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Inbox Goodies

by Travis on October 1, 2009

What’s good boys and girls? I’m writing this on my deathbed as it seems I’ve been stricken by some kind of viral bug that has me down but not out, at least not yet. First off, I wanted to announce the start to some changes that are going to be happening around here. As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been strapped for time and it’s affected the quality of the blog. At least it’s drop below the standards I expect of myself and the site. I thought really seriously about just shutting WYDU down and ride off into the sunset or at the very least hook up with another site that I’ve had some offers to work with. Instead, I’m going to give it another “hurrah” and bring on a couple of good people to help with the site a little more. If nothing else, help with some of the day to day stuff and let me concentrate on the bigger type posts that made this site what was in it’s earlier days as well as more interviews and promote the site to a larger audience. I’ll give the two a proper introduction once we iron out a few remaining details.

Also, we will be having a new CONTACT Address…

We’ll be updating all the contact links.

Bloggers Choice

UllNevaNo – UllNevaunderstandLogic

The second leak from the upcoming mixtape “The Color Purple” from UllNevaNo, to be presented by WYDU. My man UllNevaNo takes some of the dope instrumentals found on the “Color” series done by none other than Evidence and makes his own twists on them. Dope beats and dope rhymes. Be on the look out for it VERY SOON!!!

UllNevaNo feat Logic Marsalis – UllNevaunderstandLogic


Reason – Dead T-Shirts Prod By Falside

Of course I have to represent for my boys from Providence, RI. Reason is part of Poorly Drawn People, that four man group of himself, Storm Davis, Dox, an Sterbyrock. Reason has attitude and passion with a plucky spirit, or something like that. The track is produced by another up and coming producer that is closely related to PDP, Falside. He’s a producer who you’ll be seeing more of on WYDU in the near future (I swear Falside…haha) – Trav

Falside, the acclaimed east coast beatsmith with production credits including C-Rayz Walz, Vast Aire (Cannibal Ox), El Da Sensei (The Artifacts), Pacewon (The Outsidaz), Reef the Lost Cauze (Army of the Pharoahs) and others has teamed up with one of Providence’s premier wordsmith’s, Reason. Reason, a member of the hip hop collective, Poorly Drawn People, has been a stand out and contributing element to new age independent hip hop crusade.

In anticipation of his newly announced remix sampler, “Five Finger Discount“, Falside releases the first single from the free project. “Dead T-Shirts” featuring Reason is an Indy hip hop fusion blend that erases the line seperating preference of any genre. Download your free copy of the acclaimed single as well as the instrumental below. Falside’s “Five Finger Discount” will be another addition to his free digital download series, and the release date will be announced soon.

For more information please visit or

Download Link


DJ Manipulator - A Salute To Roc & SupamanKillaz – Green Rocks

Another tribute to Roc Raida, obviously the man’s legacy is something that is legendary. Of course DJ Manipulator is part of another crew that we support whole heartedly here on WYDU, the Social Light Sounds crew. You know this has to be good….

The second project comes from the SLS affiliates, SupamanKillaz. It was recommended directly from
SLS co-founder EtheReal, and knowing his tastes in music, it’s gotta be good.

- Trav

On September 19th we lost one of the most talented, influential, and inspirational DJ’s of all time. Roc Raida of the X-Ecutioners. He was such a huge influence on me and the way I approached DJing. I remember when I was starting out in high school I used to watch his and the rest of the X-Men’s routines on DMC dvds over and over again, studying his body tricks(which i still cant do to this day),and the way he would juggle the records. It was incredible to watch him. You could tell the he was really dedicated to his craft. So I took sometime out to send a salute to the legend cause he inspired me to do what I do on the tables today. Rest in Peace Roc Raida, your contribution to the artform will never be forgotten.

-DJ Manipulator


It always amazes me how much good music is really out there and how many really talented people never get the respect that they deserve. With that being said, today I received and email from my brother Zmo from my home state of Virginia. In the email I was presented with his very long awaited an anticipated Supamankillaz project “Green Rocks”. A collabo joint with UK Dj/producer Dj Krypotnite. This project has been in the works for a while, so I was very eager to give it a listen.

Its a release thats sure to quench the thirst of any true school hip hop head. Witty sharp Punch-lines that will have the listener saying to him/herself “I wish I’d thought of that!” Krypto’s production is sure to please even the hardest of hiphop critics. Very well placed dialogue from an old Super-man peter pan record (that i had as a kid) ties the project together.

I give this release an A-. It will leave the listener’s hunger for good rap music very satisfied. One thing that I really like is the fact that the record is short and sweet, 8 tracks total. In todays fast pace over saturated musical landscape an album with 16 plus tracks to me, is over kill. Hit ‘em hard and leave ‘em lusting for more. Well done gentlemen. Link below enjoy!

