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Part Two of UGHH Interview with Eyedea

by Travis on August 12, 2009

Eyedea – Interview Pt. 2 (At Rock The Bells – Columbia, MD – 7/12/09)

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Video Summary:
Part 2 of 2: Rock The Bells 2009!!! Eyedea discusses the identity crisis he faced touring the country with Atmosphere at age 17. Referred to by Slug as a child prodigy, he discusses the book he co-wrote with Abilities’ brother Derek before finishing high school: the main character having spawned his alias Oliver Heart. Heartbreak, addiction, death, regret and… dealing shrooms to his boss back when he worked as a medical records clerk form the underpinnings of a life Eyedea claims to be book worthy. Will there be an Eyedea autobiography in the near future? Check out the new album “By The Throat” at

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