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Inbox Rocking

by OSnapple on October 15, 2009

So I was back at the task of rocking the inbox, and I came across this group from Long Island, NY, a place I called home for many years. Naturally I opened up the mail clicked the link and I was delightfully impressed.

The name of this group is Ancient Tongue. I grabbed this Bio from their Facebook page:

Ancient tongue is a Hip Hop collective of 5 musicians from Long Island, New York who create music from the roots, hearts, and minds. Bringing Hip-Hop back to its elements; The MC, the DJ, the basslines and the drum breaks, Ancient Tongue continues to create original music forged in the past, present and future. Their organic instrumentation, socially/politically/spiritually conscious lyrics, and undeniable energy have placed them on stage with such acts as KRS-One, BlackSheep, EPMD, Ill Bill (Non Phixion), Q-Unique (The Arsonists), Grandmaster Caz, RA the Ruggedman, Killer Priest (Wu-Tang), C-Rayz Wallz, Kool Herc & more and have earned them sponsorships from Element Skateboards and Genuine Artikle Clothing. Their first full length release “Time Tells Tales” combines musical elements of Hip-Hop, Dub, Electronica and Rock with the traveling tales of lyricist, Deap One. With infinate layers of rhythms and grooves, samples and scratches, similes and metaphors, Ancient Tongue is climbing from sea level to mountain top, roots to ridges with unstoppable speed and determination.

Here is their Official Music Video for “The Hard Road”

Being an Audio Video guy myself, i was quite impressed with the direction of the video. I personally know the time it took to put this video together and it shows in its flawless blends and transitions.

The music itself has some solid simple beats in my opinion, so this is definitely worth a listen, and is going to go on my need to get list.

Check out more from Ancient Tongue:
Acnient Tongue Facebook



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