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Hip-Hop Soundtracks Pt. 5 – Mr. Show Edition

by BC on October 27, 2009

This is the last of the soundtracks that I’ll be posting. Both are pretty solid and are worth checking out. As I was going through them, I was reminded of two separate Mr. Show sketches for some reason, so I threw a couple clips in here.

New Jersey Drive Vol. 1 – 1995

I think I was one of 25 people to see this movie, and I actually enjoyed it, but I couldn’t tell you a lot about it right now. I haven’t seen it since 1995, so it’s been a while. I remember laughing when they stole the cop car.

Overall, there are a lot of good songs on here, but I really should have ended with my last post. I think I prefer Juice and Who’s the Man?

1) Don’t Shut Down On a Player – Ill Al Skratch – This is a real nice track.

2) Where Am I? – Redman – Redman comes correct. It’s been a while since I’ve listened to this song, but it’s nice. Produced by the man Reggie Noble, himself.

3) Do What U Want – Blak Panta – Dancehall track. It’s okay, but nothing great.

4) Old Thing – Sabelle – Here’s an r&b track flavored with a hip-hop beat that I like.

5) All About My Fetti – Young Lay feat. Mac Mall and Ray Luv – I never liked this song and I still don’t. The subject matter annoys me as well, I mean, I like money, but I don’t need to hear a whole song about it.

6) Can’t You See – Total feat. Biggie – Okay song overall. In my opinion, you can stop listening to it after Biggie kicks his verse.

7) Burn Rubber – Lords of the Underground – I was a huge LOTUG fan in the 90’s and I liked this song a lot. Contrary to some stuff I read, this was not LOTUG trying to go gansta. This track was from the perspective of the kids in the movie, stealing cars, etc. I made a comment to a friend recently that 1994 BC would have gone crazy to hear that Doitall and Masta Ace were going to be on the same track (w/ Edo G. on the upcoming A&E LP). Actually, 2009 BC is still amped by this.

8) 21 in the Ghetto – Poets of Darkness – The chorus on this track needs to go. If it was gone, this would be a decent song.

9) Love Slave – Undacova – This song reminds me of Three Times One Minus One with the woo’s woo’s.

10) Benz or a Beamer – Outkast – I heard Big Boi mention this song as one of his favorites. He said it was one of the top 5 Outkast tracks. This is another track that follows the story of the movie (carjacking). Great song.

11) Check It Out – Heavy D – Heavy D is one of those artists that I never liked when he was big, but going back and listening to some of his stuff now, I dig it. This is one of those songs.

12) Jersey – Queen Latifah – This is a rare QL song that I think is good.

13) East Left – Keith Murray – I just feel that sometimes Keith Murray was just way off beat. His flow took me a while to get into. I think this is a decent song.

14) Ain’t Nuttin’ But Killin’ – MC Eiht – If you like Eiht, this is probably a great track for you. I was never a fan.

15) Thru the Window – Coolio – Remember Coolio?! This song is from him. He was hit or miss with me really.

16) Before I Let Go – Maze feat. Frankie Beverly – It’s okay.

17) One and Only – Smooth – I loved that song on Menace, but this is not as good, but it’s not bad.

New Jersey Drive Vol. 2 – 1995

Grab It Here

This was a weird soundtrack. I think there might have been issues with the secong volume. There were only 8 tracks and it was incredibly annoying to me that they charged you full price for this volume, but of course I bought it. Pound for pound volume 2 is pretty solid.

1) Funky Piano – E. Bros – I always loved this song. It’s a funky mellow track produced by the late, great Roc Raida. Any info I had on these guys, I lost sometime years ago.

2) Headz Ain’t Ready – Black Moon and Smif ‘N’ Wesson – They must not have had room for Heltah Skeltah, who also appear on this song. This is a great track and one of the standout verses comes from Rock. It’s in his nature to keep Robin, like Givens.

3) Connections – Naughty By Nature – I dig this song. I think the Meth sampled hook is my favorite part. At least part of Rottin Razkals are on this track as well.

