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Hip-Hop Soundtracks Pt. 3

by BC on October 19, 2009

Part 3 y’all. In my opinion, these should be getting better, so hopefully you enjoy the three soundtracks below.

Ride – 1998

This is another movie that I have never seen. I don’t even know what this is about, so I’ll look it up real quick. I’m guessing something to do with cars.

Okay, I was wrong. It was about a bunch of people taking a bus trip from Harlem to Miami, according to IMDB. Here are the plot keywords from IMDB: Fart Scene, Flatulence, One Word Title, Hip-Hop, Independent Film. Sticky Fingaz is in it.

The cover is similar to what High School High and Street Fighter did, just a generic looking cover, I assume this is to distance the soundtrack from the crap movie.

1)The Weekend – Dave Hollister feat. Redman and Erick Sermon – I love the emcee’s on this track, but overall, I’m not a huge fan of the song.

2) The Worst – Wu-Tang and Onyx – I like this song and especially dig the ODB hook.

3) Blood Money, Pt. 2 – Noreaga feat. Nas and Nature – I think the chorus is underwhelming, but overall it’s a good track.

4) Outta Sight – Rufus Blaq – I was a fan of this track when I got this soundtrack. I ended up buying the Rufus Blaq LP, but I barely even listened to it. The late 90’s weren’t always a good time for hip-hop. This is about the time my focus on hip-hop went from major label artists to primarily independent.

5) Soldier Funk – Mia X feat. Fiend and Mac – If you were into No Limit crap, then you may like this.

6) The Game – Mack 10, Big Mike and DJ U-Neek feat. EWF – This song is decent.

7) The Symptoms – Black Ceasar – Generic funk track.

8) Feels So Good – Eastsiders feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg – To me, this is another generic funk track w/ an r&b chorus. There were about 4-5 sounds (or noises) that were in most funk tracks and this has at least 3 of those. One of those sounds is at about 12 seconds in if you want to know what I’m talking about.

9) Mourn You Til I Join You – Naughty By Nature – This is Treach’s song about the death of 2Pac.

10) Jam On It – Cardan feat. Jermaine Dupri – Always hated Jermaine Dupri myself. He’s still a better MC than Puffy though, but that’s not saying much.

11) Higher – Sexions – I think this song is decent, maybe it’s the samples.

12) Callin’ – Amari – No.

13) Why – Eric Benet and The Roots – This is a real soulful track and one of the few r&b songs from these soundtracks that I enjoy. I kind of liked Eric Benet until he punked out and wanted spousal support from Halle Berry after they split.

14) No One – Somethin’ For the People feat. Trina and Tamara – Nope.

15) Can’t Get Enough – Raphael Saadiq feat. Willie Max – I like Raphael Siddiq, but this is not a good song. Again, I hate generic beat machine r&b and that’s what this is. Buy Saadiq’s last album, that’s worth the money.

16) Never Say Goodbye – Adriana Evans feat. Phife – Basically, all you hear is goodbye for the first 2 minutes, but I like this song. Phife has about 2 bars.

The Show – 1995

Grab It

This is a movie that I didn’t see, but that I actually wanted to see. I really should check this out sometime if I can get a hold of it. All I remember from this movie is Meth clowning on U-God for some reason. Well, and that it’s a behind the scenes concert film directed by Brian Robbins, one of the kids from Head of the Class.

I’m going to skip listing the skits, or clips. They are available in the download.

2) Live!!! – Onyx – Pretty good track from the bald heads.

4) My Block – 2Pac – Real nice Pac song produced by Easy Mo Bee. It’s still crazy how young he was when he died, especially now that I’ve long surpassed the age he was when he died.

5) What’s Up Star? – Suga – I don’t mind this track and kind of like the beat.

7) How High – Redman and Method Man – You know this song is good. You know it.

9) Everyday Thang – Bone, Thugs and Harmony – Not their best if you ask me, a guy that isn’t a huge Bone fan.

10) Everyday It Rains – Mary J. Blige – The Queen of R&B Soul! Well, I’ve never been a fan. She can sing, but early on (90s), all she did was sing over a bunch of samples that I had already heard. That’s Puffy for ya.

12) Ol’ Skool – Isaac 2 Isaac – Skip this.

13) Domino’s in the House – Domino – A couple more funk samples/sounds that were in all of the 90’s funk songs. This song is okay.

14) Summertime in the LBC – The Dove Shack – Sorry, I never liked this song and still don’t.

16) Sowhatusayin – South Central Cartel – I feel like I’m so negative, but I was never into SCC (the other Havoc and Prodigy but w/ different spelling).

17) Zoom Zooms and Wam Wam – Jayo Felony – This song starts with one of those generic funk sample/sounds. Jayo had a different type of flow, that I enjoyed sometimes. I looked him up recently and found a MySpace page and it sounds like he is half of what he used to be.

