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Various Monday…

by Travis on September 28, 2009

It’s a little after 10pm Sunday night and to be honest, this is the first time all weekend I’ve had a chance to sit down and write out a post. Basically it’s not going to be much of a post at all, rather me just tossing up some random albums with the “various artists” tag. Compilations of sorts. I’m not always the biggest fan of the “various artists” projects, but there have been some good, or at least interesting ones, that have seen the light of day. Here are a handful of decent ones….

1 Tall Dark & Handsome – The Bronx Is Back (4:44)
2 Cold Crush Brothers – Feel The Horns (2:40)
3 Cold City Crew – Nothing Like Hip Hop Music (3:32)
4 Money Earning Crew – Stars Are Shining (4:04)
5 Frozen Explosion – Cold Kickin’ (5:08)
6 Michael G – Bassman (4:26)
7 J.V.C. F.O.R.C.E. – The Force Is The Boss (4:50)
8 Busy Boy – Classical (3:57)
9 Levi 167 – Something Fresh To Swing To (4:02)
10 5 Star Moet – In Full Effect (3:50)

1 Raw Corp. Real Def
Producer – Spyder-D
2 Brick House Boys, The Brick House
Producer – Brick House Boys, The
3 R.P. Cola Dirty Dance
Producer – R.P. Cola
4 Sparky D Sparky’s Back
Producer – Sparky D
5 Malibu & Storm Immu-Lator
Producer – Malibu & Storm
6 Cold Crush Brothers The Bronx
Producer – TK (2)
7 Pazazzz Hold It
Producer – Bill Smith (2)
8 R.P. Cola Telling You Something Good
Producer – R.P. Cola
9 Royal Destruction Cold Blooded Rappers
Producer – Royal Destruction
10 Shame (3) Bronx Bounce
Producer – Michael “Miracle Mike” Carriel

A1 Davy DMX Davy’s Midnight Ride
Producer – Davy DMX
A2 Charlie Chase We’re Gonna Need A Little Scratch
Producer – Aaron Fuchs
A3 AJ Scratch Get Get Get It Now
Producer – Aaron Fuchs
A4 Spoonie Gee Street Beats
Mixed By – Marley Marl
B1 Master O.C. & Krazy Eddie Masters Of The Scratch
Producer – Dave Ogrin , O.C. Rodriguez
B2 Marley Marl The Man Marley Marl
Producer – Aaron Fuchs
B3 Beatboxmaster Quick Scratch Attack
Producer – Aaron Fuchs
B4 Phantom Rock Be Bop Beats
Mixed By – Marley Marl
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Anonymous September 29, 2009 at 12:26 am

Wow I had been listening to BDP's By ANy Means… all weekend and Kris was dissin B-boy records heavy on that record! This is dope! Good lookin!

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