won’t find it with MC Sergio, but if you’re a hip-hopper that loves the late 80′s sound you may just find something to love here.

1. Sarrona
2. The Journalist
3. Wanted Dead Or Alive
4. Here We Go Again
5. Nothin’ But The Money
6. Makin A Killin’
7. No Half Steppin
8. Your My Oppnent
9. In The Name Of Love
10. Self Destruct

I give it a 2 1/2 stars out of 4. Or…I would if i had a rating system, some star stickers or something. But you guys came this far with me…use your imaginations! Concentrate! You can see them can’t you?? The staaaaaars-


Yea. Me neither.


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Anonymous August 24, 2009 at 9:17 pm

just thought you would like to hear from the horses mouth. I was suprised to even find my shit on the web. thanks for the honest review of my brief 15 min of fame back in the day. to be honest with you, the production from what was first made to what Idlers put on wax was far from what I originally created. I was so pissed off with the final product that I no longer continued to rap….that is the reason for the vanishing act. MC SERGIO… but I will be back in the ATL….

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