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The Soul Occs – Swing Through

by DJSoulClap on July 29, 2009

People have been asking over and over again when the album will be coming… Due to personal reasons I didn’t have any time within the last year to mix the album or even get it mixed, but now that the exams are over I will work on it. It’s the first time in 1 1/2 years that I actually have some free time.

I’m giving away the summer hit from the album called “Swing Through”. It has a happy, soulful BBQ vibe, and I’m sure y’all will dig it.

I’m sorry for not posting that much within the last months. I will also care about that in the next weeks. I’m working on some topics that go more deeply into the music and culture, and also some off-topic posts. We need to get some more discussions going on here! I hope everyone has been well! You know I love y’all!

Peace, Clap

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