18) Droppin’ Bombz – Trey w/ So. Sentrelle – Can you tell the 90’s were owned by the West? A lot of songs sounded the same.

20) Still Can’t Fade It – Warren G Productions – This song is okay. I feel like I could sing this chorus though.

21) Papa Luv It – LL Cool J – LL catering to the ladies? What a shock.

22) Glamour and Glitz – ATCQ – One of the greatest groups in hip-hop history with another great song.

24) Kill Dem All – Kali Ranks – To me this is one of those songs you listen to when you’re in a “mood”, like one of those screw the world moods. Does it get anymore “screw the world” then kill them all? I think not.

25) Me and My Bitch (Live) – Biggie – Biggie live.

I think there’s a fair amount of filler on here, but there are some worthwhile tracks. I need to find a copy of this movie and check it out finally.

Judgement Night – 1993

Check It Out Here

I saw this movie and thought it was okay. It had Dennis Leary, Stephen Dorff, Emilio Estevez, Jeremy Piven (pre-hair plugs) and the man himself, Everlast. Basically, some dudes wander into a bad neighborhood and see something they shouldn’t have and Leary and his thugs (Everlast) give chase throughout the city to snuff them out.

Best line in the movie: “Lucy… I’m home!” – Everlast

This album was one of the first to feature rap/rock, which became popular in the late 90’s.

1)Just Another Victim – Helmet and House of Pain – This song gets good once Everlast comes in with his verse. Up to then, it’s nothing special, but then it is.

2) Fallin’ – Teenage Fan Club and De La Soul – This is a great trippy track that has De La riffing on (dissing) Daisy Dukes by Duice at the end of the song. Great song.

3) Me, Myself and My Microphone – Living Colour and Run DMC – I liked both of these groups, but they were both past their prime at this point.

4) Judgement Night – Biohazard and Onyx – These two groups seemed to fit well together. I think you’ll dig this track if you’re an Onyx fan.

5) Disorder – Slayer and Ice-T – This is another one of the tracks not worth listening to.

6) Another Body Murdered – Faith No More and Boo-Yaa Tribe – I love this song. This is the song that we put on our basketball warm-up tape that made our coach cut the music and take away our warm-up privileges for the last game senior year. I told my friend to put it on for the last game, but he said no one would notice the cursing. Anyway, it’s a great song and the backup vocals from Faith No More are great.

7) I Love you Mary Jane – Sonic youth and Cypress Hill – WHA…??? Cypress Hill and weed? I’m not into this track.

8) Freak Momma – Mudhoney and Sir-Mix-A-Lot –This is one of the more laughable songs on here.

9) Missing Link – Dinosaur Jr. and Del tha Fukee Homosapien – Another great song and a great pairing.

10) Come and Die – Therapy? And Fatal – This is a good song. I can’t remember much about that Fatal dude, but this song feels more like a metal track, but I still thought it was good.

11) Real Thing – Pearl Jam and Cypress Hill – This is the Cypress song on here that I like. Click, click, bang, bang, cause it ain’t no thang!

Overall, this album reminds me of high school. This is one of those albums that my friend’s and I listened to back in the days. While it’s not perfect, there are enough good songs on here to make this a solid to great soundtrack.

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Anonymous October 21, 2009 at 12:33 am

why is it that nearly every west coast song u post u hate on SMH typical east coast bias there are frequent samples in EAST COAST music too….

BC October 21, 2009 at 3:40 am

Yeah, samples are a part of hip-hop and I don't hate on sampling. What I have a problem with is unoriginality and I think the West had a little problem with that in the 90's. Just like the South all sounds the same to me right now (with exceptions).

That doesn't mean I hated all West coast shit. Most of these soundtracks weren't really good representations of good West coast music. Throw away songs a plenty.

I just hate trends and that was a trend in the 90's, the overuse of funk samples (there are certain sounds that must be on 100's of songs, trying to capatilize on Dre's popularity, etc.). I hate the autotune trend right now. And, despised the 80's sampling, shiney suit junk from the late 90's, mostly from East coast artists.

I'm an equal opportunity hater!

To me, hip-hop artists should be original and you'd be dissed for jacking styles back in the day. Now, there are so many artists, that some are just in it to make some fast money, best way to do that is steal.

Blacktop October 23, 2009 at 1:30 am

This is a great slept on piecework of music. Lots of good rock bands teaming up with smooth ass rhymes. Dope as fuck.

jrrider October 25, 2009 at 6:24 am

That ride soundtrack was pure ass. But damn the Wu / Onyx worst is still blazin'. The DJ will always be the backbone of hip hop music. Fuck the singin' hooks just get a concept line / bar and let the DJ do what he does. Shit is lovely.

BC October 26, 2009 at 2:48 am


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