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Paten Locke – Super Ramen Rocketship

by Travis on October 20, 2009

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means. Well, then again, maybe you don’t. Back in the old days (when we were walking uphill to school in the snow….both ways), albums were released on Tuesdays. We would go to the store and pick up the latest album that dropped. It was a big thing. In these days of internet leaks, we hear everything at least a week before it drops. It’s unfortunate, but these are the days we live in.

Today is a pretty good day as far as releases go. Cormega’s “Born & Raised”, Royce’s “Street Hop”, and even the Fashawn album, “Boy Meets World,” has gotten rave reviews from some people I tend to listen to. All these are more than likely going to be good albums, but there is one album that drops today that I KNOW is worth your hard earned money. What album is that you ask? Paten Locke’s “Super Ramen Rocketship”.

Yes, I’ve pushed Paten aka Therapy quite often on WYDU over the years, either with his two groups, The ABs or the Smile Rays or pushing his solo work most of this summer. That doesn’t take away from the greatness that is “Super Ramen…”, which is nothing but pure unadulterated hip hop. No guest appearances, no guest producers, no guest DJs, it’s all done by Paten, the lyrics, the scratches, the production. As you can imagine it makes for one incredibly cohesive project. But don’t let the word “cohesive” fool you and making you think that it’s one of those albums that you can’t distinguish one track from another. It doesn’t have that problem, with a wide variety of sounds and topics. “Auto Reverse”, a track about P’s love for cassette tapes, sounds nothing like the whirly strings and dreamy like lyrics found on “Ventilation, “ one of my favorite tracks on “Super Ramen Rocketship”.

Everything is correct on this Tres release. Very few MC’s posses Paten’s energy on the mic. He’s simply ferocious at time, taking control of the mic and just spitting hard. Other times he’s full of one liners that give the listener a chuckle or two. It’s refreshing to hear someone love to do what he is doing as much as Paten. There is fast tracks (“Ash On Em”), slow tracks (“Til Dawn”), old school tracks (“Funky Hit Record”) and new school tracks (“Wadup”). There is humor (“Just Me”) and there is seriousness (“After You”). He talks about Obama, his ex-wife, his new woman, and his daughter. He name drops Captain Lou Albino (RIP), Mike The Mouth Matisaw. You get the whole array of Paten Locke after listening to the fourteen tracks. Short, sweet and to the point.

To be completely honest, I hate doing reviews, and I don’t want this to come off as a review than more of a recommendation. I’ve played this album non stop since I acquired my promo copy almost two months ago. Not many albums can capture my attention as much as this album. If you find yourself usually liking the same music that I like, then P Locke’s “Super Ramen Rocketship” is a MUST have. You can get it on iTunes, your favorite physical product purchase place (with vinyl coming VERY soon).

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