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WYDU Presents The Guest of Honor: Slug & Masta Ace

by Travis on October 6, 2009

By now, you’ve met two or the three new people we have here on WYDU. Owen (O-Snap) is helping with some behind the scenes things and tossing up some posts. He posted the PDA post on Friday along with the Souls of Mischief post. Then my man BC, who I’ve been cool with for awhile now and is part of the fam (masta ace) that is basically the main reason for the exsistence of this blog to begin with. BC is an old school head that is sure to bring back some of that old school loving which we always need more of. You’ll meet Sean here this week hopefully. They are the dudes helping me while I try to scale back a bit more and enjoy life, while also trying to move the blog forward some more. So drop a line and welcome them aboard if you have the chance….

I stayed home last week sick with the flu (yes, it was the swine flu, at least I don’t have to worry about it again), and got a little bored. When I get bored, I do a few things; of course there is Madden, but I can only play so long. I can write, which I did some of, mostly some interview questions and transcribing a couple that I’ve been meaning to do for waaaaay too long. I also tagged some mp3s and keep plugging away on the seemingly never ending task of cataloging my music collection. But after all that, I still make “mixtapes”, or I guess they would be classified as “playlists” these days, since it’ll probably never see a tape or a CD for that matter, but it’ll be on the iPod.

What did I come up with you ask? Actually, I started this little project strictly for myself and my personal enjoyment with no intention of ever putting it up on WYDU. I also started the original one earlier in the year, when one of my favorite artists, Slug of Atmosphere, was starting to pop up as a guest artist on several projects this year. I hadn’t added any tracks to the five or six I had in there already and decided I needed to catch up with his recent guest appearances. But before I had the chance to do that, I started throwing some Masta Ace guest shots in a folder as well. We all know that I’m a virtual Ace “stan”, and he has been popping up on several projects the past couple years. I started tossing tracks in folder and decided I’d go back to the year 2007 and realized Ace has had his share of guest appearances the past couple years. Once I got all the tracks that I could recall and find, I had a rather nice collection of Ace tracks. I then did the same for Slug, from the year 2007 until present. Being the sharing guy that I am, I thought if I liked this and wanted this kind of thing, surely two or three of you out there would enjoy this as well. And “BOOM”, here we are.

WYDU Presents Masta Ace: The Guest of Honor (2007-2009)

01 Marco PoloNostaligia ft. Masta Ace
From: Marco PoloPort Authority (2007)

02 Bekay - Brooklyn Bridge ft. Masta Ace
From: BekayHunger Pains (2009)

03 Marco Polo and Torae - Hold Up ft. Masta Ace and Sean Price
From: Marco Polo & ToroeDouble Barrell (2009)

04 Wu Tang Clan - Kill Too Hard ft. Inspectah Deck, U-God and Masta Ace
From: Wu-Tang ClanChamber Music (2009)

05 WildchildThe League ft. Special Ed, Masta Ace, Percee P, MC Lyte
From: WildchildJack of All Trades (2007)

06 DJ KOLadder of Success ft. Masta Ace, Phonte and Wordsworth
From: DJ K.O. - Picture This… (2008)

07 Rise and The Avid Record CollectorWRA Cypher ft. Wordsworth & Masta Ace
From: Rise & The Avid Record Collector - Risen (2009)