Yohon DI


Boondak Syndicate - Break Ya Neck ft Killer Mike Prod by MIDIMarc

My man MIDIMarc sent this joint to me exclusively. It might be a little more “southern” than most of the music found on WYDU, but I do like some raw south sound when it’s done right, and this is done right. It’s a group that MIDI is working with out of his home state of South Carolina and it features Dungeon Family favorite, Killer Mike….

Mixtapes, EPs, Free Albums….

Moeses Soulright The 2nd “Porches Corners Streetlights” Free Album Download

In Anticipation Of “The Delicatessen” (in stores soon)

Young Moe(aka Moeses Soulright The 2nd) brings you a collection of tracks done between 2001 and 2007 that we’re going to go unreleased. Boom-bap basement hip hop in the truest sense. Equipment propped on a broken table. Broken windows boarded up with cardboard, the outside noise only adding to the raw gutter vibe. One speaker, no headphones. Empty bottles and gutted swishers. Fuck it…here you go

Jedi Nemesis – Eureka Mixtape

Name: Jedi Nemesis
Birthday: Nov 15th
Hometown: Miami, FL(Liberty City)
Twitter: @JediNemesis_
Youtube Channel:
Influences: Mos Def, Bone Thugs & Harmony, Jay Z

First Began Rap: Age 11

Aspirations as an artist: To bring creativity and lyricism to the Miami Hip Hop scene by sharing a dedication for delivering quality content and performances that will live beyond himself. To aim to become a better artist everyday, one that can contribute to a beautiful change in hiphop.

With the Hot Joint “Report Card” Newly featured on Coast2Coastmixtapes Vol. 27
Report Card


Eureka Mixtape Download

Jedi Nemesis, a hiphop lyricist from the Liberty City area of Miami, FL is a person on to himself. Nemesis, the evolved Scorpio man left the baggage of a tough life behind with much remaining street creditability to his name. As a hiphop artist with intellect through self learning and independent readings combined with street smarts, he has managed to bring those two worlds to coexist harmoniously socially and musically. Jedi Nemesis is no stranger to being behind bars as he fought a life sentence nearly a year ago. He removed those bars mentally and physically as he expresses on his Eureka mixtape track titled “No Bars”. Nemesis talent is undeniable and authentic with no contribution to the over saturation.


Diamond District Mini Documentary

Diamond District Mini Documentary from Diamond District on Vimeo.

In anticipation of the official release of their forthcoming debut effort, In The Ruff, the trio of Oddisee, X.O., andYU, collectively making up the group Diamond District, take some time out from their day to break down the boundaries that define the area where the group was born and raised – the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia). From a bird’s eye view, Oddisee points over the bridge to where he grew up in Maryland and X.O. and yU show us where our nation’s capital lies on the northwest corner. Diamond District is essentially standing at the crossroads of the DMV, and even more important than their geographic location is the mind state and way of life that comes from living at that intersection. As the video progresses, each member brings us a little deeper into their worlds. X.O. explains how the movement began in DC and slowly spilled over into Maryland and Virginia; YU brings us into his friend’s apartment where he delivers a flow packed with cleverness and slick delivery; Oddisee brings us into his modest home studio where he shows us that you don’t need a lavish setup to create head-nodding beats that we are accustomed to hearing from the boom-bap beat-smith. And with each segment you leave with more insight than you came with, as the trio drops knowledge, both individually and collectively. Diamond District’s In The Ruff will be available October 27th via Mello Music Group.

Black Vs. Bleek

“BLACK VS BLEEK” from Burnt Berry Music on Vimeo.

The ‘Nothing Lesser’ EP from Maspyke emcee Tableek, produced entirely by Finnish beatsmith Juuso, drops TODAY, September 24th, via digital retailers like iTunes, Rhapsody and Amazon!

Here’s the MP3 and video, via Vimeo and YouTube, for the first single, “Black vs Bleek,” featuring new Brick Records artist Blacastan

Tableek “Black vs Bleek” feat. Blacastan (.MP3)


Debilorithmicos – I’m Out feat Cyne

This is a video from a production duo residing out of Barcelona, Spain going by the name of Debilorithmicos. It’s called “I’m Out” and features Cyne. I have to say I’m really digging this track a lot. I haven’t heard of Debilorithmicos, but I’ll say this, I’d like to hear more. Oh yeah, the video is pretty damn dope as well. Do yourself a favor and give a listen….

Debilorithmicos “I’m Out” feat. CYNE from El Chavo on Vimeo.


Roc Raida Time Lapse Tribute

You normally only receive emails from me when I’m promoting myself or something I’m involved in (Web’s Great I.D.e.A mixtape will be in your inbox tomorrow morning by the way.. hahaha). But my homie Joe “Masaro” Gianoglio sent me this time lapse video he did in tribute to Roc Raida yesterday and it’s in my opinion one of the best tribute videos I’ve ever seen. Joe is an incredible artist who I’ve had the privelage of calling a friend for the past few years. Click the link below and watch a time lapse video of a sketch Joe did in tribute to one of the greatest DJ’s to ever touch the wheels of steel. RIP GRANDMASTER ROC RAIDA!


