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The Little Brother Show

by Travis on October 2, 2009

I’ve just posted on my site a new CD for download, a remix tape called ‘THE LITTLE BROTHER SHOW’, a 9 track remix EP featuring my re-works of tracks by or featuring Phonte, Big Pooh and Little Brother. Here’s the blurb about it I put up on the site;

Ever since putting out the Diary Volume 1.5 remix tape earlier this year, I’ve been wanting to do another remix tape with a more current feel. Whilst there’s been something of a trend for producers remixing entire albums in the past few years, the truth is that there’s a very small number of modern hip hop acts who’ve genuinely inspired me, let alone ones that have published acapella albums. Little Brother, on the other hand, impress me consistently and are one of the few contemporary hip hop acts who I always check for. So I gathered together the limited acapellas that I have obtained over the years and used them (along with a few instrumental skits) to produce this 9 track remix EP. Much like Diary Volume 1.5, I’ve tried to keep the style of beats appropriate to the age the original tracks, although it’s all post-2003 material so in truth anything goes. The more recent tracks are a pretty accurate reflection of where my beat making sits right now.

I think it’s probably pretty clear from what I’ve said already, but for the avoidance of doubt, I should probably add that this is not an official Little Brother mixtape or release. It was born simply out of my search for some quality vocals to put together a coherent sounding EP and perhaps more importantly my being a fan of Little Brother. I sincerely hope it’s received that way. Anyway, enough from me – I hope you enjoy the show!

Vocal and instrumental versions of the EP are available for free download from the Music of Substance downloads page;

… or you can download the vocal version direct via RAPIDSHARE using the following link;
Artwork is attached and tracklist appears below;
1 – The Little Brother Show (Intro)
2 – Little Brother featuring Carlitta Durand – Life of the Party (Chris Read Remix)
3 – Big Pooh – Strongest Man (Chris Read Remix)
4 – The Download (Interlude 1)
5 – Darien Brockington featuring Little Brother – I Need You (Chris Read Remix)
6 – Little Brother – Whatever You Say (Chris Read Remix)
7 – The Tour Life (Interlude 2)
8 – Little Brother – The Way You Do It (Chris Read Remix)
9 – Hope You Enjoyed The Show (Outro)
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