08 Iller Than TheirsThe Same ft. Masta Ace
From: Iller Than TheirsIller Than Theirs (2007)

09 The ProblemaddictsHurting ft. Masta Ace
From: The Problemaddicts - The First Step (2007) & The Guest List (2009)

10 Masta Ace - The Start of Things ft. Minus
From: Masta AceHits U Missed Vol. 5 (2008)*

11 Scribbling Idiots - Told You So ft. Masta Ace
From: The Scribbling IdiotsThe Have Nots (2007)

12 NefewAdmit It ft. Wordsworth and Masta Ace
From: NefewOff The Cuff (2007)

13 Tommy TeeWhat Is It ft. Masta Ace
From: Tommy Tee - No Studio No Time: The Wait (2007)

14 Masta AceTwos And Threes
From: The Sound Chronicles Vol 1 (2007)

15 Copperpot - Art of Rap ft. Masta Ace and Edo G
From: Copperpot - WYLA? (2007)

16 MC Esoteric - Aces Take ft. Masta Ace
From: MC Esoteric - Saving Seamus Ryan (2009)

17 The FunkoarsThis Is How ft. Masta Ace
From: The Funkoars - The Hangover (2008)

18 DJ JS-1 - I Knew A Girl ft. Masta Ace, Punchline, Wordsworth, Strick
From: DJ JS-1No Sellout (2009)

19 Dragon Fli Empire - Rise ft. Masta Ace
From: Dragon Fli Empire - Redefine (2008)

20 Master AceRevolutions Bout To Start
From: Top Shelf 8/8/88 (2007)

21 WildchildThe League Remix ft. Special Ed, Masta Ace, Percee P, MC Lyte
From: WildchildJack of All Trades (2007)

*Not sure of the original source

WYDU Presents Slug: The Guest of Honor (Guest Appearances 2007-2009)

01 Domingo - Fuck You Mean ft. PackFM, Slug, & Brother Ali
From: DomingoThe Underrated (2007)

02 The Grouch & ElighBoom ft. Slug
From: The Grouch & ElighSay G&E (2009)

03 Luckyiam.PSCBorrowedtime ft. Slug and Aesop Rock
From: Luckyiam.PSCMost Likely To Succeed (2007)

04 CunninLynguists - Don’t Leave ft. Slug
From: Cunninlynguists - Strange Journey Vol. 1 (2009)

05 C Rayz WalzIn Your Soul ft. Slug, Samuel & Sum In 16
From: C Ryaz Walz - Who The F%@* Are You? (2009)

06 KRS-One and BuckshotWe Made It ft. Slug
From: Krs-One & Buckshot - Survival Skills (2009)

07 Jake One - Oh Really ft. Posdnuos and Slug
From: Jake OneWhite Van Music (2008)

08 Evidence - Line Of Scrimmage ft. Slug
From: Evidence - The Weatherman LP (2007)

09 BK-OneBlood Drive ft. Slug
From: BK-OneRadio Do Canibal (2009)

10 Aesop Fables - Moving at the Speed of Life ft. Slug
From: Aesop FablesLiving The Dream While Awake (2009)

11 Eligh & Jo Wilkinson - Safe ft. Slug & Pigeon John
From: Eligh & Jo Wilkinson - On Sacred Ground (2009)

12 Brother Ali - The Believers ft. Slug
From: Brother Ali - The Truth Is Here EP (2009)

13 Z-TripOn My Side ft. Lateef and Slug
From: Z-TripAll Pro (2007)

14 Hangar 18 - Dance With Me ft. Slug
From: Hangar 18 - Sweep The Leg (2007)

15 Themselves - The Medicine ft. Slug
From: Themselves - TheFREEhoudini (2009)

16 MF DoomSupervillainz ft. Slug, Kurious, and Mobionix
From: MF DOOMBorn Like This (2009)

17 GrayskulThe Office ft. Slug and Aseop Rock
From: GraySkul - Bloody Radio (2007)

18 BK-OneGititit ft. Slug and Brother Ali
From: BK-OneRadio Do Canibal (2009)

19 Mac Lethal - H Overtkill ft. Slug
From: ????

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juicecrew4ever October 6, 2009 at 3:14 pm

hey,what's up fellow ace fan,thanx for this collection,there's 2 tracks which i haven't got so i'm very grateful for the heads up(gonna start hurting ebay for copies soon).In all the years that i've followed hip hop,i don't think i've ever heard a slug track,heard of him and atmosphere but never bothered with the music(shame on me,i guess),so as you've vouched for him,i'm gonna see what i've been missing(so thanx for that as well).Keep up the good work on this blog,it's one of best out there.

BHM October 6, 2009 at 4:49 pm

Great post!!! The Ace joint is a must have….I personally slept on Slug as well and this seems like a great place to start!! Much thanks!!

jrrider October 6, 2009 at 6:56 pm

Great effort here, these look tight

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