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Free Album: Charlie Smarts – F'Alex

by Travis on July 31, 2009

I was excited to see this, a solo album from Charlie Smarts. For those of you in the know, you know that Charlie is part of WYDU favs, Kooley High, a group that I’ve been pushing since the first time I’ve heard them. I don’t know if I’d call Charlie the lead man of Kooley, but he is rather prominent in the groups personality and is seen out on the blogosphere quite a bit. I haven’t had the chance to listen to the album just yet, but I’m ready to throw it on the iPod tonight and give it a listen. Oh yeah, and it’s free, so no excuses for not checking it out. If you are lacking hard drive space, delete something…. -Trav

Charlie Smarts - F’Alex Zshare (Full Album)

Track Listing:
01. Charlie and the Shrink
02. Medicine
03. Well Done
04. My Baby
05. Lovin’ Me
06. Ms. America
07. Where You Are feat. HaLo & Tab-One
08. Put You On
09. Anatomy
10. Out Of This World
11. Fly
12. Bonanza
13. The Exit
14. Starbucks
15. Mr. Nobody (Bonus)

This joint is the the first release in the “Kool Summer” of 2009. Charlie Smarts of Kooley High is the first of the three emcees that make up the NC collective to put out a project. F’Alex will be followed by Tab One’s “Tabloids” in August and Rapsody’s “Return of The B-Girl” after that.

A bit more about the project….

F’Alex is the coming out party for Charlie Smarts, although amazing together Charlie (whose real name is “Alex Thompson”) shows that the emcees of Kooley High can shine just as bright when doing their own thing. F’Alex is a fun, upbeat, yet introspective album that is a journey through love & relationships both sexual and otherwise through Charlie’s eyes. The title “F’Alex” which stands for “F*&%k Alex” is a play on words in that it represents the sexual “phallic” and also an allusion to his experince in the rap game due to the fact that people either want to fuck with Alex or they say “Fuck Alex!”. Production is provided by the production team of Kooley High’s Tom Foolery and Sinopsis with some assistance from others as well.

Single: Charlie Smarts- Well Done (Prod. By Tom Foolery)

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