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New Artist Spotlight: Falside

by Travis on October 26, 2009

The name Falside is a name that has been popping up on the blogosphere at an increasing rate over the past few months. The producer from Providence, Rhode Island has been making a name for himself this year and in a way, I saw it coming. I was hipped to Falside’s sound from him appearing on two of the Poorly Drawn People mixtapes, “Nothing Stays Gold” and “Shoot For The Stars, Hit The Ceiling”. He’s also down work with PDP members Storm Davis and Reason, both which are WYDU favorites. Then Storm himself told me I should be on the look out for him. Dude wasn’t wrong as Falside brings that a wide variety of sounds to the table, everything from the good ‘ole boom bap sound to some ill synths on his latest produced single for Reason.

We caught up with Falside to discuss his views on shit, his music, and why we keep featuring artists from Providence on here….

Bugs In Ya Teef

Falside presents Five Finger Discount, a remix sampler. This will be available for FREE download Wednesday, October 28th 2009. Presented by,, Leedz Edutainment, Swank Attire, Digsafe Records, and This is a 14 track compilation featuring original Falside remixes of Sean Price, Kev Brown, J-Live, B-Real (Cypress Hill), Ill Bill (La Coka Nostra), Reason, The High and Mighty and many more.

WYDU: What’s the good word? How about a quick introduction on who you are and what you do and any other vital information you may seem necessary for the nomads of the internet to know about you?

Falside: I try to eat healthy, I drink full bodied beer, I make beats, and my trade name is Falside. I’ve produced for such artists as C-Rayz Walz, Vast Aire, Reef the Lost Cauze, Poorly Drawn People, El Da Sensei, and Pacewon. I rarely witness murders and on occasion, treat myself to a nap. Until I acquire funding to live the good life, I will produce hip hop for you.

W: You hail from Rhode Island. We’ve had several artists from the RI area on the site in the past and it seems like some talent coming out of the area. How would you describe the local scene? What is the talent like there?

F: Providence has always had talent, it most definitely has talent, and it will have talent as long as the city stands. The problem is that talent getting heard on a larger-than-local scale. If you want to be heard, that is now the artists responsibility. If your dope and personable, that helps too. I am on no crusade to (yes I am about to say this) “put Providence on the map”, because it’s literally on most maps of the United States and New England area. That is a fact. I run with a talented team of good people who also happen to rap and produce in, or around this area. To be honest location has meant nothing to me and has not held me back.

W: You mentioned in some of the press material I’ve read on you that you were influenced by your dad’s taste in the music, in what kind of ways would that be?

F: Pops was a radio Dj on a relatively large southern New England rock station (9.55 WBRU) in the mid 70′s. From an early age he would play me all of his records and school me about psych rock, soul, jazz, classical, etc. This certainly molded my ear for sampling. He bought me a drum set when I was 9 and that’s what sparked all of this. I blame him!

W: Being fairly young in age, talking from some of your RI associates, they say you are pretty mature for your age, both in musical terms and in the way you handle yourself. How does being younger help and how may it hinder you?

F: I will be 21 in April, and I will still be the young guy. The only difference is not having to sneak into every bar to see shows and grab a soda. I have always surrounded myself with older individuals because that’s where I feel most comfortable. As far as maturity, I still have inconceivable amounts of learning to do. I’m just learning how handle business better as time goes on and building networking skills. This is what I do. I was programed for this. I will always enjoy expediting and sub-contracting no matter what age I am, or what trade I’m in. I don’t let my age hinder me because I look at everyday as an opportunity.

W: How do you view the hip hop game now, compared to what you know about it in the late 80′s to the mid 90′s?

F: I don’t have to tell you that things have changed. There is a progression in every genre. Fan’s adapt and artists deal with it on an individual basis. It’s your choice as to what type of music you make, and there will always be people out there who respect your craft and dig your shit. As far as the change in the hip hop culture from the 80′s to now, ain’t shit you can do about it so stop bitching and make what you want to make. Just sayin’.

W: What are your tools of the trade?

F: G-Mail, Adderall XR, Newport Cigarettes, Beamish Stout.

W: The token question that I ask all producers, where do you stand on the software vs hardware debate?

F: I could care less about what you rock. It’s all about the final production. I respect homies who rock the MPC, and I respect cats who are strictly digital. I think it’s silly to debate these things, people should really just be making beats.

W: You dropped a couple of a projects this year, can you discuss those in a bit more detail?

F: So far this year I have started a successful free digital download series. The first installment was “Subway Standards”, a six track sampler featuring Vast Aire, C-Rayz Walz, Prolyphic, Dirty Hank, Reason, and Esh the Monolith. After that came “Bugs In Ya’ Teef”, the summer beat tape installment. Nine previously unreleased instrumentals. That shit got a good buzz.

Now comes “Five Finger Discount”, the Remix project. This features original remixes of artists such as Sean Price, Kev Brown, J-Live, Thekeenone, Ill Bill, B-Real (Cypress Hill), The High and Mighty, Reason, Storm Davis, Dirty Hank, Rite Hook, Amadeus the Stampede, and Blak Madeen. You can download all of those over at my blog. But these are elementary compared to what I am currently working on.

W: You’ve worked with people as diverse as Poorly Drawn People to Vaste Aire. Who else have you worked with? Who would you like to work with in the future?

F: My production credits include Reef the Lost Cauze, Pacewon, El Da Sensei, Vast Aire, Reason and Storm Davis of Poorly Drawn People, C-Rayz Walz, Murdoc (winner of the Wake Up Show 100k Battle), Prolyphic (Strange Famous Records), new comer Dirty Hank, Audio Hustlaz’s Thekeenone out in LA, Godamus Rhyme, local favorite, Chachi, and too many others. As far as the future, I would love to work with Sean Price or Evidence.

W: The “Dead T-Shirts” beat for Reason of PDP is a bit more on the synth side than I’ve heard of your past work. Is that something you are going to try to do more of in your work? How do you compare the synth work to the sample based production?

F: I do what ever comes natural. If I want to get on my synth steez, I do it and never question it, that’s for fans to decide. If I want to get on my west coast funkadelic punk stance, then I’m going to do it. Just ebb and flow, (see answer to question 5).

W: What are we going to hear from Falside in the near future?

F: I have a lot of things planned. Right now I am focused on pushing “Five Finger Discount”. Aside from that, I just finished the majority of production work on Reason’s 2nd solo album titled, “Landlords and Lullabies”. That will be out later this year, definitely check for that, it is some of his best work to date. Reason, Dirty Hank, and myself have a project brewing entitled “Monty Brogan”. I am currently continuing work on my first self produced solo compilation debut extravafuckinganza, as well as an EP with my LA homegirl Thekeenone (Audio Hustlaz). Very exciting things.

W: Any last word for the future Falside fan club and young ladies on your jock?

F: Go and downloadFive Finger Discount” and “Bugs In Ya’ Teef”. Word up to those who know who you are, and keep listening, I’m trying to entertain you over here.

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