Bekay – The Making of “Torture Chamber”

Bekay – The Making of “Torture Chamber” (prod. by Detroit Red) from Coalmine Records on Vimeo.

Bekay – The Road To Hunger Pains (Part 2)

On part 2 of Bekay’s ‘Road To Hunger Pains’, Bekay joins forces with Grind Time battle champ Swave Sevah and heavy weight producer Detroit Red (“Man Down”, 50 Cent) to craft the making of “Torture Chamber”, which you can download here. “Torture Chamber” is the bonus track on the re-release of Bekay’s Rawkus 50 album which drops Sept. 1st. The re-release also combines the three remixes from M-Phazes, Domingo & Twice As Nice that were featured on The Horror Flick Remix EP. Stay tuned for Bekay’s first single “Brooklyn Bridge” feat. Masta Ace (prod. by DJ Babu) dropping next Tues. from his long awaited album “Hunger Pains” dropping Oct. 13th!!

Download Link:


iLL-Literacy – Gentleman’s Koolade

The time has come. It is with the excitement of a teenaged jackrabbit that, after 4 years of touring as a performance arts collective, we, iLL-Literacy, make our anxiously-awaited recorded debut. And our anxiousness has been supple and thick enough for the whole galaxy to share in the anticipation batter, canyadigit?

Insofar as the irony of “retro-futurist 80s rebel pop” was too overwhelming to recreate in sound or iconography, the band known as iLL-Literacy has either speciously or insightfully (maybe both) opted for sample-inspired, base-driven electric gospel funk in the form of their new single, “Gentleman’s Kool-Aid.” The soymilkbuttasmooth lead track from their debut project iB4the1.1 is both a reflection on the warped and often glennbeckianized historical narratives of what it means to be a “gentleman”, and perhaps a confession of the fragile ecology of male ego. Let’s call it pollution of the Egology, otherwise known as “drinking thine own Kool-Aid.”

So find yourself a glass of the good red stuff, and engage in some communion with us. Gentleman’s Kool-Aid. You might see heaven’s gate.

Your free download awaits you at

The composition in conversation features the soulful repository of Hi-Life drummer Rufus Redbone’s southern drawling voice, Billy Hi-Life’s bangtastic bass, and guestspots from former iLL-Literette Ruby and Hella U’s Glenda Mac. The track is a refreshing patchwork of vocal talent and live instrumentation organized by precocious new comers Dahlak and Ada Clock.

Drizzletron, Dahlak & N.I.C = iLL-Literacy


Sav Killz feat Spit Supreme – Hoodlums & Crooks (Prod By Paul Mighty)

Dope, dope, dope!!! - Trav

Sav Killz ft. Spit SupremeHoodlums & Crooks (Produced by Paul Mighty)

Dirty - Click Here

Clean – Click Here

from Sav Killz - “Scratchin The Surface “ – Coming soon

Shout out to DJ Premier for playing this song on

For more info on Sav Killz go to

for Spit Supreme go to


V.S. – Things Are Changing (Prod. By RADA Tha Rebeliouz)

RADA Tha Rebeliouz – a dope producer, who is now in a position to share a joint I think you will enjoy…it was world-premiered on DJ Scratch’s “Please Listen To My Demo” show last night and was extremely well-received. A link, photo and info is included below, thanks for any support you can offer through your sites. Let’s offer some balance to the fans of underground hip-hop, who know sometimes you have to dig below the surface to find the gems. Peace & respect! Please feel free to share openly.

V.S. – Things Are Changing (Prod. By RADA Tha Rebeliouz)


RADA Tha RebeliouZ


MC Lyte – The Block

This leak is from MC Lyte’s forthcoming mix-CD, Floor Boards, which is an basement flavor assimilation of a handful of tracks Lyte has been working on that won’t be on her upcoming solo-LP, which is slated to drop in the 1Q of 2010.


New Exclusive Mike Schpitz aka LoveJones: Sucka MCs Remix featuring Tona and Adullessence

With the video for Sucka MCs just two weeks away, The League of Ordinary Gentlemen join me on the remix of Sucka MCs. The first verse is from Toronto, Canada’s own, Tona. He came fresh off his album, Direct Deposit with Lyve to drop bless the remix and represent the Toronto. Adullessence from Topeka, Kansas by way of NY joins me for a second time and blesses the third verse. For those unfamiliar with The League of Ordinary Gentlemen, it is comprised of myself, Mike Schpitz aka LoveJones, Adullessence from Kansas, Dre Day from Texas, Tona from Toronto and Add-2 from Chicago. Both the Sucka MCs Remix and The Get Up Remix will be featured on the Itunes version of my debut album, the video for Sucka MCs is directed by Tori Boyd and will be release October 13th.

Sucka MCs Remix featuring Tona and Adullessence

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