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The Colorado Rap Report Presents: The Songs of The Colorado Rap Report Vol 3

by Travis on September 17, 2009

Brand new 18 track compilation of nothing but Colorado Hip-Hop Music. Those of you that are a long time follower of the blog, know that this blog was started in Denver, Colorado. A place that I still hold near and dear to my heart. I loved Denver, I loved the culture, the people, the music, everything it had to offer. I wish I was still living there. One thing I never got into too much was the local scene. It wasn’t until after I moved out of the area that I started to get in contact with artists like Kid Hum, Whygee and Sunkenstate. The more Colorado music I’m exposed to, the more I want to hear more and the gang at Colorado Rap Report blog always help me out. Here is the newest volume of Colorado hip hop - Trav

Presenting to you the 3rd installment of our Songs Of The Colorado Rap Report compilation series.

For those of you unfamiliar with the series, these are compilations of the best of the newest Colorado Hip Hop. It is incredibly varied and represents different aspects of our scene and what not. But it all meets with our personal standards here at The Report.

If you get a chance to skim through it and you enjoy the compilation please help spread the word and share it with some people…

Also If you would like to aquire Vol.1, ot Vol.2 give us a shout.


1. 3 The Hardway ft. Rakaa Iriscience “Truth”
2. B Blacc “Clap”
3. Concept Oner “Got What You Need”
4. Deca “White China”
5. Deca “Movement”
6. Diamond Boiz “The Vista (I Got Mine)”
7. Dyalekt ft. Lil Ceej “Polish My Wings”
8. Es Nine “For Granted”
9. Es Nine “Carnival Ride”
10. Infinite Mindz ft. Nation “Money”
11. Innerstate Ike “Colorado Rockies Hat”
12. Karma & F.O.E. “Perfect Timing”
13. Karma & F.O.E. “Tic Toc”
14. Mr. J Medeiros “Holding On”
15. Sid Fly “Twistin Up”
16. Sunkenstate & Naeem Oba ft. Goodknight “Keep It”
17. Sunkenstate “Defeciency”
18. The Main Course ft. Joulz IL “Be Easy”
19. The Reminders “Outside My Window”
20. Xperiment & DJ Idull ft. Bionik Brown “The DJ in 2023″
21. Whygee & Sunkenstate ft. Gyp Da Hipp “Druggernaut”
22. Whygee & Sunkenstate ft. Naeem Oba, Charley Brand, Kid Hum “In A Rut”


Hit us up if you have any question about any of the music.

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