4) Nobody Beats the Biz – Biz Markie – Great old school track from the Biz sampling The Eagles. You get extra points if you remember Nobody Beats the Wiz. Most likely you’re a Seinfeld fan if your not from NY. Anyway, this song shows you that Biz can flow.

5) Invasion – Jeru the Damaja – Nice Premo produced song from Jeru, who was always a tight emcee.

6) Own Destiny – Mad Lion – I liked a few Mad Lion songs back in the day and I like this one. Produced by KRS-One.

7) You Won’t Go Far – O.C. and Organized Konfusion – This is another song inspired by the movie. It’s a real nice track and an interesting pairing, or trio (one duo and one solo MC).

8) Flip Squad’s In Da House – Flip Squad Allstars – Just a little filler for the end of the short second volume.

Soul in the Hole – 1997

Grab It Here

I never did see this movie. All I really know is that this is another basketball documentary from the 90’s.

1)The Game of Life (Score) – dead prez – This is the first time I heard dead prez and it’s a nice song.

2) Diesel – Wu-Tang Clan – ODB flips styles a couple times on this track, or at least his flow. This is another nice Wu track on a soundtrack.

3) Against the Grain – Sauce Money – Nice DJ Premier produced track.

4) Ride – M.O.P. – Heat from M.O.P., but what else would you expect?

5) You Ain’t a Killer – Big Punisher – I remember Pun was making
a name for himself, and this was the first time I officially heard him. It’s a pretty nice song.

6) Los Angeles Times – Xzibit – Love the LP this song ended up on from XZ, but this was one of the weaker tracks, but still good.

7) Main Aim – the Dwellas – I always liked these guys, but I never thought their first LP was that strong. This is a real nice track though and I always liked UG’s technique.

8) Rare Species (Modus Operandi) – Mobb Deep – This is a real nice track from Mobb Deep.

9) High Expectations – Common – This is a pretty good song.

10) A Child is Born – Brand Nubian – A nice piano loop beat and song from those dudes that will beat down any punks that jump up to get beat down.

11) Won On Won – Cocoa Brovaz – AKA Smif ‘N’ Wessun. I always liked this song a lot, and listening to it again reminded me of that. It’s been a while since I dusted off this LP.

12) Soul in the Hole – Wu All-Stars – Not a bad song featuring Timbo King, Dreddy Krueger, Shyheim and Killa Sin.

13) Visions of Blur – Darc Mind – I really like this song. I dig the beat and Kev-Roc’s flow. I remember checking for these guys and never seeing any release. In the last year or so, I got their debut when I bought something. I think it was a free gift with an order. I’ll post it on hear sometime, so you can check it out (it didn’t get a proper release, as it came out in 2006 and it’s in a cardboard sleeve).

14) Late Night Action – Organized Konfusion – Anything w/ Monch is worth a listen, right?

15) Your Life – O.C. – Just like NJD, O.C. and OK end a soundtrack, but this time in their own songs. This is a nice track with a piano loop.

On a side note, it’s always fun to look at the liners on these old albums and see the merch page for Tommy Boy or loud merchandise, etc. I remember Naughty sold their own sheets and I thought it would be so dope to have Naughty By Nature sheets, but they were like 75 bucks.

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Commish CH October 27, 2009 at 3:32 pm

Connections- man I had forgot about that trac; Won on Won has always ben a favorite of mine too.

Favorite Mr Show skit might be when the guy tries to get change for a dollar.

Good stuff brah. If you wanted to go waaay back you can break down the movie Colors- some aight tracks on there.

BC October 27, 2009 at 6:13 pm

Yeah, the change for a dollar was a great one! I love that show.

I don't think I ever had Colors, I'll have to take a look. All I really remember is the title track was all over the place when that came out. Juice might have been the first soundtrack I owned, besides Stand By Me. They're a little different.

verge November 8, 2009 at 3:42 am

Glad heads are up on Mr.Show.
One of my favorites was "the Number 24" where the mob boss swore there were no higher numbers than 24. Greatness.
Also, the one where the guy applies for a job and gets the "Lie Detector Test".
So many classic skits on that show.

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