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"Put it in ya' system" (Eric's Most Played) Pt. I

by Eric on October 17, 2009

1. “Young Black Male”-Pac Div

If you haven’t downloaded “Church League Champions” yet….well, then I’m pretty much speechless!  Pac Div dropped a mixtape that is more put together than most artists’ albums, straight up.  Simply put, to hell with “got next”, Pac Div got “now“.  While, I bumped “Church League Champions” like crazy the first week it dropped, it kinda’ got lost in the sauce amidst all the hype that surrounded the releases of Jay’s “Blueprint 3″ and Rae’s follow up to “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx”.  Now, “Church League..” is back in E.F.F.E.C.T. as the most recent choice cut from the album for me has shifted from “For You” to “Young Black Male”.  Yes, it may be hard for me to relate to the subject matter and content within the track, but this eloquent production is just too darn good to pass up.  With a thick bassline and goosebump-inducing keys “Young Black Male” is a perfect companion for that Sunday afternoon drive where all your worries are placed on the back-burner for a brief moment.  Don’t get it confused, some have labeled Pac Div as “hipsters”, I like to refer to them more as trendsetters…and, with output such as “Church League Champions” Pac Div is bound to burn a few trails of their own!

2. “The Opener”-Skyzoo

So, ummm…Skyzoo’s “official” debut “The Salvation” has dropped, have you copped it in store or on Itunes yet?  By the time this blog gets “posted”, (“The Salvation” actually drops today matter of fact) “The Salvation” will be the only album in recent memory that I’ve went to cop as soon as Best Buy opens it’s doors this morning.  Yes people, Skyzoo has officially dropped an album that is just that good.  One of my favorite mixtape rappers of all-time, it’s good to see that ‘Zoo didn’t fall into the trap that Uncle Murda, Corey Gunz, Red Cafe, etc. have seemed to found themselves tangled in.  “The Salvation” is filled to the rim with bangers, this album reeks of consistency..solid from start to finish.  One listen to the cinematic “The Opener” and you’ll soon see why.  Produced by Cyrus The Great this fittingly titled gem sets the tone for the remainder of the album as Skyzoo stamps the track with his signature delivery. Cop this album ASAP!!

3. “Time Machine” f. Reks-Termanology

Taken from Term’s recently released (and somewhat overlooked) continuation of his “Hood Politics” series, “Time Machine: Hood Politics VI (!)”, this self-titled cut is fueled by one of the strongest basslines that I’ve experienced this year!  One listen to this masterpiece and you’ll immediately identify the culprit, which is none other than Extra P (Large Professor).  Sounding somewhat rejuvenated, Large Pro truly succeeds in “taking it back” with a rolling bassline that shakes your intestines.  Make no mistake about it, Term’s “Time Machine: Hood Politics VI” is crazy nice, save for the last few cuts on the album (minus the Alchemist contribution “I See Dead People”).  However, tracks such as the Don Cannon-laced “Brown Paper Bag”, the Pete Rock-blessed “Hold That” make the album a definite cop. Hell, even Sheek Louch makes a noteworthy (I know, right?) appearance on the slick, “Hold Up”.

4. “The Ecology”-Fashawn

Let me be the first to go on record as saying that Fashawn’s forthcoming debut “Boy Meets World” will go down as an instant classic upon it’s proper release on the 20th of this month.  Remember Blu & Exile’s memorable debut “Below The Heavens” (of course you do, who am I kidding?), well let the comparisons ensue. One emcee (Fashawn) and one producer (the extremely talented Exile) take it back to the days of Guru and Preem or better yet, Pete Rock & CL Smooth to create a masterpiece that travels down the same pathway as the aforementioned “Below The Heavens”.  More importantly, it’s hard to believe that Exile could top his performance on his collaborative effort with Blu, but trust me when I say there’s not one throwaway track on “Boy Meets World”.   As Large Pro recently stated during an interview for a Fashawn “in store”, “this cat is young but has an old soul” (again, see Blu who also steals the scene on the soulful “Samsonite Man”) and possesses a voice that cuts the track almost effortlessly.

Yes, this week it is the pulsing “The Ecology” that has garnered the most plays on my Ipod from “Boy Meets World”, similar to the manner in which “Simply Amazin” (from “Below The Heavens) did during it’s initial leak.  Yet, much like “Below…” I can foresee a new favorite emerging each week from my new “go to” album of 2009.  Move over Finale with your “Pipe Dream And A Promise”, Fashawn and Exile have emerged from the darkness to craft an album that has rocked my week.  More to come from “Boy Meets World” later in the week as I plan on offering a proper review for the album.  Damn, this sh#t is impressive!!

5. “Better Letter”-Educated Consumers

Umm….why are you still not familiar with SeezMics and T.E.C.k.! aka D.C.’s very own Educated Consumers?  Haven’t I offered you a fair warning over the last two years? It’s been nearly three years (!) since the criminally underrated duo blessed the masses with the take it back, boom bap flavor of the ridiculously efficient “Write Hear” and nearly a year since their follow-up EP “The Waiting Room”.  Yet, when I awoke Thursday morning to the leak of “Hello Big Mama”, the duo’s new album that I had no idea was even in the works, it’s safe to say that I couldn’t transfer the album to my Ipod fast enough.  While I’ve only had the opportunity to enjoy the album twice this week (blame it on Fashawn and Exile!), from what I’ve heard thus far…I feel that the duo has one-upped “Writer Hear” without a doubt.  T.E.C.k.! remains a monster on the production tip, but it’s the quirkiness and borderline smartassedness (?) of microphone controller SeezMics that makes “Hello Big Mama” such an enjoyable ride.

One listen to the vibrant “Better Letter” and you’ll witness the maturity of T.E.C.k.’s production, not that it was lacking to begin with..but, “Better Letter” is more sonically-infused than much of Educated Consumers’ past work.  Again though, it’s SeezMics who murders not only this track but much of “Hello Big Mama” as well.  I’ve never personally met dude in my life, but judging from his delivery and conversational flow Seez just seems like a laid-back, in control, cool ass cat that doesn’t sweat the everday bullsh*t.  “Hello Big Mama” could go down as one of the underground’s best when all the smoke clears in 2009.  Again, keepin’ it simple…One MC and One DJ still works as noticed with the duo and Fashawn and Exile.

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thadeacon October 17, 2009 at 1:51 pm

Well done… “Time Machine” is soooo dope off the Term joint. I get chills and feels like 95 all over again when hearin that joint…

Eric October 18, 2009 at 12:27 am

Sorry about that RandyG…gotcha’ fixed up now, check the link….

RandyG October 17, 2009 at 7:05 pm

Your link to “Better Letter”-Educated Consumers actually leads to Fashawn’s Ecology. I don’t mind listening to that song again, but wanted to check out Educated Consumers because I never heard of them.

Looking forward to Boy Meets World. Nice post.

RandyG October 18, 2009 at 10:10 pm

Good lookin’ out

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